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We provide stunning web and mobile experiences to businesses and brands using our javascript development services.

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JavaScript is one of the leading programming languages used for developing web as well as mobile applications. JavaScript is also referred to as JS and it is a high-level, reliable, and scalable language.

Previously, JavaScript app development was only used in the client-side browser, but now it is also used in the server-side browser. Also, Javascript is used for both front-end & back-end development.

Guru TechnoLabs is a reputable JavaScript Development Company delivering tailor-made JavaScript app development services along with the intuitive site architecture, proper structure, and easily recognizable links. Our skilled and experienced team of JavaScript Developers build highly interactive and next-level web, mobile, and cross-platform apps for your business and brand to achieve great success.

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JavaScript Development Services We Offer

  • Web Development

    With the help of JS frameworks, our developers have developed some efficient, scalable, and highly-interactive web solutions for businesses & brands across the globe.

  • Mobile App Development

    Using different JavaScript frameworks, our developers have built user-friendly cross-platform HTML5+ apps.

  • Back-End Development

    Using Node.JS and React.JS for backend, we develop highly-scalable, reliable, and real-time apps for startups and SMEs.

  • Desktop Development

    Our highly-skilled and talented pool of JavaScript developers utilize various JS frameworks to create desktop solutions for Windows, Linux, & Max.

JavaScript Development Frameworks

AngularJS Development

AngularJS Development

AngularJS is a structured JavaScript framework utilized for developing dynamic web applications. It accepts HTML code templates to perform a specific function or command. This framework is developed by Google.

  • Its data binding & dependency injection features help to save your development time.
  • It is most suitable for faster front-end development.

NodeJS Development

NodeJS is an open-source, server-side platform that is built on Chrome’s JavaScript runtime Engine. It is used to develop high-performance and scalable applications.

  • NPM(node package manager) offers developers to utilize various tools & technologies.
  • It is suitable for building real-time apps that run across multiple devices.
NodeJS Development
ReactJS Development

ReactJS Development

ReactJS is an Open-Source JavaScript Library used for developing reusable user-interface components. It is mainly utilized for handling the view layer of web and mobile apps.

  • Virtual DOM is responsible for faster rendering.
  • It enhances the process of scripting components.

Vue.js Development

Vue.js is a progressive framework for developing web interfaces using the MVVM(Model-View-ViewModel) architecture pattern. It offers various built-in derivatives and user-defined directives.

  • It is used to develop stunning and user-friendly apps.
  • It can be easily incorporated with the existing applications.
VueJS Development
Benefits of Cross-Platform App Development

Benefits of JavaScript Development

JavaScript is an object-oriented computer programming language used for developing web as well as mobile apps. Here are some of the benefits of using JavaScript for development purposes.

  • High efficiency with less resources
  • Client-side environment
  • Extensive code reuse
  • Quick to debug and test
  • Platform Independent
  • Enhanced user-interface
  • Highly-responsive web design

Engagement Models

Guru TechnoLabs provides a flexible business model to meet your diverse business needs in a stipulated time.

Fixed Price

This model works best for small projects as it is low risk model for clients. You pay by milestones as we complete the checkpoints.

Hire Developer

This model is best for complex and long term projects as it saves a lot of money. B2B clients, startups, and established businesses use it.

Our Work Speaks for Us

Our Work Speaks for Us

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We have delivered innovative solutions to our customers in different industries. Our customers have witnessed robust growth in their business.

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