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Guru TechnoLabs is a globally trusted company which has a headquarter in India. We have an extensive client base throughout the world and are engaged in a large number of prestigious web and app development projects.

Our company offers win-win partnership programs with other businesses that are custom designed for any unique demands. Any business, big or small, can partner with us to not only increase their business services but also boosting their annual revenue. You can either partner with us for a specific job or you can outsource a complete project to us to be completed on a turnkey basis. When you partner with us to outsource your job, you get a huge benefit in reduced cost which will reflect positively in profit area of your balance sheet. We have completed several outsourced projects in the domain of web, mobile app, eCommerce, and digital marketing.

Reseller Partnership

You can have a reseller partnership with our firm through which you get the opportunity of reselling our products& services to your clients at a price and model of your choice. In such a partnership model, our company will do the heavy lifting in terms of project development, overall execution, marketing, and maintenance at the time given and the price agreed upon. Your company, on the other hand, can then focus on expanding your client base, figuring out the project requirements and sending project information to the development team. Our company will sign a Non-disclosure agreement with your company and will never come to the forefront in any dealing with your clients. You can contact us to know more about reseller partnership.

Reseller Partnership
Outsourcing Partnership

Outsourcing Partnership

If you don’t want to invest heavily in building a design, development or marketing team of your own, then you can become our outsourcing partner and save a lot on your project cost. In outsourcing partnership, disclosure agreement some of their operations as well as responsibilities of some specific part of their business to a third party provider. The ever-evolving technologies and their rising complexity have made it important for the company to outsource their services to improve the quality of their overall service delivery to their clients without posing a financial burden on the company’s limited resources. When you become our outsourcing partner, you not only maximise your productivity but also improve your profitability tremendously. You can contact us to know more about outsourcing partnership.

Independent Consultants

If you are looking for specialist consultancy services to improve the efficiency, productivity, and profitability of your business model, then you can hire our services as independent consultants. We can give you consultancy in the field of web technologies, e-commerce, Internet marketing, mobile app development and improving traffic to your website or mobile app by adopting innovative marketing strategies. You can engage us as an independent consultant for a specific job or retain us on a monthly or yearly basis for managing your digital platforms. For further information in this regard, contact us.

Independent Consultants
Referral Partnership

Referral Partnership

You can also become our referral partner and gain monetary benefit with our continued success. In this type of partnership, our referral partner provides prospective leads through their website, network, or marketing campaigns. Our referral partners will also review, place advertisements and give feedback about our product. In case of a successful deal, we will give them a commission. Youcan contact us to know more about referral partnership.

Business Partnership

If you want to have a long-term business relationship with us to improve your market penetration and productivity, cut cost and improve profitability, then you can form a business partnership with us. In this type of partnership, you can develop and market your products and services taking advantage of our strength in the digital platform to reach out to a wider audience. This will be a great opportunity to merge the strength of both of our companies and achieve a greater goal for both of us. For more information, you can contact us.

Business Partnership

Why Partner with Us?

We specialise in providing web, mobile app and digital marketing services to our clients. As a globally trusted company, if you wish to get value added world-class services, then you should join hands with us and let us be a partner to make your business successful.

Save Infrastructure Cost

If you partner with us then you can save infrastructure cost because we have good infrastructure with all equipmennts and resources which will be used for your projects.


We offer 100% transparency in parternship. You can utilize our resources as your own. You can check any project/task’s status with project management tools and methodology that we are using.

Technology Stack

We are always training our employees on latest technologies. We have a wide range of older and latest technology stack. All your requirements will be served at Guru TechnoLabs.

Save Employee Cost

You can save salaries, training cost, and operational cost of employees. We have highly skilled and certified developers team who will work on your projects and deliver you innovative and productive outcomes

After Sale Support

We offer 6 months of free after sale support. We are attending customer’s queries with top priority. You can provide best service to your customers with our policy.


We are signing a Non-Discloser Agreement with our partners. So never worry about your projects or clients data, they are very safe with our highly secured network and strict policies.

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We’ve worked with clients of all sizes, from statups to enterprise brands. Let’s discuss about your project and how we can help add value.

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