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Web Application Development

Why Choose Guru TechnoLabs for Web App Development?

Our Full Stack Web Application Development Services

Here is the list of web application services we deliver.

Custom Web App Development

We provide highly-intuitive, modern, and customized web applications considering the needs of the specific business and the trends revolving in the industry.

Web Application Design

Get comprehensive web application design services for businesses. We deliver beautiful and mind-bending web app designs that draw users’ attention and increase engagement.

Web App Maintenance

Whether you want to fix bugs, add functionality, integrate third-party APIs, etc., we provide excellent web app maintenance services to keep your web app efficient for a long time.

Web App Re-engineering

We combine new functionalities and emerging technologies to improve performance & transform your web application completely.

Web App Consulting

We offer professional web app consulting services. Our web app developers help you convert your vision into reality by providing support & enhancement for web apps from start to finish.

PWA Development

Guru TechnoLabs offers next-gen progressive web app development services to build PWA that work efficiently across multiple browsers and platforms.

Upgradation & Migration

Want to upgrade your existing app or migrate your website into a web app? Our web application developers have years of experience in delivering the optimal solution.

Saas App Development

Our SaaS experts can deliver multi-tenant, reliable, & potent SaaS Solutions to help you cater to your audience in the best way.

Web App Technologies We Have Expertise On

Here is the list of technologies in which we possess the expertise:

Front-end Web Development

We utilize reusable, dynamic, and component-driven architecture of leading frameworks, such as React.js, Angular.js, and Vue.js to build interactive web applications.

  • AngularJS Development
  • ReactJS Development
  • VueJs Development
  • JavaScript Development
Front-end Web Development
Back-end Development

Back-end Development

Our professionals create performance-driven, scalable, and secure backend of web applications using the latest backend frameworks & technologies.

  • PHP Development
  • Laravel Development
  • CodeIgniter Development
  • NodeJs Development

We Deliver Innovative Web App Solutions for Multiple Industries

Here, we have listed some of the best web applications that we develop for different industries. If you have an out-of-the-box web app idea & want a solution for that, feel free to reach out to us. Our web application developers help you to convert your concept into reality.

Web App for Travel

  • Trip Planning Web Application
  • Hotel Booking Web Application
  • Hotel Rating and Review Web App
  • Ticket Booking Web Application
  • Renting Vehicle Web App

Web App for Education

  • eLearning Web Applications
  • School Ratings Web App
  • Finding Tutor Web App
  • School Management Web Portal

Web App for Sports

  • Live Score & Streaming Sports Web App
  • Fantasy & Betting Sports Web App
  • Find Sports Academy Web App
  • Ticket Booking Sports Web App
  • Sports Equipment Store Web App

Web App for Real-estate

  • Property Listing Web Application
  • Real Estate Broker Finding Web Application
  • Property Buying and Selling Web Application

Web App for Healthcare

  • Hospital Finding Web App
  • Hospital Rating and Review Web Application
  • Appointment Booking Web App
  • On-Demand Doctor Web App
  • Telemedicine Web App

Web App for Restaurant

  • Online Food Ordering Web Application
  • Restaurant Finder Web Application
  • Restaurant Reservation Web Application
  • Restaurant Rating Web Application

Process We Follow to Build a Web Application

Let us look at the standard process to build an awe-inspiring web app:

Creating a Robust Web App Idea

Initially, you start by defining a clear vision of the web application. In other words, you mention the solution that you want to provide through your web application. But how do you find the purpose of your web application? By getting answers to the following questions:

  • What actually did you desire to develop?
  • Who is your audience?
  • Will the target audience like your web app?
  • How would your product be beneficial to the audience?
  • What is the aim behind building the app?

By answering these questions, you can also make the development process efficient.

Here, your idea doesn’t have to be out-of-the-box. If your idea is an upgraded version of an existing app, then also it is good to go. Lastly, you can appropriately organize all of your details.

Product Launch Meeting

Prior to bringing your web application to reality, you need to hold a project launch meeting with the team. In this meeting, every member of the web project should have an opportunity to learn in detail about the project and especially their roles.

If you are working with an outsourcing web app development agency, then also you should hold the meeting to ensure that both are on the same page and kickstart the project. Also, you will have a better understanding of the tools the development team will use for communication and scheduling meetings.

Discovery Phase

We give utmost importance to discovery as it is one of the most crucial phases. Here you will carry out various things as follows,

  • Implement different tools and technologies
  • List details of the MVP
  • Build an infrastructure
  • Identify all the wants and pains of the audience

Lastly, the discovery phase helps you speed up web development by choosing the best strategy out of all.

Create Dynamic Wireframes & Designs

UI/UX design is the most crucial part of the web application. Therefore instead of directly jumping to the main design, one best practice is to start with a wireframe. It helps you to identify whether your web app resonates well with the potential audience or not, and it is user-friendly.

When you work with an outsourcing team, wireframing helps you to know that work is going in the right direction. Based on your approval, we will then design the entire web application.


The speed of building a web app can be increased by utilizing the right tools, technologies, and frameworks.

At Guru TechnoLabs, we initially identify the essential data of your web app and form an appropriate database to store that data. Then we decide the technologies, tools, and frameworks for the frontend and the backend of the web app. Lastly, our professional team builds every web application following the Agile methodology.

The major benefit of the methodology is that it is adjustable and scalable as per the requirement. Hence, if you need any change in the middle of the project, you can get it. Moreover, the entire process is efficient.

QA Testing & Launch

QA testing and the launch are the crucial aspects of any web application.

To ensure that your web application performs well, you should hire a QA tester in the team. The majority of businesses think that QA testing should be needed. However, it is a regular process to build an error-free app.

At Guru TechnoLabs, our team conducts comprehensive testing of your web application after each milestone. We make sure that your web app is bug-free and works efficiently.

Your ultimate purpose is to launch your web application easily and get positive feedback from the audience. To achieve the same, you need to deploy your app for multiple devices, get feedback and improve it accordingly. We thoroughly test your app on various devices and screen sizes and then launch it at the right time.

Support After Launch

After launching the web application, your task is not over. Your main task starts after that. You must resolve issues, implement changes as per users’ feedback, and enhance the web app performance to stay in the game. You also need to update various third-party services in your web application. We provide web app maintenance & support to our clients for a limited time.

Our Portfolio

Check out the web app projects developed by our tech-savvy professionals. These projects provide insights regarding the skills of our team. Our primary goal is to deliver futuristic web app solutions that help clients take their business to the next level.

Education Marketplace

Design + Development

Our software professionals have recently developed an education marketplace. The marketplace allows students to find the best tutors online, schedule sessions with the tutor, and get reminders instantly.

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Tutor Smart
Ships Management System

Ships Management System

Design + Development

The ships management system was developed by our web application developers. It is a highly comprehensive web app that helps people in the shipping industry carry out their daily tasks.


Design + Development

Our web development team has built the CRM web application. It is mainly a customer management system that allows manufacturers to interact and connect with end-to-end supply chain customers.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about web app development services:

Q: Do you sign NDA for my Web App Project?

Yes, we sign NDA with every client. We ensure that your project idea and specifications remain confidential with us.

Q: What is the main difference between Web Applications & SaaS?

Web apps are specially built to access from a web browser. They are formed by a combination of client-side & server-side scripts. The web browser extracts web server components installed at the backend infrastructure of the system.

The primary advantage of having a web app over the classical desktop-operated SaaS is that a web app is available on any web browser. Also, web apps provide a native app-like experience without downloading them. Several famous examples include Flipboard, Pinterest, Spotify, and many more.

While SaaS is an advanced web app, it is also required to access different services on the internet like web apps. However, they do not always require a web browser to function. SaaS products are developed to provide enhanced customization & consistent integration with stable & consistent backend architecture.

Q: What are the business benefits of PWA?

If you choose to develop PWA, your business gets benefited in the following ways:

  • PWAs will function on smartphones without any issues
  • A cost-effective way to build, deploy, promote & maintain
  • Enhanced page performance
  • No issues like mobile apps (more deployment time, Apple/Google Verification)
  • Offline functionality
  • More user engagement
  • Quick integration with the current system which is working as a data source backend

Q: How does PWA work?

PWA is known as progressive web apps. It is the latest software development methodology that is helpful in building a hybrid of regular web apps and mobile apps. Generally, it merges the advantages of web browsers with a native app. PWAs are available on search engines and can be instantly accessed from the browser.

The core purpose of PWA is to reduce the gap between web apps & native apps by offering the advantages of native apps into a mobile web browser.

PWA functions using Service Workers, a script that operates in the background part of the web page. The service workers offer better caching, instant push notifications, content uploading in the background, and offline functionality for all the users who have visited the app previously.

The first-time loading is done efficiently using AMP pages. Also, web components go through the process of initial execution. These components need less data & are really quick to load. After the page has completed loading, the service workers and other elements are cached automatically. To know more, refer to this blog on PWA development.

Q: What if I don't possess complete project specifications?

Whether your project is in the ideation phase or you have listed complete features, our professionals will conduct a meeting with you and provide you with an in-detail tech solution and execution process.

Q: What is the best way to develop web applications?

We utilize different technologies to develop web applications. Some of them are as follows:

  • Angular.js
  • CodeIgnitor
  • Vue.js
  • Laravel

Q: How long does it take to build a web app?

The time needed to build a web app depends on some essential factors. In general, a customized web app needs 1-4 weeks based on complexity & a total number of revisions.

Later, the development stage consumes 1-6 weeks based on features & total pages.

Q: How much does it cost to build a web app?

The web app development cost depends on the overall requirements of the project. The total number of features, pages, the total number of developers in the team, and some other factors determine the cost of your development project.

What types of web apps you can develop?

We can build the following types of Web Applications.

Static Web Apps: These web apps are helpful to represent the content of different types such as banners, GIFs, videos, etc. For instance: portfolio.

Dynamic Web Apps: These kinds of web apps require a database for loading data & their content is updated each time users open it. It usually contains an admin panel to make any modifications.

Online Store: The development of these web apps is almost the same as an eCommerce store. It requires much time & effort to build these web applications.

Portal Web Apps: These types of web applications allow access to some parts of the app from the home page only. For example, forum, chat, email, etc.

Content Management System: Anyone who wants to update content regularly can choose to go with a content management system. Here, the admin has complete freedom to make changes and updates, for example, WordPress blogs, personal blogs, articles, media, etc.

Q: Do you provide support after the launch of my web application?

Yes, we provide complete support after your app gets public for a limited time.

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