Why Should You Choose Node.Js?

  • Node.js uses the Google V8 engine for faster processing of requests.
  • Node.js with its robust package manager allows you to use more than 50,000 packages in its store.
  • Node.js is a free server framework that can generate dynamic contents
  • It is an excellent framework to integrate features like cart, multiple payment gateways and a range of shopping options
  • Node.js can be used for rapid prototyping
  • Node.js can be used as a proxy server for a server-side application that is built to communicate with third-party resources
  • Node.js is preferred for integrating data sensitive applications.
  • Node.js is ideal for building APIs which uses a lot of I/O driven requests
  • Use of Node.js for developing a backend framework reduces the server time drastically
  • Improved page response time
  • Node.js is widely used to develop cross platform mobile applications and web solutions with robust back-end support toprovide a fantastic user experience
  • Response time is faster, so no more waiting for customers
  • Provide a large number of services that could display a wide range of information on a single page
  • It provides better security with cryptography support
  • It provides a vibrant community support

Benefits of Node.js Development Service

Fast Service

Node.js helps you to read or write the database, connecting with networks or file system at a blazing speed. Its ability to use several collections allows it to function so fast.

Reduce silo dependency

As Node.js uses JavaScript, it breaches the silos that were earlier present between front-end and back-end of a website. This allows companies to combine the front-end and back-end team to work together to both improve efficiency as well as reduce response time.

Less time for data processing

Node.js with its data streaming ability allows it to process data at the time of uploading which reduces the total processing time.

Huge online community support

Node.js has a huge open source online community that delivers outstanding modules which allows the user to get a continuous update to improve the functionality of the website.

Node.js Features

It is an open source and a lightweight programming language

Node.js is asynchronous and event-driven

It supports caching of individual modules

It is single threaded but allows scalability through the cloud

It never buffers and generates output data in blocks

It uses Google V8 JavaScript engine

Codes can be reused

Easily integrates with browser and servers

What Can We Do In Node.js Development?

  • Server-side development
  • REST APIs and Backend applications
  • We can build web portal through Node.js
  • We can provideNode.js services related to IoT
  • Real-time services like chat and games
  • Blogs, CMS and Social applications development
  • Plug-in development and integration
  • ECommerce website and cart development solution
  • Node.js application development using MongoDB, MySQL and Redis
  • It is great for package management through bower, npm, jspm and others
  • Node.js comes with a core set of modules for different networks and file I/O
  • Third party modules can be built on it to offer greater abstraction for general problems

Node.js Solutions We Offer

  • Desktop application based on Node.js
  • IoT app development
  • Real-time chatbot
  • Social Networking app
  • Content management app
  • Video calling application
  • SAP integration
  • WebRTC and Web Socket integration
  • Develop conferencing applications
  • For API’s integration layer
  • Full Stack development
  • Web applications
  • Node.js based network programming
  • Health management portal
  • Collection of large amounts of data without causing a bottleneck
  • Node.js with help from HTML 5 and Socket.io to build real-timebrowser-based games

Why Choose Us As Node.js Service Provider?

  • Always available to answer any queries
  • Confidentiality of data and transparency of the business process
  • Custom hiring options as per your needs
  • Huge experience in executing industrial projects
  • Highly skilled Node.js developers
  • Custom madescalable solutions for small as well as big enterprises
  • A perfect combination of creative ideas and sound solutions
  • Completion of projects on time and within budget

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