Education Apps: Advantages, Ideas & Features

Published On: September 25, 2018
Last Updated: June 24, 2023
Education Apps: Advantages, Ideas & Features

The 21st century is the century of mobile apps, new trends, technologies, & digitization that will make a drastic change in the Education sector. The fast and easy accessibility of the internet has made it possible to reach out from the most developed region to the remotest areas in the world. Also, there is a unified platform available for every field that anyone can access worldwide.

Education sector has seen many changes in the past few decades with digitization. Education apps have been developed to encourage students of all ages to learn and explore more in the field and generate more interest to make learning fun.

The eLearning industry has grown exponentially over the past few years. Moreover, it continues to grow with better accessibility and improved education apps that cater to the requirements of students of all age groups. While many educational mobile apps provide paid services, others are free and thrive on the ads.

Here are some of the statistics of the eLearning industry.

  • According to Business of Apps, There were 455k education apps in the Apple App Store and Google Play Store in 2022.
  • As per one report by Technavio, the education app market size is expected to reach $70.55 billion by growing at a CAGR of 29.98% between 2021-2025.

The above statistics indicate that the education industry will reach new heights in the near future. Moreover, there are many education apps that have become popular worldwide.

If you are an entrepreneur or want to join the EdTech industry, you have reached the right place.

In this blog, we will explain the importance of educational apps through their benefits. Then, we will walk you through the educational app ideas and features to include in the education apps.

Advantages of Educational Apps

Now, students needs more interactive education along with traditional methods. Hence, educational experts are continuously coming up with new ways to deliver knowledge & skills to the students.

Out of which, educational apps have become a need of an hour. The leading educational institutions across the globe have understood the importance of apps in education. Also, they know how educational apps can help students improve their studies. Hence, they are launching educational apps.

There are uncountable advantages of educational apps for students and educational institutions.

Here are the various benefits of educational apps:

Students Prefer Apps

Today’s generation spends the majority of their time on mobile. They love to use mobile apps for shopping, entertainment, games, or learning.

Students usually don’t like to study. But, if we connect their boring activities into interactive activities through mobile apps, they will love to study. And that’s exactly what educational apps are doing and getting positive responses from the learners. Here are the top downloaded educational apps worldwide in 2021 that show the popularity of apps among students.

Students Prefer Apps

Leisure Hours Utilization

In their leisure hours, children engage in activities, such as watching endless TV, surfing the internet, or talking on the phone for long hours. By doing these activities, they might get a sense of relief. However, they are not suitable for their growth.

eLearning on a smartphone is the best way to utilize children’s time effectively. They can leverage their leisure hours to learn new things using a mobile application for education.

Reducing the Gaps

Advancement in technology has helped to remove various glitches that are present in the education system. One of the significant issues is the interaction between teachers and parents.

Various apps and websites can fill the gap between students & teachers and parents & teachers. Students and parents get notified about any event or change in schedule or announcement.

Quality Interaction

As per one survey, education apps are helping students to enhance their interest in their studies. They are assisting the students to become more concerned about their education.

Education apps are also helpful in enhancing the interaction between parents and teachers. When a child uses an app, that is the best time for parents to engage with their children and help them in the process of the eLearning app.

Alexa is being used too much for better engagement and productive solutions in the education field. Using Alexa, you will be able to save more time and money than you were spending on teachers.

This technology allows you to teach students easily. They will also be more comfortable learning through it without any fear. Most students feel fear with their teachers. Alexa will altogether remove that, and they inevitably get them free from that conception.

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24/7 Availability

School and tuition classes have time limits for study. A child can study in a particular timing slot of school and tuition; they have to clear their doubts at that time.

Education app for students clears doubts anytime and anywhere as it does not have any time limits and need of teachers.

Systematic Learning Activated

Education apps enable both things together: Smart and Systematic learning. The entire content on an education app is arranged well to increase student’s desire to learn more things and that too in a systematic way.

A high-end education app enables students to follow a smooth and logical flow without putting in much effort.


Mobile learning apps are more sustainable than traditional learning methods that consist of various papers, pencils, and pens.

Moreover, these learning apps allow students to obtain reference notes quickly by just downloading them. Also, completing a lesson on a mobile app is quick & effective.

Lastly, this will result in fewer trees being cut down every year.

Portability & Mobility

Mobile phones are portable. Students and parents can carry mobile phones anywhere and anytime. They use education apps in any setting in which their child feels comfortable.

With the help of education apps, learning is not restrained to classrooms or homes. Students can use them anywhere they like.

Educational App Ideas

If you have decided to enter the education industry, you will require a unique mobile app idea.

But, with the continuously evolving education industry, it might be challenging to find a relevant app idea. We have curated education app ideas that you can consider.

Here we have given educational app ideas:

AR Education App

Every day AR is changing the way we experience different things in our lives. Therefore an AR-based Education App is the best idea to teach and explain to students in the most effective ways.

AR helps you integrate a new way of innovative and immersive learning via visualization and interaction that will primarily benefit children with learning difficulties.

Teachers can get students’ attention and help them learn science lessons and experiments, thus providing them with a realistic experience.

AR-based apps can teach students math tricks, the universe, solar systems, and planets in detail.

Apart from this, these apps can teach many things to the students that are useful in their everyday life. Hence, you can consider developing AR apps to deliver education to students in an interactive way.

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Question & Answer App

You can build a practical question & answer app for students. The app should allow students to post their questions related to a specific subject and topic. On the other side, the teacher will read the question and answer it accordingly.

This application can be used by any age group of students all over the globe. In general, an app like quora can be used to increase interaction between teachers and students.

Education Games and Quizzes

Another excellent idea is to build an education app with different games and quizzes that allow students of all ages to play education-related games and quizzes.

Quizzes and games can be on various subjects such as mathematics, science, computer, English grammar questions, etc. It allows students to learn as well as test their knowledge about the subject.

Also, students should be able to play games and quizzes by filtering different options like age, category, difficulty, etc

School Bus App

Develop a School Bus App, which allows parents and school administrators to track the bus driver in real-time. They will be able to know the live location of students and the speed of the bus.

Moreover, the app allows parents to set reminders for pick-up and drop of their child and get instant notification when it reaches the desired spot. The school management system can build this app for better security and comfort.

Tutor App

It is a simple yet effective idea to develop a personal teacher or on-demand tutor app, enabling students or parents to hire on-demand tutors for all or a specific subject according to the requirement.

They have an option to select the best tutor from the list of tutors and chat with them instantly. Further, students get two options: choose a tutor who teaches online or a tutor, which teaches face-to-face as per their relevancy.

Tutor Smart

Online Tutoring Platform

We have developed TutorSmart, an online tutoring platform that connects tutors with students. Tutors can register themselves, and students can search for tutors and book them based on their requirements.

Preschoolers App

You can also create eLearning apps for babies or preschoolers which teach colors, letters, and numbers. You can include colorful eye-catching games and animation to teach toddlers new words and rhymes with pictures and games to enhance the learning experience.

Day-by-day, parents are getting busy pursuing their careers. Hence, eLearning apps play a vital role in improving the speech and interaction capacity of a child.

The app should provide education and also be attractive enough so that children would engage with it easily. With the help of these educational mobile apps, children get to learn the basic alphabets, rhymes, colors, and much more.

Subject-specific Middle and High School Apps

You can also develop apps considering the importance of a subject in the career of a child.

Some apps have been developed to assist the student with subjects like Mathematics, Science, and English. These apps provide an interactive learning experience to the students. Also, the apps hold assessments to ensure that the user is sure of what he/she has learned.

In this competitive era, where parents dole out more money on coaching classes than in the schools, these eLearning apps come as lifesavers. These apps can become a great learning platform for the students as they get personalized learnings unlike a single teacher tending to a large group of students in a class or coaching center. You can also allow students to ask questions.

Competitive Exam Apps

There are a lot of apps available in the market that specialize in different topics like medical school, law schools, business schools, etc., to help users prepare for the competitive exam.

These apps provide a detailed study plan which users can follow to prepare for the examination. The study plan allows a student to understand every topic in-depth. Also, the apps provide question patterns of previous years to prepare the user for the upcoming examination.

Lastly, students will be able to prepare for any topic from anywhere and anytime. These apps will save them a lot of time and help them in preparing for competitive exams.

Specialized Courses Apps

You can develop an app that offers specialized courses that help students to get mastery in a particular field of study.

For instance, courses on hospital management, hotel management, etc. These courses are not a part of a school curriculum; hence, you would need an outside source to add this to your list of expertise.

Users can save time and enhance their possibilities of entering into a career using this app.

Language Learning Apps

A lot of people worldwide like to learn different languages. In order to meet the needs of such people, a language learning app can be highly beneficial.

With the help of such an app, users can learn different languages such as German, Spanish, English, French, Arabic, Russian, etc. Users can also enhance their vocabulary. One of the most popular language-learning apps is Duolingo. It allows users to learn a language through different methods by just spending some time.

Language Learning Apps

The demand for language learning is never going to end. Hence, you can create a language learning app that allows users to learn different languages efficiently. You can integrate some interactive quizzes, games, and tasks to make learning exciting.

Special Skills Learning Apps

Many people have an interest in music, but they could never find the time to attend classes. For these people, an eLearning app is a great way to make a head start.

You can develop a special skills learning app that teaches yoga, coding, banking, cooking, painting, and many more. This app helps people learn new skills besides doing their job or business.

There is no age for learning something new. The availability of this eLearning app makes it possible for anyone to learn something new from the comfort of their room by simply accessing a mobile app.

App For Handicapped Children

If you are running a school, college, or university, you can also develop a mobile app for handicapped children. The app should allow the physically disabled to learn anything from their desired place.

The handicapped students who are unable to attend classes, this education app allows them to connect with teachers live and attend classes. The primary purpose of the app is to provide a platform for both teachers and handicapped children.

Student Performance Tracking App

One of the popular education app ideas is to create a performance tracking app for college and school students. Using this app, parents can monitor various things, such as behavior, performance, attendance, and more.

The education app helps parents to stay connected with the teachers and know the performance of the kids.

Education Apps for Children with Autism

There are a lot of children who are suffering from autism around the world. You can develop an education learning app for these types of kids. They should be able to learn communication, daily living skills, etc. Moreover, you can also integrate parents of the kids and provide them with various essential details for their kid’s education.

Lastly, the feasibility and the vast scope of these apps have enhanced the mobile learning market. Numerous apps are being introduced every day into the market. And if you are looking into the possibility of developing an eLearning app, then there are a few factors that you will have to consider while developing the app.

Turn Idea Into Reality and Build an Educational App!

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Now, let’s look after some of the essential features of an education app.

Features of Educational Apps

There are several essential features of educational apps due to which they become successful.

If you are an entrepreneur and decided to develop an education app, you should integrate the features present in the leading apps in the market.

With so many educational apps in the market, it becomes difficult to choose the best features. Hence, we have researched and discovered the most essential education app features.

Here are some of the key features of educational apps:


It would be best if you decided on the course syllabus that you intend to offer in the education app. An education app is also used in smart classrooms to study entire courses with special teaching skills. Many schools are using an education app to improve the experience of students and make study enjoyable.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the most essential educational app features. In the education app, a good notification feature that informs users about all the required updates is necessary. These notifications could be related to new material, video, course completion, pending tests, submissions, etc. Lastly, it is necessary to grab user attention and get more app visits every day.

Quality of Content

The content on the app should not be comprehensive, as users would find it hard to read.

Since it is a mobile app, the viewable area is relatively small; hence, you may lose the user’s interest with too much content.

It is good to use animation and graphics whenever possible to maintain interest throughout the course. Using instructional videos is a great way to teach and keep a human approach to learning.

Live Tutorials and Interactive Sessions

A student learns a lot of things themselves. There are certain kinds of students who have an excellent ability to understand things very well. However, some students are not that good and need some guidance about some complex topics.

You do not want your students to get stuck on any topic. To achieve the same, you should include a feature that allows your students to join live lectures and teaching sessions.

These live interactive sessions allow students to clear any doubts or get answers to any query they may have on a specific topic.

Virtual classrooms with live tutorials and chat sessions with the tutors take the learning experience to a whole new level.

Live Tutorials and Interactive Sessions

Group Chat

This feature helps to improve the interaction between the teachers and the students. The students can ask for any queries during the session, and the teacher can resolve them.

File Sharing

During any essential session or after the session, a teacher wants to share something about the lesson. Therefore, a file-sharing feature would be beneficial.

With the help of this feature, teachers can share different types of multimedia content such as images, videos, pdf, etc. It ultimately helps students to get the maximum benefit from the session.

Connected to the Web

You should enable students to access the education app from the web also. Here, students can access related articles and watch a motivational movie that increases the students’ enthusiasm about studies.

Moreover, students can apply various filters and get the required information. Ultimately, it will save a lot of time for students.

Regular Practice & Mock Tests

It is vital to include assessments in the eLearning apps to test the understanding of the user. By this, they can know in which topics they are weak and have to put more effort.

Upload mock test papers weekly for the students. Students will be able to give this test and test their knowledge. Apart from this, you can shoot them with random questions anytime and then link them to the external scorecard.


If your app is providing content in only one language, then your target audience is limited. Therefore, it is highly recommended to create your app in multiple languages as it will help you increase your user-base and make more profit.


For any app, it is crucial to take feedback from the users as they are the ones using it and facing any difficulties that might be created due to shortcomings in the app. Taking regular feedback and resolving issues is the best way to keep the app up to date with all the relevant and user-friendly options.

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With the rise of new technologies, the Education industry is also upgrading its skills. This up-gradation costs them initially but returns high in the near future, and it also saves a lot of marketing and future up-gradation costs. That is the reason, most schools, colleges, and universities have developed their education apps.

If you plan to develop an educational app and aren’t sure where to start, you can reach out to us.

Guru TechnoLabs is the best educational app development company. We can turn your education app idea into reality. We provide you an excellent solution that your target loves and your business reaches new heights.

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