Quick Invoice Maker

A simple and effective invoice application that allows individuals and business owners to generate invoice/estimate on-the-go and send instantly to their customers.

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    Android/ iOS
Quick Invoice Maker

Client’s Background

The client is an entrepreneur who saw an opportunity in the accounting industry. So he decided to enter into the mobile sector and generate good revenue.

What was the main objective of the Client?

The main objective of the client was to allow individuals as well as small and medium scale business owners to generate invoices & estimates online without any restriction of location & time.

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How Guru Technolabs helped the Client in achieving the objective?

To achieve this goal, Guru Technolabs proposed the client to develop an invoice generating application. The client agreed with us and we developed a mobile app with the name Quick Invoice Maker.

QIM allows individuals & SMEs to generate automated smart invoices & estimates anywhere and anytime using a simple yet effective template. Moreover, the app allows them to send an invoice/estimate with just a tap.


QIM Wireframes

Key Features List

Effective UI/UX

The app features an easy-to-use and straightforward UI/UX, which can easily be understood by individuals & small and medium scale businesses.

Type of Invoice

The app allows a user to create two types of invoices: tax invoice & retail invoice.

QIM Case Study Type of Invoice

Quick Invoice/ Estimate Generation

It is the core feature of the app. Using this feature, the app will automatically generate a quick invoice/ estimate as per the user’s request.

QIM Case Study Quick Invoice Estimate Generation
QIM Case Study Quick Invoice Estimate Generation
QIM Case Study Instantly Send Invoice to the Customers

Instantly Send Invoice to the Customers

After generating the invoice, the app allows a user to share it with the customers instantly via email or other platforms such as Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.

Printable Invoices

The app allows a user to generate an unlimited number of invoices in PDF format using a free invoice template anytime and anywhere.

QIM Case Study Printable Invoices

Convert Estimate to Invoice

The app allows a user to convert the estimate to invoice as soon as it gets approved by the customer.

QIM Case Study Convert Estimate to Invoice
QIM Case Study Store Invoices & Estimates on Cloud

Store Invoices & Estimates on Cloud

The most fantastic feature of Invoice Maker is that it allows users to save their generated invoices and estimates on the cloud.

Smart Item Box

There is an item box integrated into the app to provide smart autosuggestions to the users of the app based on the previous entries stored on the app.

The item box allows a user to add Goods/ Services details. If a user chooses goods, then he/she can further enter details like Quantity, Description, Price, and Tax per item. It calculates the invoice payment, paid amount, and due amount automatically.

QIM Case Study Smart Item Box
QIM Case Study Brand Information

Brand Information

The app allows a user to include their logo, company name, and contact details in the invoice to represent their business as a brand.

Taxation made easy

The app enables a user to set custom tax and tax rates as per requirement.

QIM Case Study Taxation made easy

Customers List

The app also consists of a feature where the user can check the list of customers to which they have sent Invoice/ Estimate.

QIM Case Study Customers List
QIM Case Study Chat Support

Chat Support

If there is a mistake in the amount of generated invoice or there is an error in generating the invoice, then the user can contact the owner for support.

Multiple Currency Support

The app provides support for multiple currencies; hence, a user can create an estimate/ invoice in any currency they want.

QIM Case Study Multiple Currency Support

Check Payment Status

Generally, an invoice consists of two options: paid and unpaid. But, there are times when a customer wants to pay the amount in installments, so it is not very easy for a user to save payment details about the customer.

To resolve this, we found an innovative idea where bills can be marked partially paid and integrated it into the app. Hence, the user possesses an option to mark invoices in three ways: paid/ unpaid and partially paid.

QIM Case Study Check Payment Status
QIM Case Study Subscription Plans

Subscription Plans

The app is available for free for the first six months. After this, it comes with two subscription plans: monthly & annual.

Color Scheme

Different colors that we have used to build this attractive and user-friendly invoice generating application for the client.

  • #095bad

  • #f0f5f7

  • #16be29

  • #ec0000

Icons & Fonts

QIM Case Study Using Icon

Helvetica Neue

  • Aa Regular
  • Aa Medium
  • Aa Bold

Technology We Used

Programming Language

  • Swift 5

  • Java


  • Xcode

  • Android Studio


  • MySQL


As soon as the client released the app on the respective app stores, it became a sudden hit. The client was able to generate more income as compared to what he has invested in the app. Moreover, the client is getting recurring revenue from the app via subscriptions.