About App

We designed and developed Pocketo, a marketplace that connects buyers and sellers worldwide. Here sellers can register their business online and buyers can view a list of sellers available in the location.

Client’s Industry



Android & iOS

Client Background

The client is an entrepreneur, and he observed that the majority of local businesses are suffering due to the COVID-19 situation. To help all such businesses, the client was looking for an online solution.

What was the main objective of the client?

The main objective of the client was to provide a platform which connects sellers and buyers across the world.

How Guru TechnoLabs helped the client to achieve the objective?

We understood the client’s requirements, brainstormed thoroughly, and proposed the client to develop a modern-day marketplace app that is useful for buyers and sellers. The client immediately agreed with us and thus Pocketo came into existence.

User Flow

Key Features


A buyer has to enter name, email, and location details to register his/her profile.

All Businesses Info

As soon as the profile is created, the buyer can view the list of various business categories available in the region.

Advanced Filtering & Sorting Options

The buyer can apply different filters like business category and location range to view specific businesses. They can further sort businesses based on their alphabetical order, offers, and coupons.

Check Business Details & Offers

The buyer can check various details of a business-like name, services, and GST number. The buyer can also view different offers provided by a specific business.

Create Business Profile

A seller has to enter various business details such as business name, services, GST number, and location. Also, the seller has to enter his/her contact details to create a business profile.


A seller can check the total number of views his/her business has received until now. Moreover, the seller can apply filters to check the business view on a particular day, month, or year.

Add Coupons

A seller can generate coupons for different servicers and display coupons for a specific time for the users.

Add Offers

Every seller can add different offers for the customers for a specific time. Moreover, sellers can check their active, upcoming, and expired offers.

Style Guide


Mix of font family

Color Palette

A unique range of colors







Technology Used

Programming Language

  • Swift


  • java



  • Swift


  • Android Studio

    Android Studio


  • MySQL



By creating this marketplace, the client has offered an excellent platform for all the local businesses. It allows sellers to register their business and buyers to search various businesses online without any hassle.