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App Description

My Team is a great application, which helps users to build sporting events. It is especially an amazing game planner mobile application for gamer lovers, who like a sport like a football, hockey, basketball, pool etc. It helps them to invoice players to come to the network and join so that they can be the part of the team. It is a powerful social sports application helps the players to create any sport they like, for example, swimming, hockey, football, cricket, pool, basketball, badminton, lawn tennis and much, much more. Even snooker can also be made.

You can enter your name as well as email to register the details, which is mandatory to create your favorite game. You need to choose the sport and other key details, like location, cost as well as equipment. Once the game is built up, you can quickly invoice the gamers or players to join. Once he joins in your sport, you will see the players in your team. It is an app for any sporting fan. It is good for playing joyfully, if it is 2, 3 or 10 players. It is not a small or too big for any player.

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App Features

  • You can add other players to play the game, who love this sport, they can be your new or existing friends
  • You can easily organize the sporting events as well as games
  • You can instantly invoice players to come to join your team of sport and play against your team
  • You can rate the players who are based on the sport as per the performance on the same day play
  • You can easily create the profile of your players, and can recognize the player of the day in the world

Challenges & Solutions

We had a challenge to develop the app that gamers love. Initially, as a veteran mobile application development company we have faced issue understanding the project, but our client was supportive and communicative enough to make us understand the project. Our highly skilled and experienced development team has worked hard to finish the project in time and make it useful for the people who love sports of any kind.

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