Konnected Dating App

We have developed a professional dating app from scratch called Konnected for a client in the USA. The app enables professionals to connect, date, and take their relationships to the next level.

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Konnected Dating App

Client’s Background

Our client is an emerging entrepreneur from the USA. She found that many professionals are
unable to find the relevant partner in their life. Hence, she decided to provide a platform where
like-minded professionals can connect and take their relationship forward.

What was the main objective of the Client?

The main objective of the client was to provide a platform that connects professionals. Also, it helps
them in building solid relationships.

How did Guru TechnoLabs help the client to achieve the objective?

Guru TechnoLabs developed a dating app for the Android & iOS
platforms to fulfill the client’s objective. This app allows
professionals across the globe to connect with each other for
meaningful relationships.

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Team Size


Face Detection

Key Features List

Face Detection

Every user needs to take an instant selfie and upload it to verify their profile. The ultimate purpose of this feature is to increase users’ privacy and reduce fake profiles.

Intro Video

Intro Video

It is one of the most unique features of the Konnected app. It enables a user to express their identity in the form of a short video.

Intro Video

Video Call

With the help of this feature, users can make instant video calls with their matches to get to know each other and express their feelings freely.

Intro Video

Video Chat

It is one of the most unique features of the Konnected app. It enables a user to express their identity in the form of a short video.

Who Liked You?

With the help of this feature, the user can know in advance who has liked his/her profile. It is available in Konnected premium only.

Awesome Filters

A user can utilize many great filters such as age range, country, interests, and more to find their date

Swipe Up & Down

The app enables users to find the most suitable date with the help of a swipeable card feature. Here, the user has to swipe up to like a profile and swipe down to reject a profile.

Swipe Up & Down


When two users swipe up on each other, there is a match. It is the most needed feature of this professional dating app.

Private Messaging

As soon as the user finds a potential match, he/she will be able to begin a private conversation with the person.

Message & Gifts

The user can purchase gifts from the in-app store and send them to their partner to express their feelings.

Unlimited Likes, Swipe, and Rewinds

Konnected offers three types of premium plans known as barely konnected (monthly), halfly konnected (6 months), and fully connected(1 year). A user gets unlimited likes, swipes, and rewinds in all three plans for a specific period.

User Flow

Our Process

Swipe Up & Down

Color Scheme and Fonts

We have utilized various colors and icons to make the app look attractive and professional as per the latest standards.

Color Scheme and Fonts
Color Scheme and Fonts
Color Scheme and Fonts

Technology we Used

Programming Language

  • Swift


  • java



  • Xcode


  • Android Studio

    Android Studio


  • MySQL



By creating this dating app, the client offered an excellent platform for all the professionals. It enables working professionals to find suitable partners according to their visions, values, and emotions and build strong relationships.