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We have created a robust CRM system that allows manufacturers to connect with logistics & supply chain and carry out their day-to-day operations easily.

Web Description

CRM for business plays a crucial role in logistic and supply chain management. It is important for inbound and outbound logistic operations. While SCM and CRM are not generally thought of together, but these software systems make a robust team. Supply chain and logistic process integration with CRM can help manufacturers interact and connect with the end-to-end supply chain customers. The importance of CRM within the SCM is virtually essential. The application gives more attention to customer needs by giving a better managing on the product or involvement of products, the content of the service and other added things.

Web Description

Web Features

Our primary focus was to build a CRM i.e. Customer Relationship Management system using CodeIgniter that helps their logistic and supply chain management, marketing and services, distribution services, and providing end to end CRM solutions for global customers.

  • User-friendly dashboard, systematic way to track business activity effectively
  • User revenue tracking, Account revenue tracking, Planned vs Actual revenue charts
  • Account Management – Keeping account records, adding and importing/exporting accounts
  • Contact Management – Keeping contact information of an Account
  • Opportunity Management – Adding, editing and changing opportunities, opportunity owners
  • Location Management – Managing multiple locations (Billing | Shipping | Store etc) of an Account
  • Measuring of marketing and sales activity
  • Automated information updating
  • Shipment tracking
  • Organizing customer data in a centralized location
  • Lead Management and Lead Tracking
  • Smart way of Lead Handling and many more features.
  • Improved productivity
  • Systematic way to track business activity effectively
  • Deals and multi-tasks
  • User-friendly dashboard, tracking statistics and users revenue
  • Keeping account records, adding and importing accounts
  • Keeping contact information, including contact owner name
  • Adding, editing and changing opportunities, opportunity owners
  • Gathering and changing, editing and tracking all necessary data in one source
  • Measuring of marketing and sales activity
  • Automated information updating
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Shipment tracking etc
  • Organizing customer data in a centralized location
  • Reporting and quick dashboards managing
  • Lead management

Challenges & Solutions

There are many challenges we faced while developing CRM for our client’s logistic and supply chain operation. Among them two most essential things that we say CHALLENGE what we have faced and bring those solutions are: Mobility and innovation. These two are two main key drivers to attain the business objectives for any organization. We come to know our client’s business and thought in deep to mobiles the CRM in all departmental need, in an innovative ways. It was a big challenge for us to help collaborate between their sales, marketing, customer service as well as technical support functions and we did it with our skills and expertise in CRM design and development. We had another challenge that was tracking and analyzing those interactions in a systematic as well as organized way in order to create lasting customer relationship that could translate a long term success.

What Our Client Says

Guru TechnoLabs was really an amazing IT service provider in India. They came across all those things that we wanted to tell them. They are skilled enough and beyond the skills, they are highly professional who understand what to do and when to do. They have built an out of the ordinary CRM for logistic and supply chain business that deserves appreciation.

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