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Alexa Skills for Business Enhancement

Alexa is the new kid on the block of voice-controlled AI’s which has other worthy opponents such as SIRI, Cortana and Google Now.

The power and accuracy of Amazon Alexa have opened various options for different business to make use of Alexa skill development to bring an improvement in the overall operations of their business.

The amazing thing about the virtual assistant Alexa is that it allows customers to interact with devices in a more intuitive way. It allows connecting Alexa with the website and mobile app using Alexa skill kit.

In this way, you can create best Alexa skill or command for your website, web application, online store or mobile app. Alexa for apps is in demand nowadays. Thanks to its widespread uses in a variety of fields, there is a huge demand from the business to integrate this new technology to improve the interaction of their customer with their services online.

Use cases of Alexa skills in Diverse Business Domains

Alexa Skills development can be marvellous for your business enhancement.

Hire Alexa Skill developers from Guru TechnoLabs as we do have expertise in delivering new generation solutions with voice-enabled services. We develop Amazon Alexa skill sets in various business industries:

Food Industry

We develop Alexa Skills for the restaurant and cafe houses.

  • Track user’s orders
  • Know restaurant menu using Alexa.
  • Repeat last order using Alexa.

Travel Agency

We build Alexa Skills for travel agency business.

  • Plan a tour OR ask for help planning tour of a country or region.
  • Book flight tickets using Alexa.
  • Compare the hotel prices and book hotels with Alexa.

Automotive Industry

We provide Alexa Skill development services for transport and automotive industry.

  • Book a ride using Alexa app.
  • Get to know about cab arrival/travelling time.
  • Pay for a cab using Alexa.

Healthcare Industry

We deliver Alexa Skill development services for the healthcare industry.

  • Connect with healthcare consultant using Alexa.
  • Diagnose disease using Alexa.
  • Book appointment with doctor using Alexa.

Entertainment Industry

We develop Alexa Skills for the entertainment industry.

  • Watch movie using Alexa.
  • Book live events and concerts.
  • Listen music, radio or any podcast using Alexa.

Education Industry

We develop Alexa Skills for education industry.

  • Learn a subject or lesson using Alexa.
  • Find nearby tutor using Alexa.
  • Give online exam using Alexa.
Why Alexa

Why Alexa?

While Alexa is a late startup it has shown immense potential to change the way we interact with the Internet through simple voice commands.

The reason for the success of Amazon Alexa is due to its localization effort.

While many Voice AI’s struggles with different accents, Alexa has nailed it right by understanding the voice commands in different accents.

The reason that there are five microphones that allows Alexa to listen to the voice command also ensures that it can listen more accurately than the other voice-controlled AI’s.

We know how to implement voice technology in your business

Guru TechnoLabs has skilled developers who welcome new technologies, accept challenges and overcome it. We implement voice-enabled applications and technologies in your business which differentiate your business from your rivals.

Alexa Skills Kit (ASK) : Alexa Skill Kit is an SDK with predefined skill sets. You can use these skills to connect IoT devices with Alexa.

Design : In Alexa apps, voice design is an essential element of the application as it will be the direct element which will be used by your users. We have the experience to create a rich voice for Alexa skill.

Voice Technology

Building Alexa Skill : Our Alexa skill development team will help you to build your own Alexa skill.

Hosting : Our Alexa skill developers will help you to host Alexa skills.

Launch : We take responsibility from start to launch the Alexa skill. Our team will submit the skills and do all the required certification process after it has been tested by you. We will launch the skill after we get the green signal from Alexa Skill Store.

We have years of experience in building the mobile applications. This experience helps us to predict what user will speak for his/her requirements. This is the great advantage of us to develop an Alexa skill or to tie up a mobile application with Alexa.

Alexa skill development is agressively progressing in enterprises, businesses and online stores. After mobile, Alexa is going to be the future.

How Alexa Skills are beneficial for your business

Amazon has made it easy for different developers to create outstanding uses of this virtual assistant through the Alexa skill kit or Asks. This is collection of self-service APIs, documentation and code samples.

If you want to exploit this powerful virtual manager to improve the user experience of your user then we will show you some of the applications that will improve your business dealings in a big way using Alexa app development.

Managing your emails

If you have to answer to scores of emails as part of running your business, then Alexa could be your trusted assistant to manage this important communication medium of your business.

Monitor your website through Alexa

If you are a small business then it is not always economically feasible to have a person looking at the functioning of your website 24×7.

Managing your phone calls

If you find looking through the phone directory to make scores of business-related calls tiresome, then you can make use of this trendy virtual assistant.

Skills are beneficial
Keep track

Keep track of your schedules

There are Alexa apps like the FreeBusy Scheduling Assistant that will allow you to keep track of all your meetings, conferences, interviews or any other business dealings.

Locating the services for you

If you want to quickly find the number of a software engineer, Gardner, Handyman, tailor, medicine shop, Plumber, electrician, doctor or any other services, then you can make use of a great Amazon Alexa app called the is of a great help.

Taking care of your invoice

Alexa Account Receivable factoring can be configured to find out the total factoring fees that you have to pay your invoices.

Managing your online store

You can use the Alexa app called Shopify to find out different information about your online retail shop. These include information regarding visits of your customers, the most sold product, the stock, sale reporting and so on.

Smart Home/Office with Alexa

You can use Alexa with voice-enabled devices to make your home/office smart. You can control all routine operations with your voice like open the door, switch off light etc.


There are few apps that can be configured with Alexa that will remind you about important things. You can sync them with your Google Calendar and it will tell you when any meeting or conference is due.

Online Store

Keeping track of your packages

As a business owner, you can use package tracking apps that are synced with Alexa to keep a track of your delivered and undelivered packages.

Keeping track of your team

As a business owner, you can make use of Alexa apps to keep a tab on your employees. It will help you to know who is present and who is absent and if there is any employee who is due to retire.

Calculating your taxes

As a business owner, this will come handy for you to calculate the total price of an article by giving simple Alexa commands.

Hire Us for Alexa Skills Development

Alexa is a powerful device that has the ability to turn your business in a new direction if you catch this opportunity at right time. Guru TechnoLabs – Alexa skill development company, is building Alexa skills for different industry verticals along with its other services like mobile app development, IoT app development etc.

Hire Alexa developers from Guru TechnoLabs to create rich Alexa skills for your businesses or ideas and start implementing the next future (voice-enabled technology) in your businesses today.

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