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How educational mobile apps are improving education system?

We have witnessed a major change in the education system in the past few years. Moving from an all “commit to memory” pattern, the education system is now growing fast to accommodate a new pattern of learning.

Now-a-day, students are made fully equipped to enter the competitive world with an enhanced understanding of their subject matter and not just a memory-based knowledge of all that is taught.

The teaching methods have changed considerably and so has the study module. Technology has had a huge impact on the education pattern in the past few decades. Computers gradually became an integral part of the education system and were needed in every sphere of learning.

However, with time, the bulky computers have been replaced by the compact laptops, tablets, and mobiles. Now smartphones have brought in a new era of accessibility to the worldwide platform which has changed the whole learning experience not just for students but for teachers as well, in fact for everybody. The easy accessibility to the internet allows an available flow of information at any time of the day.

A large part of the student population and teachers own a smartphone now. It has to a great extent become a necessary part of the education system. This dependency on the internet for access to information has led to the development of various apps dedicated solely to the purpose of providing an academic solution for specific subjects. This has made understanding a subject matter much easier for the students in where they get the desired information in no time.

The market for education apps has grown exponentially in the past few years. This has led to the development of competitive apps providing the best interface for the students and teachers to interact and enhance their knowledge.

The educations apps are not just limited to the school curriculum; there are various apps that have been developed to enhance the management of the educational institution itself. It has simplified not just the learning process but also the entire learning environment for the students and the teachers as well. It has now been a medium to gather knowledge with well researched.

Let us see some of the benefits that have been brought about by the development of the education apps:

Remote access

Remote access

The possibility to keep a track of the studies with the help of an app has enhanced the student experience as they do not have to worry about missing a lecture. They can easily track the lecture in the app and keep up to date with their curriculum. This has lessened the burden on the students as they can now get access to information on different subject matters through the apps and understand it. Moreover, it saves times for the students wherein they donot have to waste time copying the lectured that were missed, as in past generations.

Knowledge enhancement

Knowledge enhancement

The education field is very dynamic with new research being done with the new information being added every day.

There are new education apps that provide this updated information in the form of apps. For example; an app to teach students about bioinformatics, or an app about silicon graphics. By using these mobile e-Learning apps the students can enhance their knowledge base and thus increase their credibility for a new job in the market.

Teachers too are taking advantage of these apps to be able to provide their students with up-to-date knowledge. These apps are truly knowledge enhancer in their respective domains of specialization.

Personalized learning

Personalized learning

In a class of fifteen to twenty students, it might be difficult for a teacher to understand where each student stands in terms of understanding in what is being taught. And, this is understandable and expected for every class.

There may be many students who find it difficult to keep up with the pace at which the class is being conducted. In this regard, the education apps are a relieve maker. The existence of such education apps helps the students who need personalized attention to get that additional help by using the various e-learning apps.

Constant availability

Constant availability

One of the best things about using an educational app is that its services are available at all times. The user can log in to the app at any time of the night or day to get that additional help that is needed. It is available 24/7. Even for teachers, this app comes in very handy as they can have access to it any time when they need it.

Instant updates

Many educations apps have been developed especially for on-campus usage. This enables the students and teachers to stay connected and get all the updates that are required, like timetables, campus events, examination dates etc. Any changes to the schedules of events too can be notified on time to a large group of people so that all are in sync in regard to the latest updates.

Interactive and engaging

Most of the apps offer an interactive platform where the students can ask their questions and get their answers without any hesitation. They can stay connected with like-minded people using the same app.

The learning method is highly engaging so that the students do not lose interest while working on a topic.

There are video instructions, graphical representations, animated presentations and assessments that make the learning process very interesting as well as engaging.

Connected to online resources

Connected to online resources

Many times it happens that all the information found free on the internet is not sufficient. In there, the online resources help a lot.

The E-learning apps are connected to online resources which allows the possibility for the users to check related articles. This gives them access to additional information on the desired topic.

Assistance on assignments

Assignments are common in every field of study. Sometimes even though all the information may be available it might become difficult to approach the subject in a more formatted way.

There are apps now that make this job easy for all students. Once the subject matter of the assignment has been chosen, the app suggests an easy format along with information on the topic. This makes working on assignments easy and saves a lot of time on drafting and research work.

The education apps do not just limit to apps that provide education. There are various apps that enhance the entire education system. Apps have been developed for use in the school and also to stay connected with the parents of the students. There are apps that connect students with teachers and there are apps to allow students with a common interest to connect with each other. These apps have enhanced the way a school, college or university functions. Here are some of the benefits of these non-learning apps of the education systems.

Easy parent-teacher communication

Easy parent-teacher communication

Parents are kept in the constant loop with the activities in the school. These apps have reduced the need for the constant parent-teacher meet that has been a must in all schools.

Parents can now keep track of the progress of their children and provide the necessary help wherever required. In case of emergency situations, these apps are very helpful to keep the parents updated on the safety of the students.

Easy payment gateways

Easy payment gateways

Many educational institutions now host apps which have made it very easy to manage the usual funding. It also saves time both for the students as well as the teachers and management.

Staff management

Management apps help in the easy governance of the school, college or the university which keeps all the staff in the loop with the management. Any notification that needs to be given is sent out on the app which ensures that everyone is made aware at the same time. It helps in leave management, vendor management and helps to replace the bulletin board.

Academic notifications

There are various apps that are made as a unified platform to notify interested students of upcoming admission dates and their deadlines so that they do not miss on it.

The apps make it easy to keep track of examination dates and many of them publish results of examinations making it easy for the students to avoid the crowd and get the results online from their apps.

Competitive exams

Competitive exams

Many mobile apps are there to assist in the learning process to prepare the students for common competitive exams. For example preparatory studies for entrance into medical school, law school or business schools or any other specialized skill. These apps provide a systematic approach to the course curricula that need to be covered making it easy for the students to prepare any time of the day. Moreover, it also helps to understand the rough estimate of the competitors solely using that application from the number of users using it.


The availability of mobile education apps for smartphones has made it very convenient for the students and teachers to have access to their course material easily. They can access it from anywhere and at any time. Now the bulky books and notes do not need to be carried around if they had any plans to go through their study material at any time. In other words, it can also be said that the source of knowledge is now portable and is with you everywhere you go.

Teachers training apps

We all understand being a teacher is not an easy job. And there are various aspects to the role of a teacher in the life of the student. A teacher in addition to teaching the students has to be a mentor, a guide and a counselor and for that, the teacher has to be well skilled.

There are many apps that help the teachers to enhance their skills to do more than just imparting knowledge to the students. Also, there are apps that teach novel learning and teaching techniques that can make studies highly interesting to the students.

Hence, to summarize, we can say that the evolution of the digital aspect of the education system has led to numerous benefits mainly to a faster and more systematic learning process. A large number of apps have been developed targeting the education system and the market is growing further every year showing the greater interest that people are taking in using these apps.

The convenience of these hand helps educational assistants are unmatched and are definitely catching up with all the corners of the world with growing connectivity. These educational apps are surely taking the whole education system to a much achievable position and development of the society and the upcoming generations.

Ravi Makhija

Ravi Makhija

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