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Web Description

This pricing portal is a powerful portal that helps customers, sellers, and partners at the same time. It helps to send quote, selling services easy, quick and affordable. We built this pricing portal to help our client manage all pricing quotes for the services that customers send to the sellers, and sellers can send and find the exact quote from the customers with required details to send the service(s) to their desired locations, a best and reliable contact-us management system. It helps sellers finding the partners, justify the affordable quotes to sell the services to the customers at the specific location. The portal is built with many important features, like customer information, service detail, routing detail, shipment information, number of the quote and so on. The pricing portal dashboard is highly customized including graph feature to understand the mature and immature quote volume per month.

pricing portal

Quote Request Portal

Web Features

Pricing portal is nothing but a reliable tool or lead management software, which is apt to manage your leads effectively and grow sales revenue. With the pricing portal, a customer can send a quote request to their respective seller(s); sellers can see the quote request and send them to the partners to opt for an affordable quote for the services. By doing so, these types of portals can help customers requesting one or multiple quote request to their respective sellers for quick and better services as possible.

  • Showing top 10 partners by volume
  • Showing top port pairs by volume
  • Displaying quote performance in bar graph
  • Detailed service summary

Challenges & Solutions

Many times, it is seen that about half of the services on pricing portal development take a couple of months to complete. Moreover, sometimes they run out funding and often can tarnish the reputation of the group. For this reasons and some other reasons, pricing portal development success rates are staggeringly low than other projects. Ab initio, we have faced the same challenges while developing the pricing quote request portal for our client, but have come with a real-life solution in a short time, because we have highly skilled and experienced professional who was well aware of the projects and have done the same type of project earlier. Our solutions came with our time and innovative ideas that show on our pricing portal or quote request portal, which is well documented.

Management System

What Our Client Says

Guru TechnoLabs 100% fulfilled our requirement by considering our price and time. They have given us suggestions about the projects at different times that were good and highly appreciated.  We had to consider a large number of parameter to give a quote. They imagined about this portal beyond our efforts and delivered a real-life solution that would work for our business by considering future of logistic industries. We are very happy with their work.

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