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Konnected App

The client’s primary purpose is to provide a professional dating circle that allows the professionals and corporates to find a dating partner in a minimum time.

  • The client shared his project requirements and goals with us. Our team brainstormed on the project, analyzed the idea thoroughly, and suggested the client to create a fully-functional dating application.
  • Here, we first designed the dating app considering the latest industry trends and client’s requirements.
  • Then we converted the design into a highly-interactive and user-friendly dating app for three platforms: Android, iPhone, and iPad.


The client wanted to help people of old age to find a genuine dating partner in the most suitable and effective manner. He proposed his ideas with us and we agreed to convert the idea into a feature-rich, scalable, and secure dating application.

  • As soon as the deal was finalized, our team was excited for the project and they gave their all to collect all the resources required to build the dating application.
  • Our team later integrated various algorithms in the dating app to make it completely secure & easy-to-use.
  • Also we added a wide number of filters and search preferences in the app to ensure every user gets a highly-curated match.
LTR Dating Application
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Abha Dating Application
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Abha Dating App

Client’s primary goal was to connect people following Bahai religion all across the globe. So, she decided to create a dating application which not only helps to connect Bahai’s but also generate revenue.

  • The requirements were listed by the client and were handed to us. We started analyzing the requirements, made some changes to it to make the app more feasible.
  • Some features were added and some were removed from the requirement to make things work better. Finally our engineers started developing it and soon it was ready.
  • After quality assurance, the app was launched and the client was more than happy to work with us.

ZoMate App

Various people across the globe like to marry a person of the matching zodiac sign. The app allows all asto-lovers to find their perfect dating partner by sun, moon, and rising signs.

  • The client expressed his idea to help the astro lovers. We converted his idea into reality.
  • In this app, users can find matches based on zodiac signs, and other parameters like age, gender, etc.
  • The app also allows them to set their virtual/temporary location and find a partner from that location. This eliminates all the boundaries of regions and lets them find their partner from any part of the world.
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eCommerce App
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eCommerce App

Just like any other ecommerce app, the client wanted to build his own eCommerce app. But, Guru Technolabs is keen about such projects. The client had a clear requirement in his mind, so it made things easy and the project completed very soon.

  • The client was from technical background. So, the requirements were clear and to the point.
  • The client liked our portfolio and was ready to work with us.
  • We started working on the eCommerce app, and delivered the project before the deadline.
  • Later, we got more projects from the same client.


The client was looking forward to providing a platform that connects sellers and buyers. He shared with us the concept. We brainstormed on the idea and suggested our client to develop a modern-day marketplace app that will be helpful for sellers and buyers.

  • The client wants the sellers to post offers/discounts in the form of coupons on the app, and buyers can purchase coupons and redeem them on the seller’s store.
  • Our team analyzed the entire concept and then drafted an easy to use solution that serves the client’s purpose.
  • Ultimately, the app helps sellers to improve their sales and buyers to get benefits of discounts with one notification only.
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Quick Invoice Maker
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Quick Invoice Maker

The client wanted to create an invoice maker. Client’s primary target audience were small business owners and small manufacturers. The client wanted to create an invoice maker in which a business owner can make invoices, create an estimate, and manage bills on the app.

  • The client wanted to make a free invoice generator for small business owners who cannot purchase costly invoice making software.
  • We dug deep into the requirement and came up with the best feasible solution for it.
  • The client loved our idea. The deal got finalized and the app got born. Rest is history!


LooneyTrips is built with the main intention to make bookings convenient and easy for the people. The client wanted to provide a platform for people who are looking for booking flights, cars, and hotels.

  • The client shared his business requirements and goals with us. We scheduled some meetings with the client to decide the main goal and purpose of the idea. Later, we finalized all the features & functionalities and decided to create a travel app.
  • Our team brainstormed hard and created an appealing and easy to use app design that was approved in the first update itself.
  • Then, we converted the designs into a full-fledged application. Here, we have integrated third-party services to make the application feature-rich.
    Restaurant App
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    Restaurant App

    A restaurant owner came to us stating his requirement of developing an app which lets the customer order right from the app and the restaurant get notification for every order placed. The order gets delivered by the fleet on the customer’s address. But, the app couldn’t cover the live tracking of the food, due to the limited budget of the client.

    • The restaurant owner contacted us from our website, and described his needs.
    • We quoted for the app development and the client approved the quotation and we presented many wireframes of the app and the client finalized one.
    • Work was started soon, and completed after a lot of effort by our team and the project delivered to the client on time.

    ZIP App

    The client wanted to design an application to make all kinds of payment transactions very simple and secure for the users.

    • The client shared his project requirements with us. We understood the client’s requirement and suggested him to design an all-in-one transaction app that allows users to carry out smooth and seamless transactions everywhere.
    • Simplicity & branding are the key elements in this app. Our team proudly delivered that.
    • Our team also suggested a few features that added value to the application.
    Zip Application
      Neighbours Gate

        Neighbours Gate

        This idea was born when our client saw apple, peach, and banana with a bumper crop and falling on the ground from the trees nearby. And suddenly an app idea was born. Why don’t we make an app that informs the people newarby about the trees full of juicy fruits?

        • The client came up with this idea on his mind.
        • A healthy discussion on this idea took place and our barnstormers brainstormed on this idea.
        • App flow and wireframe was designed and the client instantly loved it, and we started working on it.
        • Neighbour’s Gate came into existence and helping people to get information for ripe fruits nearby.


        1stoplikes’s idea was born with a hunger for Instagram likes and followers. The client wanted to provide real Instagram likes and real followers to the ones who want it. Some people wanted to promote their business, while some wanted to get fame on Instagram, and this is how 1stoplikes’s idea was born.

        • The client came up with the idea. We brainstormed on this idea and tried every possible way to convert it into a reality.
        • Online meetings were arranged almost every day to discuss the plan and strategy with the client.
        • A final design and workflow was designed. Our barnstormers started working hard on it.
        • The hard-work paid off! 1stoplikes came into existence.
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        Tutor Smart
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        Tutor Smart

        The requirement came via a direct business inquiry. The client wanted to make a web-app that connects the teacher and the students. As Guru Technolabs had experience with developing such websites, it was not so much challenging and got completed in a short span of time.

        • The client has an educational background and wanted to develop a website which connects teachers with the students.
        • Idea was represented by the client. The quote was given by Guru Technolabs for it. The client liked the quote and instantly assigned the project to us.
        • We started work on TutorSmart and soon it converted into a reality just from a mere idea.


        The client wanted to provide a platform where all the travelers can search and book various things related to their journey at a cost-effective price. We analyzed the client’s idea and then suggested him to develop an online travel booking website and a mobile app.

        • The client shared his requirements, and our team analyzed all the things needed to build the desired travel website & app.
        • We first developed the website and integrated some essential third-party services to ensure that travelers can book things efficiently.
        • Later, we converted the website into a full-fledged travel app for android and iOS platforms.
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        The client already had a website where he sells baby products online; however, he was not making any sales on the website. We studied the client’s site thoroughly and then suggested the client to revamp the entire website.

        • Our developers analyzed all the things needed to rebuild the website, define additional features and functionalities, and then started working on it.
        • We created an attractive, easy to use and CRO optimized website as per the latest UI/UX trends.
        • Client started getting orders in the first week of launch of the website, website delivering outstanding results now.


        The client was looking forward to creating a platform where users can compare financial services like loans, credit/ debit cards from different companies and apply for the same. We conducted deep research on the concept and suggested that we start with creating a finance website and the move on to a mobile application.

        • Our team made a thorough business plan to build the desired website that fulfills client requirements as well as the current market trends.
        • Our team faced several challenges in integrating a comparison system, but eventually, they resolved it.
        • The client started generating leads through the website and users have started to get the best financial service using this website.
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          The client is selling new and refurbished products at a cost-effective price on the website, MeBuy. He was not satisfied with the site’s performance as it was very poor and not making any sales. We audited the website and suggested several improvements and also to build a mobile app.

          • We executed essential improvements on the site and then integrated some innovative features as per the user’s behaviour on the website.
          • Later, we created a mobile app for the MeBuy to ensure that it reaches a wider audience.
          • Also, our team provided the needed support for the web and app. By doing all these things, the client started getting orders and was very happy to work with us.

          Arleen Fashions

          The client is operating an offline fashion store for women’s clothing items and accessories in Canada. The main goal of the client was to provide an online store to women who love to purchase Indian clothing and accessories.

          • The client wanted to serve a broader audience as he already had a network. Based on the client’s requirements, we suggested the client build an eCommerce website and a cross-platform app.
          • Our team is keen on delivering eCommerce solutions; hence, they created a highly efficient eCommerce store with necessary filtering options that allow users to search for their desired products in no time.
          • Our team also integrated multiple and secure payment systems that allows users to pay via multiple channels.
          Arleen Fashion
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          The client is running an offline flowers & gifts shop in the UK and already possesses a site for the same. However, he was not getting enough traffic & sales on his eCommerce website. We analyzed the site & suggested the client to revamp the website and start doing SEO.

          • We first upgraded the site to the latest online store version and then redesigned it to look like a modern online flower booking store.
          • Our team integrated advanced third-party tools for shopping cart & payment systems. Along with this, the team added innovative features to improve the performance of the website. We also started SEO of this website.
          • Our team also offered support whenever needed and the client started getting orders.

          Luxury Seventy Seven

          The client wanted to provide luxurious services (luxurious cars, yacht, private jet, accommodation, etc.) in the UAE. He had explained his goals and audience to us. We suggested the client develop an online booking system that allows users to book the services instantly. The client agreed and we started working on the project.

          • We conducted several brainstorming sessions with the client to finalize the features of the online booking system.
          • Our team then converted the client’s idea into reality with an elegant and easy to use design.
          • The website allows users to hire premium services for three travel modes, mainly air, sea, and road, and uplift their travel experience to a new level by providing easy bookings.
          Luxury Seventy Seven
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          The client already possessed an online store where she was selling antique and estate jewelry. She hasn’t updated the store for a long time and was looking for a trusted eCommerce website development company to revamp her store. She approached us and shared with us the project requirements.

          • We first did the requirement analysis on how to make the site look modern and feature-rich.
          • Our developers have hands-on experience on such projects; hence, they made a professional and elegant website that promises better conversion and higher sales.
          • The website made its customers’ journey quite easy and hence our client started getting orders from the website. This was a challenging project as migrating from the very older version to the latest version and transferring all the data to the latest version was a very tricky part.


          The client is a highly-energetic entrepreneur who is renting & selling scooters, bikes, and various other accessories associated with scooters & moto(bikes). He was very disappointed with the site’s performance and organic results after doing SEO for a long period with another agency. Then the client consulted us and We checked the client’s site thoroughly and advised him to let us handle SEO and implemented whatever suggestion we give them.

          • We first conducted website audit and competitor research and corrected all the glitches on the website and made them competitive pages.
          • We started generating organic traffic in a short period of time but the conversion was still poor. So we recommended our client to revamp the website and make it modern and easy to use. Our team created a highly alluring design. Later, we added various modern functionality to make sure that the eCommerce site runs smoothly.
          • Eventually, it started generating more traffic and orders. Client is very happy with the website and gets more returns on investment now.
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            KickTracker is an online sports application that allows American football players to improve their field goal, kickoff, punting, and snapping skills. This app facilitates them to record the statistics of their skills during practice matches, games, and camps. Players and coaches can compare the stats, check leaders of the week/month/county, and do productive pre-made workouts as well.

            • The client already has an app on iOS platforms and was looking for an agency that can redesign the app to make it more clean, slick & modern. During his quest, he approached us and chose us as his technology partner.
            • The challenging part was to understand the client’s requirements and give him a workable solution. Our team integrated a wide range of features to ensure that users can track their daily progress on the app seamlessly.
            • Using this app, the players and coaches can not only measure their results in graphs/ charts but also share it with their coaches and parents.

            Ships Management System

            The client’s main goal was to digitize and automate various operations in the shipping industry. He proposed to us his ideas and future goals. We recommended the client to build a web app that will serve all his current and future goals. The client agreed with our suggestion, and we initiated the project.

            • We did so many skype calls, carried out extensive market analysis and research and made a strategic plan to convert the idea into a full-fledged web app.
            • Our team faced a lot of challenges in the entire project because it was not a pre-planned project, the client was coming up with new features/requests during project development. However, our team managed to resolve all the things and built a highly interactive ships management system.
            • Some of the most popular features we have integrated into the ships management system include region management, team management, employee management, role & permission, passenger management, documentation management, tour scheduler, payroll etc.
            Ships Management System