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How to start an eCommerce business?

If you are an entrepreneur and are looking to start an ecommerce business but are not quite sure about it, then you should go through this article. Here you will not only get information regarding how to start an ecommerce business, but also how to market it and what kind of advantages you will get by adopting an ecommerce website or an ecommerce app to connect with your target audience.

Steps you should follow to start an ecommerce business

Register the business name

The first thing that you should do is to figure out what kind of business you want to start on the Internet. After you have figured it out, the next step is to choose a catchy name for your business and after checking if it is available, you should register it.

Register the domain name

After you have chosen your eCommerce business name, the next step is to register your domain name. If a domain name similar to your eCommerce business name is available, then you can register it. On the other hand, if it is not available, then you can choose one that relates to your business and is easy to remember. If you want more guide on choosing domain name for eCommerce business then you can check it on – How to choose your eCommerce domain name?

Decide the business model

After you have secured your domain name, the next part is to figure out what kind of business model you wish to follow (ideally you should figure it out in the planning stage itself). There are different kinds of ecommerce business models and you need to figure out which one of these is right for you.

Get licence

Get your business license from the local authorities. This is not only an important legal requirement but also needed so that you can pay your taxes and take financial loans from banks if you need them.

Decide the business model

Select the vendors

It is important that you get a contract with the right vendors who will supply you with the goods that you wish to sell through your eCommerce store. Do a thorough research on the Internet for the right kind of vendors who will supply you different products (good quality) at a very competitive price. Once you have identified the vendors, then make a long-term contract with them.

Develop your ecommerce website

You need to build an eCommerce website to start an eCommerce business (you should avoid the plug and play programs that help you make websites because they provide you with the maximum leeway to personalize it as per your needs). Similarly, you should also make an effort to develop an eCommerce app for your eCommerce business so that you can provide your targeted audience with a more personalised shopping experience.

Digital Marketing

After you have started your business, the next part is to make sure that information regarding your store reaches the right people in the right way. To do this you need to invest in digital marketing. There are numerous ways through which you can do this (through social media, email marketing, search engine optimisation, app store optimization and so on).

Research and Optimize

Last but not the least you need to continually update your eCommerce seo strategies, marketing effort and improving user experience to get the best possible results. The Internet is a very dynamic medium where things change very quickly.Therefore, you need to continually update your knowledge regarding how best to reach out to your audience in such a way that your conversion rate increases dramatically.

What are the important steps to develop an ecommerce website?

If you are planning to develop an ecommerce website, then you should understand what are the steps involved in this process. Here we will like to give you a brief introduction of what your web designer/developer will do when you give him a contract to build a website for your ecommerce business.

Chalk out your goals

The first part is to identify what kind of goal your wish to achieve by building that website.

Make a rough plan

Once you have identified the goal the next part is to define the project. It could include; how many webpages are needed, what kind of features should be there, what payment and shipping method will be used and what are the time period required to build that website.

Decide the business model

After you have secured your domain name, the next part is to figure out what kind of business model you wish to follow (ideally you should figure it out in the planning stage itself). There are different kinds of ecommerce business models and you need to figure out which one of these is right for you.

Design a site map

The next part is to create a site map which will give them a basic framework of how and where they will put different content and how to sync them so that they work as one.

Create interesting content

After they have made a basic plan of your website the next part is to focus on your content. The reason why they should give more time and effort in creating good content is due to the fact that content creates engagement & action and it is important for search engine optimisation too. You can also hire seo experts for creating seo optimized content and website.

Benefits of an ecommerce website

When you develop an ecommerce website for your ecommerce business, then you will get a lot of advantages that many ready to use website design programs cannot provide. Here we will like to give you a list of five major benefits that make investing in an ecommerce website better.

Unique design

The first thing that makes people spend a lot of money to build a custom ecommerce website is the uniqueness in design and functionality. As this website is designed according to your instructions, it will be completely different from any other websites that are available on the Internet.

More security features

After uniqueness, the second biggest advantage that a custom eCommerce website provides you is the level of security. In most plug and play kind of program that allows you to develop your own website, the level of security is not very high (there are certain exceptions).

lightweight and faster

When you develop ready to use websites, then you will find that most of these websites come with several extra plug-ins as well as functionalities so that other businesses can use it. This makes such kind of websites very resource heavy which can affect the user experience adversely. On the other hand, when you design a custom website for your ecommerce business then you can only put those functions that are essential for the smooth running of your online business. This will make the website faster to open and easy to navigate. In custom website development, you will get dedicated ui ux design services for your website too.


Custom websites also allow you to include as many features as you like so that your business strategy is fully optimised. You can ask your web developer/designer to include those functions or features that will help your targeted audience to get a unique experience while browsing through your webpages. This is not always possible when you use a ready to use website template.

How to develop an ecommerce app?

people love to use their smartphones to access the internet, the importance of mobile applications has improvAs ed dramatically. If you want to develop ecommerce app for your business then you must follow the following steps.

How to develop an ecommerce app?

Define the objective

Just like the ecommerce website, when you are developing a mobile app, you first need to define what kind of objectives you wish to achieve through it.

Decide what features to include

The second part is to figure out what kind of functionality and features in the app, that will help your business to connect more personally with your targeted audience.

Check your competitor’s website for new ideas

You must research your competitors to figure out what kind of features they have which is helping them to promote their business more effectively online. It is always helpful to get the best ideas from your competitor and use them in your own ecommerce app.

Create Wireframe

Next, create wireframes for your app and then test it rigorously to figure out how effective it is.

Select the development model

Try to find out which development path you wish to make to create your ecommerce app. There are two major parts that you can choose from: one of them is to choose a custom ecommerce app development and the second is using a mobile app builder to create your app. Of these two, we suggest that you choose an ecommerce app development company to create an ecommerce application for your business.

Add latest features

You need to build your mobile application with the latest features so that will help your business to grow.

Test the app

Test your application to see whether it is performing as intended and if there are any bugs that are affecting the performance of your mobile application. If there are some issues that are hampering the overall functioning of your app, then you must fix them before launch.


Now launch your app so that your targeted audience can download and use it on their smartphone.

Advantages of using an ecommerce app

The mobile app should be used in tandem with your custom website to get the maximum benefits to promote your business. Some of the advantages of investing in a mobile app for your ecommerce business are as follows.

Offline mode

Unlike a website, a mobile application can also be used in an offline mode (if you have included such functionality in it). This is very important as people will like to save their data and look at a few functions which do not need Internet access. It is really useful when user doesn’t has internet on some places, at that time user will play with your ecommerce application.

Mobile features

It allows you to take full advantage of the feature that is present in the smartphone of your target audience. This includes the GPS, the graphics card, the Speaker, the microphone as well as a camera. You can use all these features to provide a unique and highly interactive sales experience to your customers.


The mobile app provides you with a chance to help your customers get an experience which is exceptional and highly personalised which your website can never provide (as it is made for the desktop viewer).

Push notification

A mobile app also gives you a platform to push advertisement or any new news about launches, discount or others. As smartphone always stays in the hand of your targeted audience, it becomes very easy for you to provide him/her instant information regarding any new product/service you have launched or any discount that your giving.

Push notification

Amazon app is a great example of this. Don’t forget to read, how to make your own shopping app like Amazon.

It is faster

A native mobile app runs significantly faster than the mobile app which you have created through plug and play programs that are available online.

Target Audience

Native mobile apps can be uploaded to the Play Store or Apple Store easily where you can easily reach to your target audience.

Highly secure

They are more secure and have greater functionality as you can add numerous functionalities and security features according to your specific needs.

Easy to use

Research has shown that mobile applications are very easy to use.

Better UI and UX

You can design it in a way that your customers will find attractive. This will improve the UI and UX of your mobile app, making it more appealing to your targeted audience.

How to market your ecommerce app?

While developing an ecommerce app or a custom website it is very important that you should know how to market it properly so that the right people know about it, which leads to the benefit of your online business. Here we will give you some tips about how you can use the latest marketing techniques to advertise your website or ecommerce app online.

Use a video teaser

Before you launch your app, you can introduce a teaser video on social networks (or website if already available).

Send emails to your customers

You can email your customers about your app launch date and what major benefit they will get from it.

Ask customers to rate it

You can ask your customers to rate and review the app if they like it. This will give your app an exposure that will help you to market it effectively.

Leverage social media platforms

Use social media to generate interest in your app. You can use social media like LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and others totell your targeted audience what advantages they will get when they install your application. You need to clearly define what kind of solution your app will provide.

App store optimisation

Use paid advertisement to improve the brand image of your company as well as ecommerce app.

Paid advertisement

Native mobile apps can be uploaded to the Play Store or Apple Store easily where you can easily reach to your target audience.

Use keywords

Use Google AdWords to create the right keywords to describe your app so that it gets higher rankings whenever someone looking for an app similar to yours in the search engine.

Website or mobile app or its marketing is a dynamic process and there are changes in all of these fields frequently. You should always keep yourself updated about these changes and incorporate them into your work for better results. If you are not able to do all these then you should hire an IT company who do all these jobs on behalf of you. In this way, you will be able to focus on expanding your business more.

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