8 Best On-Demand Handyman Apps for Home Services

Published On: May 11, 2022
Last Updated: November 21, 2022
Best Handyman Apps

Mobile apps have become widely popular among the businesses & service providers, for example, handyman services. Various businesses worldwide have started offering household services with the help of a handyman app.

On the other side, people have become reliant on handyman apps to complete their tasks efficiently.

A handyman app connects a person with highly skilled workers who can help them with household chores. Several mobile apps offer handyman services that make the hiring process for any household job simple and easy.

According to Zippia, more than 91,120 people do handyman jobs in the United States. Based on the same survey, most people love to work for private companies compared to public companies.

Due to this, many entrepreneurs and businesses worldwide have understood the importance of the booming handyman business. Moreover, many of them have launched handyman service apps and started generating massive revenue.

Decided to start a handyman business but don’t know how? We have created a detailed guide on starting a handyman business.

If you also want to start a new business online, a handyman business is a great opportunity. For the same, you should take inspiration from the most popular handyman apps.

Here, you will find some of the most popular on-demand handyman apps.

1. Taskrabbit

It is an American on-demand handyman app where users can book many services like moving furniture and assembly, house care services, mounting & installation, ordering groceries, etc.

Currently, this app offers its services in 47 cities in the US, one city in Canada, and four cities in the UK.

Firstly, you have to list the task. Then it offers a range of highly qualified professionals. Then you have to select a tasker considering the reviews, skills, and price.


Image Credit: Taskrabbit

Key Features of Taskrabbit App

  • Search and connect with trusted local professionals.
  • It offers excellent customer service through different mediums such as mail, chat, or call for customer support.
  • Make secure payment through the app.
  • It allows users to find help on the same day.

Available for Android & iOS

2. Thumbtack

It is another popular handyman mobile app that allows you to search for professionals who have experience in household jobs and are near you. Thumbtack is a California-based company that offers over 1000 on-demand handyman services through its app.

In this app, there are professionals in various categories like plumbers, personal trainers, furniture experts, local movers, beauticians, and many more. Therefore, you can easily find the professional you are looking for without searching through hundreds of profiles.

Also, you can check reviews, business details, cost estimates, etc., about a handyman job and choose the suitable one.


Image Credit: Thumbtack

Key Features of Thumbtack App

  • Hire up to five experts as per the job description.
  • Book service from the app instantly.
  • Cleaning services, roofers, movers, home decorators, and furniture removal are available forhome improvement.
  • Organize an event by hiring Caterers, makeup artists, etc.. from the app.

Available for Android & iOS

4. KnockNok

Try KnockNok to solve your problem, whether for appliance repair, home repair, remodeling, plumbing & heating, pool care, or auto & boat repair. The app helps you save money and time.

With KnockNok, you can browse through a vast number of categories. Then you choose a suitable service provider and do instant chat. Lastly, share your issue with the provider, and they will offer an effective solution.


Image Credit: KnockNok

Key Features of KnockNok App

  • Get instant service without doing any service call. You can reach out to our handypersons anytime, day or night.
  • Get a highly experienced and skilled team of professionals. All types of professionals can teach you the best practices.
  • With adaptable communication, you have complete freedom to send text, video, or voice messages.

Available for Android & iOS

5. Urban Company

Urban Company was previously known as Urbanclap. The main vision of Urban Company is to create a horizontal gig marketplace with a global reach and leadership position in service sectors.

You may book at-home services using the app, ranging from beauty and wellness for women and men to house repairs and maintenance, such as air conditioning service, electrician, and carpenter.

Besides this, it also provides health-at-home and cleaning & pest control services. It offers more than 50+ services and has served more than 5 million customers.

Urban Company

Image Credit: Urban Company

Key Features of Urban Company App

  • It has transparent pricing for the services. Hence, the app displays fixed pricing without any hidden charges.
  • Highly-skilled & well-trained professionals that do the job efficiently.
  • With the help center, you can contact customer support for any queries.

Available for Android & iOS

Want to develop an on-demand handyman app? Our team can deliver a suitable handyman app as per your needs & budgets.

6. Angi

HomeAdvisor and Angie’s List, two well-known digital marketplaces have merged & are now called Angi.

With the help of Angi, you can find professionals like electricians, plumbers, etc., offering quality services at a cost-effective price. The app allows you to book professionals for 500+ home improvement categories like a home remodel, renovation, repair, maintenance, cleaning, etc., at the best price.

You can view highly-rated professionals for different home services and get quotes from them. You can further compare prices, check the ratings of professionals, and book a reliable professional as per their needs. You can make an instant payment to confirm the service. The professional does the work as per the schedule.


Image Credit: Angi

Key Features of Angi

  • Explore home professionals and compare them.
  • Keep a history of your professional contractors and projects.
  • Compare prices of services from different professionals and book a suitable one.
  • Flexible payment options such as pay-over-time financing.

Available for Android & iOS


HOMEE is one of the best handyman apps to get your on-demand service. Using this app, you can get rid of various problems related to household, plumbing, repairing, electrical and more. HOMEE consists of thousands of trusted, licensed, and insured professionals.

The app allows you to get home services from highly experienced professionals. Moreover, you can also check the background of professionals and then hire them instantly. You can handle the entire process, right from hiring to scheduling to making payments right from the app.

The main benefit of HOMEE is that it keeps transparent prices of all the services so that you get the best service at the best price.


Image Credit: HOMEE

Key Features of HOMEE

  • Book your desired home service 24*7.
  • All the jobs are priced minute-by-minute, so you have complete control and pay accordingly.
  • Monitor your professional’s progress right from the app.

Available for Android & iOS

8. AllBetter

AllBetter is a new-age handyman app getting a lot of attention from users recently. The app allows you to book on-demand handyman services for cleaning, mounting & installation, yard work, moving & packing, etc. On AllBetter, more than 12000 professionals are offering different handyman services.

Through this app, you can connect with the high-quality service providers in your region. The app provides you control over speed, privacy, and security.

To book a professional for your service, you need to follow a streamlined process. First, enter the service you want and when you want it with the cost. Then qualified professionals will bid on your service. You have to choose a professional as per your needs and make payment. You also have the option to chat with them.


Image Credit: AllBetter

Key Features of AllBetter

  • Choose a service along with the schedule and your budget.
  • Hire a suitable professional that fits well for your budget.
  • Chat with a professional and make payment online using a secure payment gateway.
  • Monitor all the jobs that you have booked within the app.

Available for Android & iOS

Final Words

Mobile apps that provide handyman services have most significantly revolutionized home services. People looking for such services can easily find them with a single tap on their smartphone.

If you want to start a handyman business through a mobile app, you should regularly check the best handyman apps in the market. After this, you need to follow a streamlined process for starting a handyman business.

If you have an excellent idea about a handyman app, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Guru Technolabs is a professional mobile app development company. We have helped folks from all walks of life to build their business online. As a result, we can fully comprehend your needs and offer an appropriate solution.

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