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Guru TechnoLabs is an award-winning custom web and mobile application development company. We have been offering best-in-class web and mobile app solutions to clients worldwide for 10+ Years.

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Our Services

We offer a full range of design and development services for web and mobile app platforms. Our designed or developed products always succeed in satisfying end users’ needs, hence it becomes easier to achieve the product milestones and scale up the business.

Web Development Web Development

Web Development

We have delivered user-friendly websites and scalable web applications to all-scale businesses. We provide web development services using the latest programming languages and frameworks.

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Mobile App Development Mobile App Development

Mobile App Development

We have successfully launched a ton of well-performing mobile applications on App Stores. We have expertise in developing native and cross-platform applications for Android and iOS platforms.

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UI/UX Design UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design

We have great experience in designing B2B solutions and consumer apps. We follow best design practices and modern UI UX trends to create enjoyable interfaces for Web, Android, and iOS platforms.

UI/UX Design Hire Developers

Hire Dedicated Developers

Many startups and enterprise-level businesses have hired our experts and launched projects cost-effectively. Augment your team by hiring our highly skilled & experienced web and mobile app developers.

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Have an Idea? Start with MVP

MVP Helps in

  • Winning Stakeholder
  • Testing Business Concepts
  • Verifying Market Demand
  • Developing A Monetization Strategy
  • Testing UX And Usability
  • Cost-Efficiency
  • Winning Stakeholder
  • Testing Business Concepts
  • Verifying Market Demand
  • Developing A Monetization Strategy
  • Testing UX And Usability
  • Cost-Efficiency

Share your idea with us and get free consultation

Share your idea with us and get free consultation

Industries We Serve


Customers want a user-friendly and omnichannel shopping experience these days.

Hence, we provide modern and scalable eCommerce development solutions that satisfy the needs of customers and help your business reach new heights.

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Education is not just bound to degrees education or four walls of the classroom. People want to learn anything, anytime and anywhere.

We offer modern and user-friendly educational solutions to entrepreneurs, organizations, and individuals to deliver an interactive learning experience to the learner.

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New-age technologies have transformed the healthcare industry completely. It has become essential to deliver ease and personalized experience to patients.

Here, we provide digital solutions for the healthcare industry that serves the needs of hospitals, doctors, patients, and all stakeholders of the healthcare sector.

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RealEstateReal Estate

The real estate industry is associated with physical assets but it has become necessary to serve buyers and sellers digitally in this era.

We deliver innovative real estate solutions that make buying/selling operations quite easier and time-saving.

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No one has time today and it has become very easier & time-saving to find a dating partner online. Hence, the need for online dating is increasing exponentially.

We provide feature-rich, modern, and scalable dating web and app solutions to startups and businesses to enter into this industry and grow well.

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Digitalization in the travel industry has made the journey process very easier for travelers and agencies. Personalization and ease have become essential for travelers.

Hence, we design travel solutions that deliver excellent user experiences to travelers and make business operations transparent for travel agencies.

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Highly efficient cloud servers and infrastructures have helped the sports industry to broadcast live matches and deliver real-time scores/updates. Coaches can also manage their team, practice matches/score, and evaluate player performance easily.

Here, we deliver digital sports solutions that perfectly serve the needs of sports lovers, clubs, coaches, and organizations.

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Food & BeveragesFood & Beverages

Delivering instant and hot food has become mandatory in this industry. Most restaurants are investing in digital solutions to make this possible.

Here, we help business owners to make their customers journeys easier and deliver instant food with the help of digital restaurant solutions.


On-demand industry helps businesses to meet the demand of their customers instantly. Also, customers love these services as it offers more flexibility in terms of time & place.

We provide on-demand web and app solutions to make the life of your customers easy and also grow your business to the next level.

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Our Work

Our team of experts has overcome complex challenges and delivered innovative digital products.

Client Testimonials

We have fulfilled the demand of clients working in different industries. For more details,
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Our Engagement Models

Guru TechnoLabs provides flexible hiring models to meet your diverse business needs at a specific time.
Check out these models in detail and choose the best one according to your needs.

Time & Material Model
Time & Material Model

In this model, the scope of the work of a project is not defined, and it evolves constantly. Here, the client has to pay for the total amount of time & resources allocated for the project. Hence, it is known as an hourly model. It is flexible & suitable for research-oriented and small to medium scale projects.

Fixed Cost Model
Fixed Cost Model

In this model, the scope of the project & the fixed cost is defined while signing the contract. The project is executed based on the pre-set scope of work, and any modifications are considered as change requests & quoted separately. If you are clear about the solution you want to achieve, you can go with a fixed-cost model.

Hire Dedicated Team
Hire Dedicated Team

It is a combination of T&M and the Fixed cost model. Here, we allocate a dedicated developer or team based on project needs. The main benefit of this model is that you do not have to spend on infrastructure. You can get access to world-class talents and retain them remotely. You can relieve the developer or team on the project completion or contract.

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