Educational App Development

Improve engagement with your students through educational app development for productive learning

Educational Mobile App Development

Mobile Apps for Education Industry

E-learning has bought a new wind of change in the education sector. People are using educational apps to get learning solutions that are tailor-made for their needs. Educational apps are very helpful in understanding a new concept or subject easily with interactive multimedia.

Dedicated education apps are a great hit amongst the students and teachers alike. It allows them to customize their learning experience as per their individual pace of learning. If you have an online educational portal, then it would be in your interest to build a dedicated educational mobile app. It will allow you to connect with your students or teachers in a more effective way. It not only allows your students an immersive learning experience but also give several additional benefits.

Educational App Features

We at Guru Technolab has a great experience in developing customized educational apps. These apps are tailor-made for your unique requirements. We have developed scores of educational mobile apps for online educational portals and other educational institutions. These apps range from the simple playgroup category to the most sophisticated, to give the users an interesting multimedia learning experience.

  • Manage Subjects
  • Manage Courses
  • Attendance System
  • Online Exam
  • eBook Library
  • Discussion System
  • Instant Chat
  • Alexa Integration
  • Advance Search
  • Secure Login
  • Online Fee Collection
  • Receipt Download
  • Result Publish
  • Administrative Features
  • Video/Audio Integration
  • Project Sharing
  • Parents Login
  • RnD Topics Listing
  • News/Blog
  • School/College Information
  • Events Publish

Educational App Development Solutions

We offer easy to use, scalable and highly functional educational app development solutions for your institution or online educational portals. We have expertise in making educational process simpler and productive through educational apps. We assure for interactive and productive learning experience in our mobile apps.

Educational App Development Solutions
  • School App
  • Teachers/Student App
  • Kids App
  • elearning App
  • Coaching Class App
  • College/University App
  • Online Exam App
  • Preschool/Kindergarten App
  • Online Training App
  • Educational Game App
  • eBook Libarary App
  • Course Selling App
  • Educational Project Listing App

At Guru Technolabs, we have a dedicated team of highly skilled educational app developers who have years of experience in developing mobile apps for different types of educational institutions. Whatever your needs are we have the perfect educational mobility solution for you.


We are very proud of providing 97% client satisfaction in our years of service. All our clients are very happy in using our services to improve their business performance significantly.

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