Beehive Ecommerce Marketplace Platform

We have designed and developed an ecommerce marketplace platform called Beehive Pacific, which is presented by Digicel in Fiji. This platform connects buyers and sellers to buy items online with ease. Here vendors register their businesses online and offer different products to users. On the other hand, users can browse through different categories and choose specific products they want.

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Beehive Ecommerce App

About The Project

The Beehive Ecommerce marketplace platform is a mobile & web application developed to provide customers with a seamless and user-friendly shopping experience. It offers a wide range of products across various categories, allowing users to browse, search, and purchase items easily. With intuitive navigation, secure payments, and personalized recommendations, Beehive aims to enhance customer satisfaction and simplify online shopping.

It also provides a platform for sellers to showcase and sell their products, helping them to reach a wider audience & grow their business. Moreover, it has a delivery app for seamless product delivery, ensuring a smooth and efficient shopping experience for customers.

Client Requirements

Our client Digicel Company wants to create a platform that simplifies the shopping experience and allows buyers and sellers to thrive in a digital marketplace. The primary goal is to create a platform that provides convenience to users for buying products and boosts growth for sellers to sell products. Additionally, the platform ensures the seamless delivery of products through a robust delivery app.

Challenges one


The challenge we faced was transforming the client’s idea into a reality while meeting their specific requirements and expectations. Also, collaborating with Digicel Company’s team posed a challenge due to their large and hierarchical team structure. Working with such an organization requires effective communication and coordination to ensure smooth project execution. The process involved overcoming technical hurdles and addressing complex functionalities to deliver a seamless user experience. We also encountered difficulty in the integration of a custom payment gateway.

Solutions One
Solutions Two


We have developed a comprehensive solution that bridges the gap between customers and sellers. We offer a user-centric platform that streamlines the entire shopping process for customers while providing valuable opportunities for sellers. We have implemented robust features and functionalities that enhance customer engagement and boost sellers’ business in the competitive ecommerce landscape.

Features of Web and Mobile App for Buyers

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Delivery App Features

Delivery Person Login

It allows delivery drivers to log in to their accounts by entering their credentials and accessing the features to perform their delivery duties.

Delivery Tasks

Delivery drivers receive delivery tasks from Beehive, including information on the pickup location, delivery address, package details, and delivery time frame.

Real-time Tracking

Drivers can track their delivery progress in real time, which allows them to monitor their route, view remaining deliveries, and stay on schedule.

Order History

Drivers can access their past delivery orders and quickly overview them. It includes delivery dates, package information, and payment received.

Features of Seller App and Web Panel

Super Admin Features

Design Elements

Technology Used

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