Frequently Asked


Definitely, we sign NDA with every client and ensure that their business idea remains fully safe & secure. Also, all of your project details will remain confidential with us.

Absolutely, we understand that every client doesn’t belong to a technical background. We explain to you the complete technical as well as business details of the project. Moreover, our development team conducts meetings in technical jargon-free dialogues by which you can understand all the ins and outs of your project.

The success of an app is based on the potential audience and the amount of marketing you do. Besides an excellent app, it is essential to execute a strategic marketing plan to attract a wider audience and make your app successful.

Project payment is based on the milestone and accomplishment of every milestone which includes the approval of a specific amount of work we agreed, you need to make payment for that landmark.

We possess an in-house tester, you will test the app thoroughly; however, you can check the app and provide any feedback for the same.

We have an in-house team of highly talented designers and developers.

We provide 3 types of business models as follows:

  • Fixed Price Model
  • Hire a team for Part-time/Full-time
  • Hourly Basis

We work on the Agile and Waterfall model based on the project requirment and goals.

We provide free consultation before initiating a web or mobile app project.

Definitely, as you are the client, you own the complete rights of the overall work finished by your developers. And, we will provide you source code after the completion of the project.

Absolutely, before we start our project, we can provide a complete project specification guide and then offer you the fixed-price quote to deliver the work. The fixed price quotes give you complete command and you can hold us accountable to get a project as mentioned in the guide. No hidden charges, or extra fees, all the things are fully mentioned.

As the project leader will be allocated for the project, which will constantly inform you about the development of the app and communicate with you in case of any doubt.

Yes, our team will provide support to upload the app on the respective platforms.

Yes, we provide support once your app gets live for a limited time.

Yes. By hiring us, you don’t have to manage anything and can fill the tech experts that you lack for your project.

Our developers have proficiency in agile & scrum methodology and possess ample experience in various latest technologies.

Based on the type of change you require in your app, our developers will respond to your queries and help you in the best possible way. Also, if you want any updates during the app development process or when the app is not yet published, you can reach out to us for the same.

We will assign a project manager who will support you in the app development process. Also, you can interact with the project manager for your project via different communication channels like Skype, email, and phone.

We are providing our services in different time zones. Before starting a project, we consider some of the essential things as follows:

  • Set clear needs
  • Decide overlap hours
  • Decide communication channels
  • Schedule meetings in overlap hours
  • Utilize project management tools

Even though our developers can perform QA of a project up to a specific limit, they are not entirely suitable for the role. Therefore, to serve you in the best possible manner, we offer QA testing service absolutely free. Due to this, your app/website will run flawlessly and doesn’t have any technical bugs.

Yes, we believe in full transparency. Therefore, we will share with you the weekly and monthly work done by a specific developer or a team of developers you hire.

Definitely, as you are the client, you own the complete rights of the overall work finished by your developers. And, we will provide you source code after the completion of the project.

Absolutely, we have. Moreover, our highly-talented & experienced team of developers have worked on different projects in the past, and hence they promise seamless transfer and effective processes for our clients.

Here is the streamlined process we follow when you hire us for your project:

  • Comprehend your previous project needs & work finished by the other developer.
  • Offer a full-stack developer or a dedicated team with similar skills that are needed for your project.
  • Offer project work reports & regular calls with the project managers for any kind of work.

There is no minimum duration. You can hire us at any time duration. Let it be for a week, a month, or years.

You can hire a dedicated developer or hire a team, as per your choice.

We have our own team having experience of more than 5 years in this field. We do not work on sub-contract.

Yes, you can hire a part-time employee as well.

Yes, you can manage a team of our developers and work with them directly.

In native app development, a developer has to build an app separately for each platform. While in cross-platform app development, a developer builds an app for multiple platforms (Android & iOS) using a single codebase.

Currently, there are a vast number of apps present on both platforms and the craze of both platforms is increasing heavily; therefore, we suggest to launch an app on both platforms.

As soon as new OS releases, you need to test on the desired platform and define the areas your app is not functioning properly. Then, reach out to an app development company who built your app and they will provide you a feasible solution. Moreover, Google and Apple list out things that will be not supported in the older versions.

The exact cost of building a mobile app relies on a vast number of aspects like the app platform, complexity, architecture, features & functionalities, app developer location & experience, etc. To know more, read this extensive guide on mobile app development cost.

Identifying the time required to build an app depends on various essential factors such as complexity, architecture, features & functionalities, developer experience, etc. To know the exact time to build an app, refer to our blog on the app development timeline.

We follow the below listed essential practices to keep your app secure & stable:

  • Source code encryption
  • Utilize authorized APIs only
  • Utilize the latest Cryptography Techniques
  • Use Advanced Authentication
  • Follow platform-specific guidelines
  • Implement network security measures
  • Remove access to app’s content providers
  • Utilize proper session handling
  • Secure the backend
  • Integrate tamper-detection technologies
  • Test efficiently regularly

Absolutely, we will upload your app to the respective app stores as per our mobile app development process.

It doesn’t matter in which domain you are working, but your enterprise mobility solution should meet the below requirements to take complete advantage of your business:

  • Better Customer Experience
  • Next-level security
  • Compatible on different platforms
  • Enhanced Performance
  • Better Scalability
  • Adaptability

We allocate work considering your iOS app idea & hiring model you choose. We promise to allocate your project to the most suitable iPhone app developers.

Yes, we offer maintenance & support as soon as your app gets public for a short amount of time. Later, we offer support at a very cost-effective price.

Absolutely, when you work with a react native app development company, you have to invest in one developer who will create a single codebase that will work across multiple platforms. Hence, the developer requires fewer resources, which will ultimately reduce time & cost.

Yes, it’s feasible; however, here also you have to take help of a popular react native app development company. Please note that the overall time to migrate a native app to react native app is much higher than developing an app from scratch.

Yes, you can mobile a part-time employee as well.Several benefits of outsourcing wearable app development to Asia are as follows:

  • Reduce in the Operational & Development cost
  • Adaptable to work as per your time-zone
  • Access to talented team of developers
  • Get high-quality service
  • Expertise over different tools & technologies

No, we analyze all the website requirements and then provide you with the final price of the project. After you place an order with us, we work hard to deliver your project as per your expectations.

Yes, we provide support for 90 days after the app is released officially.

Absolutely, we sign a non-disclosure agreement with every client and promise that their share idea remains completely secure & safe with us. We also make sure that your shared project details remain confidential with us.

The cost to develop a website depends on the type of website, development method, the technology used, features and functionalities, country of the development agency, etc. To know in detail, check out our blog on How much does it cost to build a website.

The estimated time to build a website depends on various factors such as the website complexity, experience of the development agency, technology & frameworks used, total number of features, testing, etc.

We will allocate a dedicated manager for you. He/She will remain in contact with you in the development journey and keep you updated with the progress. You can share your requirements for changes with the project manager, and she will further communicate with the development team and make changes.

Absolutely, we provide maintenance and support for your website after development for a limited time.

Web apps are specially built to access from a web browser. They are formed by a combination of client-side & server-side script. The web browser extracts web server components installed at the backend infrastructure of the system.

The primary advantage of having a web app over the classical desktop operated SaaS is that it is available on any web browser. Also, web apps provide a native app-like experience without any need to download them. Several famous examples include Flipboard, Pinterest, Spotify, and many more.

While SaaS is an advanced web app. It is also useful to access different services on the internet like web apps; however, they don’t always require a web browser to function. SaaS products are developed to provide enhanced customization & consistent integration with stable & consistent backend architecture.

If you choose to develop PWA, your business will be benefited in the following ways:

  • PWAs will function on smartphones without any issues
  • A cost-effective way to build, deploy, promote & maintain
  • Enhanced page performance
  • Use Advanced Authentication
  • No issues like mobile apps (more deployment time, Apple/Google Verification)
  • Offline functionality
  • More user engagement
  • Quick integration with the current system which is working as a data source back-end

PWA is known as progressive web apps. It is the latest software development methodology that is helpful in building a hybrid of regular web apps and mobile apps. In general, it merges the advantages of web browsers with a native app. PWAs are available on search engines and can be instantly accessed from the browser.

The main purpose of PWA is to reduce the gap between web apps & native apps by offering the advantages of native apps into a mobile web browser.

PWA functions using Service Workers, a script that operates in the background part of the web page. The service workers offer better caching, instant push notifications, content uploading in the background, and offline functionality for all the users who have visited the app previously.

The first time load is done efficiently using AMP pages. Also, web components go through the process of initial execution. These components need fewer data & are really quick to load. After the page has completed loading, the service workers and other elements are cached automatically.

Whether your project is in the ideation phase or you have listed complete features, our professionals will conduct a meeting with you and provide you an in-detail tech solution and execution process.

We utilize different technologies to develop web applications. Some of them are as follows:

  • Angular.js
  • CodeIgnitor
  • Vue.js
  • Laravel

The time needed to build a web app depends on some essential factors. In general, a customized web app needs 1-4 weeks based on complexity & a total number of revisions.Later, the development stage consumes 1-6 weeks based on features & total pages.

The cost to develop a web app relies on the overall requirements of the project. The total number of features, pages, the total number of developers in the team, and some other factors determine the cost of your development project.

We can build the following types of Web Applications:

  • Static Web Apps: These web apps are helpful to represent the content of different types such as banners, GIFs, videos, etc. For instance: portfolio.
  • Dynamic Web Apps: These kinds of web apps require a database for loading data & their content is updated each time users open it. It usually contains an admin panel to make any modifications.
  • Online Store: The development of these kinds of web apps is almost the same as an eCommerce store. It requires much time & effort to build these web applications.
  • Portal Web Apps: These types of web applications allow access to some parts of the app from the home page only. For example, forum, chat, email, etc.
  • Content Management System: Anyone who wants to update content regularly can choose to go with a content management system. Here, the admin has complete freedom to make changes and updates. For example, WordPress blogs, personal blogs, articles, media, etc. To know more, refer this blog on types of web applications.

Yes, we provide complete support after your app gets public for a limited time.

Whenever a user accesses a website or application, he/she initially scroll the app from top to bottom, to check whether it works properly or not. A perfect user interface will enhance the app’s performance and speed. Moreover, it will enhance the brand’s value.

If you have an awesome idea, why don’t you target it for mobile devices? Mobile Devices are increasing all around the world at an awesome rate. By building a separate Mobile UI/UX, it will help you to increase brand value.

User-centered design is a method or process used to design service by keeping in mind the target audience from start till the launch of the project.

UX is based on the context of the product and it changes as per the user’s expectations. UX trend is based on the product and for what purpose the user is using it. Therefore UX can’t be designed. We suggest you collect feedback and update it in the next version.

Every client has a different requirement depending on the type of product, we can either modify your design or design it from scratch based on your inputs. We have a dedicated team of designers that can help you to convert your idea into reality.

It is not compulsory to create a website if you have an app. You can first start with app development using a landing page. Later, when your traffic increases, you can build a fully-fledged website like an app.

We work on the most popular technologies that fall under web development.

  • PHP (Laravel, CodeIgnitor)
  • CMS (WordPress)
  • JavaScript(Node.JS, Angular.JS, React.Js, Vue.JS)
  • eCommerce (WooCommerce, Zencart)

A website needs maintenance due to the following reasons:

  • 1. Usability

    Usability is the most essential aspect of any website. The majority of users leave a site that has a poor user experience.

    By considering regular maintenance, your website can have an optimum user experience. A frequent visit to the website can help to identify different ways to enhance UX, which is highly crucial for any growing website.

  • 2. SEO

    The main purpose of entering into the digital world is to reach your target audience and increase ROI. To attract new visitors to your website, it should be updated.

    Google only ranks websites that provide correct & latest information. In short, Google analyses your website using Googlebot. This Googlebot checks various factors to rank your website which includes keywords, content, structure, errors, and more.

    Lastly, to rank your website in the search engine, you need to keep it updated.

  • 3. Customer Engagement

    If your website is getting high traffic, it means it is reaching your audience. Now, it’s your turn to keep those users engaged by providing proper content; otherwise, they will leave your site immediately.

    To achieve this, you need to make sure that your website is free from any kind of grammatical errors.

  • 4. Security

    This is a highly essential reason to invest in website maintenance if you are storing any kind of customer information. If you don’t keep your website update, it may be prone to website hacks and attacks.

  • 5. Business Reputation

    Customers are in constant search of a business in which they have faith. But, a poorly managed website with a lot of broken links, irrelevant content, and dead pages is not liked by anyone.

    This will point to the fact that your business is not up-to-date and uncertain.

The cost of website maintenance depends solely on the type of website. Here, you have the option to pay annually or monthly for your website’s maintenance.

Following things are included in site maintenance:

  • Overall Site Improvements

    Evaluation of a website’s performance depends on different kinds of people visiting your website. All these visitors provide valuable questions, complaints, comments, and suggestions that help to improve your website. With regular updates, you can improve your site and its overall performance.

  • Product or Service Updates

    When your company starts to grow, it’s evident that it’s products, services and prices will modify. In this case, businesses require an appropriate schedule and a method for updating old products, modifying current services, etc.

    By opting for website maintenance from us, you provide up-to-date information to your users. This, in turn, is helpful for your business as you can showcase the latest products, services along with their prices to your customers.

  • E-Commerce Special Services

    If you are running an eCommerce business, it is vital to modify your website with the latest offers, sales, promotions, etc. Although your company is running offline, you can offer some special services online that allows customers to contact your team, visit your location, or book an appointment.

  • Interactivity Maintenance

    Day by day, new technology is introduced in the market. Hence, you need to keep your website interactive. In case your website is not working as per the expectations on different browsers and devices, then you will lose customers instantly. This will have an adverse impact on your reputation.

    Any errors in the website’s interactive features can lead to a high bounce rate. In general, the bounce rate is the total percentage of people that leave your website without opening any other page. This dictates that the website is not working as per the user’s aspirations.

    Website maintenance helps to make your website fully interactive. Although if any of the features become obsolete, then website maintenance services can provide an instant alert regarding these kinds of requirements.

There is no-fix time for website maintenance. In general, website maintenance requires a few minutes to a month or full-time support. This ideally depends on the type of website and the amount you want to invest in the website’s support & maintenance.

The following things are not included in the website maintenance:

  • Navigation Redesign

    Adding or removing a webpage is not included in the website maintenance services.

  • Content Writing

    In website maintenance services, our professionals can add or delete content that is provided by your company. But, we can’t create and publish new content on your website.

  • SEO

    Search engine optimization is very much useful to enhance the visibility of the website in the eyes of the search engine. This, in turn, helps to not only generate sufficient traffic but also convert your visitors into potential customers. For this task, you will need a dedicated professional team; hence, it is not included in website maintenance services.

  • Site Redesigns

    Whether you want to redesign a specific section or your full website, you have to invest a particular amount in site redesign services. Hence, it consumes a lot of time & effort; therefore, it’s not included in web maintenance services.

  • Interactive Features

    From time to time, you will need to include certain interactive features on your website. To integrate these new features, one has to invest a lot of development time and effort; hence, it’s not a part of web maintenance services.

We will first analyze your business, and check whether your business needs on-demand service or not and then integrate the best on-demand model that suits your business.

Yes, we provide technical support for all of our clients. Our experienced on-demand developers will provide you a full-fledged app from initial setup until the post-launch support.

Yes, we can incorporate third-party app analytics by which you will help you to track your business regularly.

Yes, we provide post-launch support for the smooth and hassle-free operations of your on-demand solution.

The cost of an on-demand app depends solely on the features and platform you want to include in the app. However, the app development cost is not as much as you think. We will provide you with the best plan for your app at an affordable cost.

Absolutely, we make a strategic plan based on every client’s needs and goals. Feel free to share your project requirements and we will provide a free quote.

The eCommerce industry’s future is terrific as every day; more & more people are purchasing things online; hence, the demand for eCommerce is here to stay.

The cost to make an eCommerce app depends on many factors such as platform, complexity, framework, app development company location & expertise, etc. To know in detail, refer to this blog on how much does it cost to develop an app.

The time to build an eCommerce app is based on the features and the technology you choose. To know in detail, refer to this blog on how long does it take to build an app.

GuruTechnolabs possess top-notch resources who have expertise in building tremendous & fully-functional eCommerce apps. Definitely, we will allocate dedicated resources depending on the complexity & requirement of the project.

When you develop a custom eCommerce app from us, we provide after-sales support for the eCommerce app for a limited time.

Dating apps have the potential to earn a lot. According to Decluttr, an online buyback website, Tinder makes more than $1700 per minute, Bumble makes $172 per minute, Match makes $134 per minute and Plenty of Fish makes $78 per minute.

App builders work for very simple and basic applications, not for niche-specific, scalable, secure applications. So, we do not recommend using them.App builder won’t give you IP-rights of the source code while app development agency will.

The cost to keep an app running is mainly 10-20% of the actual development costs. For instance, if your app is worth $10,000 then the estimated cost to maintain it would be around $1,000 to $2,000 per year.

The estimated cost to develop a dating app for Android & iOS would be $10,000 considering the app development cost as $15/hr. While the cost depends heavily on the features and technology stack.

Estimated Time to develop a standard dating app is around 8 to 12 weeks. Further, it depends on the complexity and features of the dating app.

Not really if you follow the best practices of app development and maintenance. If you hire an experienced agency then they will make your work quite easy and let you focus on your core expertise.

The majority of sports lovers and enthusiasts like to keep themselves updated with the latest industry news, live score updates, and carry out various other things on their smartphone. In order to fulfill the needs of this target audience, the sports industry requires mobile apps.

Sports fantasy app consists of two main stakeholders: users & admin. Let’s have a look at the features of both of them.

User side features include user profile, player info, live score, e-wallet, team management, push notifications, drafting teams, etc.

Admin side features include a role-based dashboard, user management, CMS, CRM, reward point management, league management, transaction management, etc.

The estimated time to develop a sports app relies on various factors like the type of app, the technology used, development team experience, etc. To know more, refer to this blog on the app development timeline.

The estimated cost to develop a sports app depends on many factors such as app complexity, features & functionalities, architecture, developer’s experience & location, etc. To know more, check our blog on app development cost.

Things in a digital sports solution depend on the business requirement. Some of the key things present in a sports digital solution include live streaming, event booking, push notifications, community sports, etc.

Yes, you will get updates about your app from start to finish regularly.