The ultimate guide to build an eCommerce app

The ultimate guide to build an eCommerce app

Are you interested in the waste of your time? Of course, it’s No. Who wants to waste their time in this 21st century? Then why should people waste their time to go to physical stores for shopping, when it can be done through an eCommerce mobile app?

We know that the eCommerce industry is rapidly growing with the use of smart phones and cheap data packages. People prefer to use an eCommerce app or website for shopping rather than going to any physical store. People who like to use an online shopping app, They do not just want a great product they also looking for great user experience.

In this generation, People are using gadgets and digital devices which make their life easier. It’s the time to make your customer’s journey easy and enjoyable. If you are not doing so, then you may not run long in the business. That is why a large number of eCommerce entrepreneurs have already developed an eCommerce app.

In the era of 21st century, 80% of users use mobile for their requirements. Mobile is a handy device you can take anywhere and you can easily use the mobile from anywhere. So, it’s the best decision to grab an additional audience for your business if you are going to develop an e-commerce app.

Once you have decided how to start an eCommerce business you need to build an eCommerce application for your business. later, you need to take care of a few things before you go to any professional eCommerce app development company to build a dedicated mobile app for business.

Here, we have given steps to develop an app as well as its benefits, monetization methods, tips for designing & marketing.

Checklist before building an eCommerce app

Geo Location:

  • Location of the market has a very important role in the business.
  • It helps you to decide the eCommerce app platforms.
  • It helps you to decide the user interface, payment gateway, products, pricing etc.
  • If your market is situated in Africa, Asia or Latin America then you must focus on the Android platform as this platform is very popular in these markets.
  • If your market is in the first world countries like in Western Europe or America, then you have to focus on the iOS platform for eCommerce mobile app to reach out to your targeted audience.


  • It is quite tempting to build an eCommerce app for every single platform available in the market. However, if you are a small firm, then it would not be economically viable for you.
  • Additionally, it has been observed that a focused approach in marketing yields the best results.
  • You have to figure out which mobile ecommerce platforms are used by the majority of your targeted audience. So that you can build an ecommerce app for those platforms which will give you a better ROI.
  • You can build an Android eCommerce app and iOS eCommerce app if you want to start with a smaller budget because these are the globally used platforms.

Targeted Audience:

  • If you are planning for an eCommerce application development, then the first thing you need to ask yourself is about your target audience.
  • If you want your eCommerce app to succeed in the market, the identification of the niche audience for your business is important.
  • Now the question arises how to identify those people who are likely to be your customers?
  • Here we will give you some pointers that will help you to find out your niche audience accurately.

Focus on Existing Customers:

  • In the first place, you must identify your existing audience through your market analytics.
  • It is very hard to find a completely new audience, so it would be wise to first focus on your existing clients more intensely.
  • Make sure that you understand their tastes and buying habits and try to tweak your business features in a way that would attract them even more.

Analyze Market Competition:

  • You should also look at your major competitors in the market and try to find out their primary customer bases with the help of competitor analysis tools.
  • The next step will be to woo them through improved marketing techniques and better deals.
  • When you identify your niche audience than you are better prepared to attract them through your eCommerce mobile application.
  • If you are in a retail business then it is important to ensure that you have products for every age and income group. This will increase the crowd size for your business which in turn will help your company to earn more.

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eCommerce App Features

E-commerce App Features

Product list:

  • When you want to build an eCommerce app for your company, then you need to provide a complete product list of all the inventories that are displayed on your eCommerce website or physical store.
  • Make sure that the product list is accompanied by price tags for each of the inventory along with their specifications

Search bar:

  • If you have a large number of inventories that you want to sell to your eCommerce app then it is important that you provide a search feature integrated into the app.
  • A search feature will help the customer to view only those products in which user are interested.
  • You can also add a number of filters in the search box so that the customer can customize their search in regards to price, size, material or any other such elements.

Co-ordinate with Social Media:

  • Nowadays, people do not like to wait too long to fill those long forms for registration. Therefore, you can use those social media apps which they already use to get registered in your app.
  • Social media is a trend nowadays, so you can use social media to not simplify their registration process and also improve data analytics for your app.
  • This will allow you to keep a tab on what kind of news or products they follow and buy so that you can also list those products in your inventory list.

Convenient Checkouts:

  • A simpler check-out option is very important to reduce cart abandonment rate and retain the existing customer base of your company.
  • Once the customer has added the product to cart then you should ensure that the user has a quick check out option.

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Cloud Computing:

  • You can also make use of mobile cloud computing, the recommendation engine, and chatbots in your eCommerce mobile app to provide a better user experience to your customers and make sure that they come back, again and again, buy from your store.
  • While mobile cloud computing helps you to speed up the application, the recommendation engine helps the customer to figure out which product to buy. The chat box, on the other hand, is like personal assistants that can provide valuable information to your customers which will improve brand loyalty among them.

Secure Payment:

  • Make sure that you provide multiple payment options to your customers to gain their trust as well as making sure that you do not lose any customer for the lack of payment option which the customer wants to use.
  • A safe and secure payment option is one of the critical elements that can affect the future popularity of your eCommerce app.

Tips for Designing an eCommerce App

Designing an app in the right way is very important to succeed in the marketplace.

You should follow some pointers when you are thinking about what design cues to follow and not to follow.

Follow in Design:

  • Make the app simple to use and avoid cognitive load
  • Research on how the user makes use of the app and design it in such a way that it helps the user to navigate the application
  • Remove excess clutter from your app design. This will not only improve the user flow but will also make the app faster to load.
  • Put in a user navigation button so that the users can easily visit any part of the app quickly and accurately
  • Your design should be fingertip touch friendly. In other words, the buttons in your app should be big enough to see and touch on your Smartphone.
  • Focus on the first-time experience through cute animations and attractive images.
  • Many mobile app designers do not focus on personalization, this can have a very negative impact on the overall UX for your audience

Avoid In Design:

  • Do not mix your UI and UX for a mobile design. While the UI is how an individual interacts with the app, the UX means how he feels about the interaction.
  • You will find that many applications have low contrast fonts and layouts which make it hard to see the content clearly.
  • Many applications do not have a feedback mechanism inbuilt in their design. This not only affects the users’ perception about the professional attitude of your company but also deny you those suggestions that would help you make your app more functional and efficient.

Monetization Method

In the eCommerce mobile app development process, one of the key things you must remember is how you monetize your app.

Here we are giving you some examples which will guide you to recover the cost of an eCommerce app and also improve the revenue flow to your business.

Provide in app purchases:

You can also design the eCommerce mobile app in such a way that it provides your customers with a chance to make purchases inside the app itself.

Use the freemium model:

Many companies are using the freemium model in mobile apps for retail business to their great advantage. In this kind of app design, you offer the application for free to download and use but make sure that a few premium functions can be accessed only after paying a certain sum of money.

The subscription model:

This model is also used widely by companies worldwide to increase their revenue stream. Here, you allow the user to use your app for free for a certain period of time. After which they have to pay to use those features. Many software companies use this process to monetize their apps.

Third party payment gateway integration:

If you are selling physical products then you can integrate third-party payment gateways so that user can easily pay from the app.

Get eCommerce App at Competitive Price

Promote an App:

In-app advertisement plays an important part in reducing the per download cost significantly. If you are in-app advertisement is providing you with a significant amount of revenue, then you can also provide the app for free to your customers. There are many ways through which you can advertise some of which are:

  • Banner Ads
  • Interstitial Ads
  • reward Ads
  • Notification Ads
  • Video Ads
  • Paid Ads
  • And many more

If you have an idea which none of your competitors has and it is very attractive, then you can host a paid mobile app for your company in the App Store.

eCommerce App Marketing Strategy

  • Building an eCommerce app is only one part of increasing the business footprint of your company online. You have to market it well so that it succeeds in attracting a number of people to download and use it on their Smartphone.Tips to boost app downloads
  • Marketing of an eCommerce app can be done through different Marketing strategies some of which are mentioned below for your reference.
  • Make a landing page for your app that has key information regarding your app like the name, features, call to actions and any promotional videos to attract the user to download that app. You should do digital marketing of this landing page to achieve results faster.
  • Rank your ecommerce app higher on the app stores. You can do this through App Store Optimization.
  • Try to create a viral video content regarding your mobile commerce app it is important to make use of social media to reach out to our large number of people who will use your app.
  • Start a blog that will explain to your targeted audience in detail about the various features of the app and how it will help them. You can do internet marketing of this blog for faster results.
  • There are a lot more ways to promote an eCommerce app on the internet.
  • These are some of the marketing methods which you should keep in mind when you are trying to decide on engaging the services of an eCommerce mobile app development company to build an app for you.
  • If you follow all these guidelines in building an eCommerce app then you will build one of the top eCommerce mobile apps and the higher chance of attracting a large number of customers to your eCommerce app.
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