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eCommerce App Development

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Having a mobile app for a business is a new, trendy and profitable way these days. You are losing out big time in accessing a huge customer base for your business if you haven’t developed an eCommerce app yet.

To expand your business and connect with your customers in a more engaging way, you should search for eCommerce app development company for your business.

We offer eCommerce app development services. We are having expertise in eCommerce development solutions to improve your business reach, efficiency, profitability and customer retention. Whether you have a small, medium or large business, we have a solution tailor made for your unique needs.

Types of eCommerce Applications

eCommerce applications can be developed for any kind of business. Here are some of the types of eCommerce applications, Choose the one that best match with your business and talk to our eCommerce expert to create an eCommerce app.

  • Business-to-Business
  • Business-to-Consumer
  • Business-to-Administration
 eCommerce Application Types
  • Consumer-to-Consumer
  • Consumer-to-Business
  • Consumer-to-Administration

5 essential elements that we use to make an eCommerce application successful

UI UX Design

An interactive design and easy user experience helps in customer retention and upselling items

Easy Checkout

An easy checkout process helps in reducing cart abandonment rate.

5 essential elements to make an eCommerce application successful

Fast Loading

App must serve customer’s request very fast otherwise customers will leave application immediately.

Super Easy Navigation

Easy navigation helps customers to find an item very easily which boosts your sale.

Instant Update for Customer Orders

Customers must be updated frequently after they place an order. It helps to gain trust and build brand loyalty.

eCommerce Mobile App Features

We offer advanced eCommerce app features along with the latest m-commerce solutions with a range of features to improve your end users’ experience. Our cutting-edge eCommerce app helps you to improve the way you engage with your customers on a real-time basis which improves the customers’ experience resulting in repeat visits.

Here is an eCommerce app features list, choose the features which are required for your app.

  • Category & Products View
  • Easy Navigation
  • User-friendly Interface
  • Search box with advance filters
  • Easy Catalogues
  • Attractive design
  • Call To Action Buttons
  • Shopping Basket
  • Easy Checkout
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Shipping Calculator
  • Orders View
  • Sign in/Sing Up
  • Email/Push Notification System
  • Repeat Order With One Touch
  • Product Comparision
  • Detailed Product View
  • Product Reviews & Ratings
  • Data Confidentiality & Security
  • Product Inventory Management
  • Product Variation Management
  • Up-Sell System
  • Social Media Integration
  • Multiple Language Support
  • Live Chat/Help
  • Multi Currency Support
  • Reports & Analytics
  • Inquiry/Contact Form
  • User’s App Journey Store System
  • Discount/Promo Codes
  • Featured Products / Best Offers
  • Broadcasting System

Want to create feature rich eCommerce application?

eCommerce Mobile App Development Solutions

We deliver eCommerce app solutions for administration, Business, and Consumers requirements.

We offer highly effective eCommerce development solutions to your customers for a smoother and engaging shopping experience at your eCommerce store. The superior interactive and real-time shopping experience through our eCommerce app ensures brand loyalty and attract shoppers to come repeatedly to your e-store for their shopping needs. Here are some of the eCommerce app solutions which improve your business by creating automated processes through these apps.

eCommerce Mobile App Development Solutions
  • Retailer App / Shopping App
  • Market Place App
  • Catalogue App
  • Service Booking App
  • CRM App
  • Delivery & Tracking App
  • Sales Funnel System
  • AR & VR Integrated Shopping App
  • Chatbot Enabled App
  • Tickets Booking App
  • Mobility Solution for Retail Industry
  • Warehouse & Inventory App
  • Enterprise mobility solutions

Benefits of eCommerce App for Your eCommerce Store


Mobile Apps are faster

It helps to make checkout process faster and reduce cart abandonment rate


Personalized Shopping

You can deliver personalized content and create personalized shopping experience


Instant access

It allows users to access your store in nano seconds with offline and online mode


Native device features

You can use native device features in your app without additional programming like camera, NFC, GPS


Push Notifications

You can send instant notifications in a non-disturbing way with Push Notification feature



Best way to build brand – users will always see your app icon (brand) when they play with their mobile


Reduces Marketing Cost

It reduces marketing cost drastically and delivers accurate results in shorter time period


Improve Buying Ratio

Users can focus on specific item which helps to reduce distraction(bouncing) and improve buying ratio


Implementing New Technology

It is easy and cost effective to implement new technology in mobile apps like Augmented Reality

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How much does it cost to make an eCommerce app?

For any business owner or enterprenuer, cost is the most essential element for app development. eCommerce app development cost depends on many variables. It cannot be projected without deciding following variables.


You must decide what features do you need in your eCommerce app and Backend panel. More features means more cost.


You must decide the ecommerce app platform, whether you want to develop an eCommerce app in Android or iOS. These are the two mostly used platforms to develop an app.


Maintenance cost depends on application type. If your eCommerce app needs frequent updates then you may need to go for higher maintenance budget.

If you are interested to know a budget range for an eCommerce mobile app development then it is US $5,000 to $1,00,000. It totally depends on requirements.

We are giving free eCommerce app development proposal after discussing the requirements. So come, discuss and get a free proposal for eCommerce app.

How do we create engaging eCommerce mobile apps?

We are following a proven methodology to develop an eCommerce app for your business. This ensures to make your eCommerce app successful.

01. Business Awareness

We are discussing and studying your Business, Products, and Vision.

02. Market Analysis

We do market analysis for your Businesss along with Competitor Analysis.

03. Decide Best Fit

We decide application flow and features which fits best for your Business.

04. App Development

We start eCommerce app design and development.

07. Maintenance

We continuously observe your live application and welcome user’s feedback to make it more user friendly and error free.

06. App Marketing

We do app store optimization for your app and start eCommerce application marketing.

05. Testing/Lauching

We heavily test your eCommerce app and lauch it on successful testing results.

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eCommerce App Development Services

At the Guru Technolabs, we have a team of highly motivated and experienced eCommerce app developers with years of experience in eCommerce app development services. Whether you are a retailer, wholesale dealer, or a service provider with product and inventory or services to sell online, we have the perfect m-commerce solutions for you. Guru Technolabs offers highly professional and time-bound business solutions to help you in your business.


We are very proud of providing 97% client satisfaction in our years of service. All our clients are very happy in using our services to improve their business performance significantly.

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