TutorSmart is an online tutoring platform that connects tutors with students. Tutors can register themselves, and students can search for tutors and book them based on their requirements.

Client’s Industry



Web App

Welcome to TutorSmart

Client’s Background

The client lives in Australia and belongs to an educational background. She was looking to create a platform that connects tutors with the students.

What was the main objective of the client?

The client’s main objective was to allow teachers to register their expertise and students to learn from them.

How Guru TechnoLabs helped the client to achieve the objective?

Guru TechnoLabs proposed the client to develop a web application. The client liked our suggestion and immediately agreed with us. We designed & developed the web application with the name Tutor Smart.

It is a social network that brings Tutors and Students together. Tutors can establish their profile, and then students can search for tutors and book them.

Key Features


Students/Tutors can register themselves on the TutorSmart platform using their email and password. If the student/tutor is under 18 years, then the parent also needs to register on TutorSmart.

Tutorsmart Register

Browse and Choose a Tutor

The students can browse tutors providing services on the platform utilizing different filters such as gender, rating, fees, etc. Moreover, they can contact tutors via email and then choose the most suitable option.

Book Tutor Online

Students can check the availability of the tutors and book them based on their needs.

Make Payment

Students (or their parents if the students are under 18) have to enter the PayPal account details while registration and make payment after the end of the session.

Make Payment


TutorSmart offers a calendar that every tutor can mention when they are available to give lessons. By this, students can check when a tutor is available and book their class accordingly.




Technology Used

Programming Language

  • PHP


  • CodeIgniter



  • MySQL



TutorSmart offered a modern platform for all the tutors and students. Tutors who have sufficient knowledge of a subject can register themselves. Students can browse tutors and book the lessons. The client is offering an excellent earning opportunity for tutors and also generating good revenue from the platform.