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We have designed and developed ForeverUs In Love, an innovative dating platform for a client that brings individuals from around the world together. This app provides a unique platform for users to discover meaningful connections based on shared interests, values, and compatibility factors.

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ForeverUs In Love

Client’s Background

Our client believes in capturing opportunities and enhancing client relationships. Inspired by his own struggles
in finding meaningful connections on existing dating platforms, he recognized the need for a
dating platform where individuals can build lasting and genuine relationships.

Client’s Background

What Was the Main Objective of the Client?

The client’s main objective is to create an app where individuals can find meaningful connections and love.
He wants users to connect to real like-minded individuals, become friends, chat, explore,
and make their own forever after – eventually falling in love!

How Guru TechnoLabs Helped the Client in
Achieving the Objective?

Guru Technolabs helped the client in achieving their objective of creating ForeverUs In Love by providing consultation, user interface and design, custom development, testing and quality assurance, deployment and launch, and ongoing support and maintenance services. With our technical proficiency and commitment to client satisfaction, we have created a platform that helps individuals foster genuine connections worldwide.

Additionally, by extending our expertise, we have developed a web application for ForeverUs In Love to expand the reach and accessibility of the platform to users across various devices and browsers.

Guru TechnoLabs Helped the Client in Achieving the Objective?

Our work

Our team is constantly working to improve the app and add new features to enhance the user experience.
Whether you’re looking for a casual hookup or a serious relationship, our app can help you
find the perfect match.

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Key Features List

Accurate Matchmaking

Accurate Matchmaking

This feature utilizes advanced algorithms to analyze user preferences, interests, and compatibility factors to provide accurate match suggestions. By considering a range of criteria, such as age, location, interests, and relationship goals, the feature ensures that users connect with potential matches that align closely with their desired criteria.

It saves users time and effort by presenting them with highly compatible profiles. Users can confidently explore and engage with profiles that are more likely to lead to successful relationships, enhancing their overall dating experience.

Comprehensive Search Filters

Whether seeking someone with specific hobbies, a particular background, or shared values, the Comprehensive Search Filters provide a tailored search experience.

By offering extensive customization options, such as age range, location, interests, education, and more, users can save time. It helps them narrow down their options to find ideal matches and focus on profiles that truly resonate with their preferences.

Comprehensive Search Filters
Effortless Messaging

Effortless Messaging

Effortless Messaging

Instant messaging offers users a convenient and easy-to-use messaging interface to communicate with their matches. This feature enables users to send and receive messages in real time, fostering natural and engaging conversations.

It also provides users notifications to ensure they get all the messages and a chance to connect with their matches. Here Users can establish a comfortable and secure means of communication with potential matches.

Group Video Call

Video Call
Video Call

This feature enables users to participate in engaging video conversations with multiple participants. Only app admins can create groups based on interests, notifying paid users to join. Each group is limited to 20 members and additional users will be placed in a queue. If any users leave the group, the next user in the queue is automatically added, maintaining a consistent flow.

Private Chat In Interest-based Group

Private Chat In Interest-based Group

Subscription plan

When users join a group having particular interests it allows them to browse through the profiles and initiate private conversations by sending direct requests. If the recipient accepts the request, users can seamlessly transition into private chat sessions, facilitating more personalized and intimate interactions.

Real User Images

Real User Images
Real User Images

Users are encouraged to upload real and recent photos, promoting transparency and trust within the dating app community. It helps eliminate misleading or deceptive profiles, allowing users to make informed decisions based on authentic visuals.

By presenting real photos or images, the feature enhances the overall user experience and reduces the potential for disappointment during offline meetings. Users can have confidence that the profiles they visit accurately represent the individuals behind them.

Super Likes

Super Likes

Super Likes

With this feature, users can express a higher level of interest and stand out from other profiles. It also helps in increasing their chances of matching with the profiles.

When a user sends a Super Like, the recipient is notified that they have received special attention and that the sender is genuinely interested in getting to know them. Super Likes create a sense of excitement and intrigue, as they indicate a high level of interest beyond the standard likes or swipes.

Review Later

Review Later
Review Later

When browsing through profiles, users can mark specific profiles as “Review Later” to create a curated list of potential matches they want to revisit.

It serves as a convenient way to bookmark profiles that stand out, ensuring they don’t get lost. This feature allows users to take their time in evaluating and exploring profiles in more depth before making a decision.

With the ability to review profiles later, users can ensure that they have thoroughly evaluated their options.

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Technology Stack

We have utilized a modern and robust technology stack, incorporating cutting-edge frameworks and tools to develop the feature-rich dating application.

  • swift


  • X-code



The outcome of the project was a successful dating app that met the client’s objectives and provided a valuable service to the community, fostering connections and helping individuals find love and companionship.