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We build an intriguing, high-performing, and user-friendly cross-platform app for your business at lightning-fast speed using React Native.

React Native App Development Company

Leverage React Native to Create World-Class
Cross-Platform Apps

React Native App Development Services

We have experience in building high-quality cross-platform apps that consist of native features & functionalities. Our team of Developers leverages this framework to provide best-in-class React Native development services to businesses and startups across the globe.

React Native App Ideation & Consulting

React Native app development offers various benefits for startups and SMEs belonging to different industries. However, it is not suitable for every development project. Our expert understands the end-goal of your business and suggests the most effective solution to integrate React Native in business.

Full Cycle App Development with React Native

We look after the entire app development cycle for creating React Native apps for businesses. Our team of professionals follows the design, development, testing, deployment, and maintenance steps to deliver high-quality React Native apps that help you reach new heights in business.

React Native Migration

Migrating an existing app from Android or iOS is quick & effective when you give it to a professional React Native app development company like us. Our React Native experts can migrate an existing app to different platforms without compromising on quality & performance.

React Native for MVP Development

React Native is one of the best options to verify and validate your idea at a low cost. Our React Native app developers follow the BML (Build, Measure, and Learn) cycle to determine the acceptability and competitiveness of your idea. It finally helps you to turn your idea into reality efficiently.

Server-side APIs for React Native Apps

Do you possess a serverless React Native app? We can make it effective by including the backend. Our React Native developers can create a server for the app and API to establish communication of the mobile interface with the server.

React Native App Code Audit

During a huge technical debt, one should audit the code. We provide code audit services for React Native applications. Our React Native developers conduct a deep analysis of the code quality to identify security & other bugs. Further, they ensure to enhance code quality & performance.

React Native Support & Maintenance

App development is not over after the deployment. The actual work starts afterward, where your app needs to be upgraded as per the latest operating system version and other updates. Our React Native app developers do regular monitoring and offer proactive technical support & maintenance against any ods.

Some Mobile Apps We Delivered

We have delivered robust, user-friendly, and high-performing mobile apps to clients working
in multiple industries. Have a look at our portfolio.

Abha Social App

Client’s primary goal was to connect people following Bahai religion all across the globe. So, she decided to create a social application which not only helps to connect Bahai’s but also generate revenue.

  • The requirements were listed by the client and were handed to us. We started analyzing the requirements, made some changes to it to make the app more feasible.
  • Some features were added and some were removed from the requirement to make things work better. Finally our engineers started developing it and soon it was ready.
  • After quality assurance, the app was launched and the client was more than happy to work with us.

Quick Invoice Maker

The client wanted to create an invoice maker. Client’s primary target audience were small business owners and small manufacturers. The client wanted to create an invoice maker in which a business owner can make invoices, create an estimate, and manage bills on the app.

  • The client wanted to make a free invoice generator for small business owners who cannot purchase costly invoice making software.
  • We dug deep into the requirement and came up with the best feasible solution for it.
  • The client loved our idea. The deal got finalized and the app got born. Rest is history!

React Native Development Helps You Get Next-Gen
Mobile Solutions for Your Business

With each passing day, various leading companies worldwide are making shifts to React Native. Apart from cross-platform development and cost-effectiveness, the framework offers excellent features for developers. Here are some of the crucial features due to which developers opt for React Native:

Modular and Intuitive Architecture

The architecture of the framework allows developers to look into the code and expand it accordingly. It offers great developers. Hence, developers can modify apps quickly.

Massive Community

React Native framework has the most strong community in the cross-platform app development industry. Hence, developers can get answers to their burning questions immediately.

Live Reload

The live reload feature allows the developers to check the aftereffect of the code instantly. Developers can see code on one screen and the output on another screen.

UI Focused

The framework focuses heavily on the UI design of the application. It is responsive and comes with some of the best rendering capabilities. Hence, developers globally love this framework.

Third-party Support

React Native supports a vast number of third-party libraries. Hence, developers have the freedom to utilize any library in the application as per the need.

Performance on Mobile Environments

The majority of native apps are CPU-oriented. However, apps built with React Native are GPU-Oriented. Hence, they offer excellent performance in different mobile environments.

Are You Familiar With Any of These Apps?
Then You Have Already Got React Native Experience

Why Hire Guru TechnoLabs for React Native App Development?

GuruTechnoLabs offers a vast number of React Native app development services for startups and businesses globally. We possess a team of professionals who keep themselves updated with the latest trends in React Native. Our professionals have experience in building cross-platform apps using React Native. Hence, they understand your business well and deliver next-gen solutions that align with your business.

Agile Process

We follow the Agile process and run scrum events to create bug-free and high-performing apps according to the client’s requirements.

100% Customer Satisfaction

We utilize the latest technologies and follow the best coding approaches to provide a modern business solution based on the requirement.

Seamless Communication

We provide frequent updates to the client about the project. We also communicate with the client regularly to ensure that we are going in the right direction.

Quick Turnaround

Our React Native App Developers deliver the project before the decided deadline without compromising on the quality and performance of the app.

Competitive Pricing

We provide React Native app development services at the best price with top-quality and performance in the market.

Result-Oriented Approach

We consider a results-oriented approach while working on every project to provide the best possible outcomes as per business needs.

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FAQs on React Native App Development

Q: Is React Native good for mobile app development?

If you plan to develop an app for Android and iOS, then React Native is the best cross-platform framework. It helps you to share the majority of the codebase between the two platforms. It ultimately reduces your development time and cost. It also consists of various open-source libraries and components to speed up the development process.

Q: How much does it cost to develop a React Native app?

There is no exact cost to develop a React Native app. It primarily depends on the development time and the cost of the developer in the region. It further depends on various factors like complexity, features, functionalities, etc. Refer to this blog on app development costs to know the estimated cost of React Native app.

Q: How long does it take to build a React Native app?

The time required to build a React Native app depends on various factors such as app complexity, development approach, features, developer location & experience, etc. To know more, refer to this blog on the app development timeline.

Q: Can I still utilize React Native if I already have a native app for my business?

Yes, it is possible. Developers can integrate React Native with the native app. Here, they will have to integrate React Native on both platforms separately. If you have queries, you can reach out to React Native app development company. They will offer you the best guidance.

Q: Can React Native be used for both web and mobile?

Developers combine the React Native app into a single codebase with the help of React Native web. They do remove the need to manage two separate code bases for mobile and web. Both the apps would work efficiently on web and mobile devices.

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