Get answers to your queries. Contact us if answer is not listed.

Q: What is your price/cost model?

Whatever is suitable for you. You can choose hourly rates, weekly rates, or a fixed price for a project model. Choose as per your needs.

Q: How do I check your capabilities?

We are working for more than 5 years in this field, and have a lot of clients across the globe. Still, if you want to check our capabilities, then you can assign us a tiny task by paying a small amount and we will prove our capability.

Q: How do I get updates about my project?

We will give you a progress report every day through an email.

Q: Will my hired developers communicate with me?

Yes, you can directly communicate with your hired developers.

Q: How do I communicate with my hired developers?

You can communicate with them via email or Skype. You can give instructions to them and communicate with them via these 2 platforms.

Q: Can I hire developers according to my Time Zone?

Our developers are located in India. They will try their best to work in your time zone, but if it doesn’t match, we will try to work in your time zone for at least 2 hours.

Q: What if I don’t like the work? Will you replace the developer?

Usually it does not happen, but if you think that the developer is not of your match, then you can email us and we will replace the developer.

Q: What about my data privacy?

Don’t worry! All of your data is completely safe with us. Neither the company nor the developers or team can misuse the data other than the client. We will sign the NDA policy to ensure your data safety.

Q: Do I need to test my project? Or you provide quality assurance?

We always test our projects before delivering it to the client. So, you don’t need to test it.

Q: I have an already built website/app and I want to make some changes in it. Do you provide that service?

Yes, we provide website/app modification services as well.

Q: Will I own the source code of my project?

Yes, the client is the owner of the source code we develop.

Q: Do you provide support after development is completed?

Yes, we have a free support period after the project goes live. Then after, we provide support with nominal charges.

Q: Are my business details safe with you?

YES. All of your business details are totally safe with us, and not a bit of your business information will get leaked.

Q: What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments via PayPal and Wire Transfer. You can pay via any method which is convenient for you.