Neighbours Gate

We have designed and developed a marketplace website known as Neighbours Gate for a client in Australia. It allows people who do organic farming to sell, share, or exchange fruits, vegetables, herbs, crops, etc., with other fellow neighbours.

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 Neighbours Gate

Client’s Background

Based in Australia, Our client belongs to the Agriculture Industry. He observed that various people in his neighborhood are doing organic farming of different fruits, vegetables, herbs & many other things. However, they are not able to leverage the complete benefit of their farming and the majority of their ripe fruits or vegetables were getting wasted.

Later, he realized that various other people in the country might also be facing the same issue. So, he was looking to provide the best solution for people across the country utilizing the potential of the web.

What was the main objective of the Client?

The main objective of the client was to create a marketplace where people from all across the country who do organic farming can sell, share, or exchange their fruits, vegetables, herbs, crops and many other things.

Neighbours Gate

How Guru Technolabs helped the Client in achieving the objective?

Guru Technolabs developed a website for the client through which people who do organic farming in Australia can connect easily. We integrated GPS by which people from across the country can reach out to each other easily.

Key Features List

Sign Up - Neighbours Gate
Sign In - Neighbours Gate
My Produce - Neighbours Gate
Status of Produce - Neighbours Gate

Status of Produce

While adding a produce, the user can either sell, swape or give the produce for free.

Sell: The user can sell the produce at a specific price.

Swape: The user can exchange the produce with the other person.

Free: The user can give the produce at no cost.

Instantaneous Map Search

While searching for the produce, the user can also add any person as their friend.

Instantaneous Map Search - Neighbours Gate
My Reservations - Neighbours Gate

My Reservations

The user can view two types of reservations: order placed and order received.

Order Placed displays the list of orders that a user has requested to other people who are selling their items.

Order Received displays a list of all the orders that users placed previously are received successfully.

Make New Friends

While searching for the produce, user can also add any person as their friend.

Make New Friends - Neighbours  Gate
Unfriend anyone - Neighbours  Gate

Unfriend anyone

A user can also unfriend people with whom they don’t want to communicate.


With this feature, a user can chat with his/her friends online.

Friends/Chat - Neighbours  Gate


Neighbour’s Gate website has made easy for people from all across the country to sell, exchange, or give their products for free. Also, it has reduced wastage of a lot of crops.

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