18 Excellent On-Demand App Ideas for Startups

Published On: September 6, 2021
Last Updated: December 7, 2023
18 Excellent On-Demand App Ideas for Startups

In the ever-evolving digital era, where smartphones have become extensions of our lives, consumer preferences continue to shift towards convenience, accessibility, and personalized experiences.

We understand the importance of finding innovative solutions to captivate today’s fast-paced consumers.

That’s where on-demand services came into existence. On-demand apps have emerged as a goldmine of opportunities for visionary entrepreneurs as it bridges the gaps of meeting needs in real-time.

Imagine creating an app that allows users to access services and products right at their fingertips. From streamlining day-to-day tasks to providing personalized experiences, on-demand apps shape modern life.

In this blog, we have mentioned different on-demand app ideas, revolutionizing various industries and catering to different niches.

Whether you are an established business owner or an innovator, this collection of on-demand app ideas will inspire you.

So let’s explore it together.

Before we move on, let us look at the current and future scope of on-demand service apps.

Market Statistics of On-Demand Service Apps

Here are several statistics which provide why the on-demand industry is going to reach great heights:

  • The revenue in the video-on-demand industry will increase at a CAGR of 9.14% between 2023-2027 and is anticipated to reach US$157.90bn by 2027. (Statista)
  • According to GlobalNewsWire, the On-Demand Food Delivery Market is anticipated to reach $161.74 Billion by 2023.
  • As per Apptonia, popular grocery delivery apps like Instacart, Walmart Grocery and Shipt have seen respectively 218%, 160%, and 124% increases in average daily downloads.
  • Online on-demand home services market is expected to reach US $ 4730.31 billion by growing at a CAGR of 70.15%. (Technavio)

If you don’t have a trending on-demand app idea, then rest assured. Here we will provide you with some of the best on-demand app ideas.

So, let us get started.

18 On-Demand App Ideas

Here are some of the best on-demand mobile app ideas you can consider to enter the on-demand industry.

1. On-Demand Water Delivery App

Water is the basic necessity for every human being on earth. Like food products and other services, many people like to get water at their doorstep in their offices and homes. Why?

Firstly, many people are so busy with their work schedule that they hardly get time to fill the water bottle.

Secondly, a lot of people want to drink pure water but cannot afford RO water. Hence, all these kinds of people would love to order water from an on-demand delivery service app.

On-Demand Water Delivery App

Moreover, these businesses deliver water in a big container or a recycled bottle. It helps to keep the environment safe.

Other than this, people can order water from this delivery app as and when required.

If you want to fulfill the water demand of all such users, then on-demand water delivery is one of the most profitable businesses.

2. On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

One of the significant problems drivers worry about is fuel shortages. They get into a situation where they need to urgently locate a fuel station or alter their route due to an empty tank.

But now it’s a thing of the past, as with an on-demand fuel delivery app, the power of refueling the vehicle is in the hands of motorists.

On-Demand Fuel Delivery App

Drivers can access the on-demand fuel delivery app and fulfill the required vehicle fuel demand anywhere. Users only need to enter the location of their vehicle, and a fuel truck will reach the desired location and fill the necessary fuel in the vehicle following all the safety measures.

Some of the most popular on-demand fuel delivery service startups, such as Booster, Filld, and Cafu, have already formed their space.

If you also want to capitalize on the growing demand and embark on the journey to start a fuel delivery business. Read our guide on How to Start a Fuel Delivery Business.

We offer customized fuel delivery app development solutions for all kinds of businesses like oil & gas companies, fuel delivery aggregators, and fuel station owners.

3. On-Demand Flower Delivery App

Flowers are one of the best gifts people can give to others on their special day to express their feelings. The fragrance of fresh flowers has a unique charm that brightens up anyone’s day.

Gone are the days when people visited a local florist to buy flowers and express their emotions as they are too occupied with themselves. This is where an on-demand flower delivery app comes to the rescue.

On-Demand Flower Delivery App

This app allows users to order a wide range of flowers, bouquets, and floral arrangements from the comfort of their homes or offices. They can send it to the desired person and even track the delivery status from pickup to destination.

It is a lucrative and inspiring business idea that allows you to bring convenience and happiness to people’s lives.

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4. On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

The Covid-19 pandemic is not yet over. We are fighting a virus that is not visible, and hence the craze of medical app development has increased over time.

People do not like to visit the pharmacy store to purchase medicines or drugs for their diseases.

Primarily, they do not want to stand in a queue. Secondly, people don’t want to get in touch with a person that is covid-19 affected. To fulfill all such users’ needs, on-demand precision delivery startups came into existence.

On-Demand Medicine Delivery App

Uber for medicine apps is one of the best services for users to get their desired medicines immediately.

In these on-demand medicine delivery apps, users need to upload the prescription, and the pharmacy owner will verify whether medicine is available or not. Further, they will deliver the medicine to their doorstep.

One of the most popular on-demand medicine startup apps in the market right now is CVS Pharmacy.

5. On-Demand Mechanics App

A large number of people are unable to locate a mechanic whenever they are traveling to someplace. They find it really challenging to find a proper mechanic that can resolve their problem immediately. That is where the uber for mechanics app would be beneficial.

On-Demand Mechanics App

Using this app, users can instantly search for mechanics in the region, book an appointment, and get a mechanic to repair their car.

One of the essential things you should consider for this idea is targeting the right audience and integrating modern features to attract the audience.

For creating the on-demand mechanics app, you need to ensure that the app is available in remote areas and hire experts who can resolve any vehicle issues.

6. On-Demand House Cleaning App

Keeping the house clean is necessary for the welfare of the entire family. But in the fast-changing world, it has become challenging for professionals, single-parent owners, or other individuals to do housecleaning.

On-Demand House Cleaning App

Hence, they are looking for professionals that can do house cleaning and related activities.

Over the years, the demand for housekeeping services has increased. Various entrepreneurs are grabbing this opportunity.

Starting a handyman business that specializes in providing top-notch house cleaning services can be a rewarding venture.

You can resolve the issue by providing quality and reliable services, helping them maintain a clean and healthy living environment.

7. On-Demand Car Wash App

Every car owner has to take some time out from their busy schedule for washing their car.

Here, they have two options: wash the car themselves or visit a nearby car wash center. Both the options will consume a lot of time. Hence, car owners are always looking for something that can allow booking the service in advance efficiently.

With the rising number of cars worldwide, the demand for car washing is also increasing.

On-Demand Car Wash App

You can fulfill the demand of all such car owners by creating an on-demand car wash app that allows scheduling car wash appointments instantly.

You can also include some out-of-the-box features to attract a wider audience and generate more revenue.

One of the well-known car wash apps on demand is MobileWash.

8. On-Demand Doctor Booking App

In a new city or unfamiliar place, falling ill can be a distressing experience. Finding a doctor promptly becomes a challenge, and this is where on-demand doctor apps step in to bridge the gap.

This app is a virtual platform connecting patients with licensed doctors and healthcare professionals. The app’s intuitive interface allows patients to access a pool of qualified doctors and schedule their appointments.

With just a few taps, patients can communicate with doctors through chat, voice calls, or video calls. This real-time interaction allows patients to express their health concerns and seek medical advice from the comfort of their location.

As an entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, developing a telemedicine app can be lucrative. The increasing demand for instant and accessible healthcare services makes this app development a compelling business idea.

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9. On-Demand Plumbing Apps

A lot of people worldwide face issues related to water supply and sanitation daily. They have to go through a long process of paper invoices and call a plumber many times.

To resolve this issue, you can create an on-demand plumbing app.

On-Demand Plumbing Apps

You can create a network that connects plumbers with the users facing these issues in your app.

With the help of this uber for plumber app, users can lookout for a suitable plumber and schedule their visit at the desired place to fix the issue. It is one of the best apps on demand that help you reach a wider audience and generate good revenue.

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10. On-Demand Snow Removal App

Snow accumulation is a problem worldwide. It hinders the everyday tasks that people want to accomplish. Therefore, it needs to be removed.

Various organizations worldwide have signed a yearly contract for snow removal. On the other side, people owning homes call snow plow owners as and when required.

On-Demand Snow Removal App

The problem with the first approach is that money gets wasted if snow doesn’t happen in that year. While the issue with the second approach is that snowplow drivers are not available in the region, or they are way too expensive.

You have an opportunity to resolve the issue of organizations and individuals by creating an on-demand snow removal app that offers these services at an affordable price.

Anyone can register in the app, book a schedule for the snow removal, and make payment. The snowplow driver arrives at the desired location and removes the snow.

Various businesses have entered this segment by creating a snow removal app and became successful. Refer this blog to know about how to start a snow removal business in your city.

11. On-Demand Video Streaming App

In the year 2020-2021, there was a surge in on-demand streaming services. Out of all, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, and Disney+ have observed tremendous growth. It is because a lot of people were at home and they had enough time. Secondly, they just wanted to forget about the pandemic and keep themselves entertained.

Many people now love to watch movies, TV shows, documentaries, etc., from the comfort of their home using these apps. The main reason is that these apps offer features like choosing favorites, streaming in different qualities, downloading, and more.

According to BusinessWire, the global video streaming service is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 21% and reach $223.98 billion by 2028.

Hence, you can create an on-demand video streaming app to join the on-demand bandwagon.
Instead of adding some of the big-budget movies and shows, you can create an OTT platform to showcase the talent of beginners in the industry.

Similarly, like the classic Hollywood studios love to collaborate with some directors and actors on a contract basis, you can partner with specific creators who are ready to publish their content on your streaming app.

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12. On-Demand Beauty Service App

People working in the professional culture have to maintain a specific look. They regularly book appointments for hair, beauty, and related services.

The pandemic has also affected this industry as people were unable to go outside. Hence, the demand for on-demand beauty services has arrived.

Moreover, on-demand beauty services work as a lifesaver. With the help of these services, people were hiring beauty experts for a special event. They can also book an appointment for a spa, massage, and more. They can also get beauty and wellness products at their home.

The value of the beauty and personal care market was $511B in 2021, and it is expected to reach $784.6B in 2025, as per commonthreadco.

If you are already running a salon business or want to enter into the business, then you can create an on-demand beauty service app.

13. On-Demand eLearning App

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many students were unable to study from their homes. Moreover, their studies stopped.

Thanks to the launch of eLearning apps, students can now learn from various tutors and professional trainers from the comfort of their homes. Many Ed-tech companies created some of the best eLearning apps to provide education to students online.

As per GlobalNewsWire, the Mobile Learning Market is expected to reach more than $78.5 Billion by 2025. It indicates that the demand for the eLearning industry will grow in the near future.

You can develop an on-demand eLearning app to target the education industry.

14. On-Demand Dog Walking App

As per the American Pet Products Association, 85 million US families own a pet.

On-Demand Dog Walking App

All of these people have to take care of their pets regularly. With the changing times, people are getting busier. They hardly get time to look at the pet. These people then hire a pet expert.

Over the years, various on-demand dog walking services have launched into the market. Out of which, Wag & Rover are the two heavily popular dog walking apps. The demand for this service will not go down.

The dog walking services have expanded in the last few years. According to PetKeen, the dog walking industry reached $979.2m in 2021.

Hence, you can develop an on-demand dog walking app to target the pet industry.

15. On-Demand Laundry Service

People nowadays do not like to spend time on laundry. Instead, they check out for services that offer laundry services on-demand. With this, a new idea of on-demand laundry service came into existence.

Generally, an on-demand laundry service app allows users to book a laundry service. Then the delivery person picks up the clothes from the desired location and delivers washed, dried, and folded clothes to users after a specific time.

As per VerifiedMarketResearch, the global online on-demand service market was about $9.72 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach 113.24 billion in 2027. Hence, this business has great potential.

You have two ways to start an on-demand laundry service business. Let’s look at them.

If you own a laundromat, you can create an on-demand laundry service app and provide professional service to the users.

If you don’t own a laundromat, you can collaborate with existing laundromats in your city or region that aren’t seeing a lot of clients. Further, you need to hire delivery persons that can collect clothes from users and send them to laundromats.

Then these laundromats do all the work and send clothes back to the customer. Here, you don’t need to make heavy investments and earn a specific commission on each order.

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16. On-Demand Grocery Delivery App

During the pandemic, most people worldwide were dependent on grocery delivery apps. Since then, on-demand grocery delivery applications are getting increasingly popular.

Whether you are a grocery store owner or not, you can deliver groceries via an on-demand grocery app. How? There are mainly two approaches to the on-demand grocery app business model.

If you are a grocery store owner, you can get orders from users through the app, pack groceries, and deliver them with the help of delivery persons.

If you don’t own a grocery store, you can make a collaboration with local store owners or popular brands in your region. Further, you hire delivery persons who collect groceries and deliver them to the users. In this approach, you generate revenue in the form of commission and delivery charges.

Depending on your resources and what you want to achieve, you can build a grocery delivery app based on your suitable model.

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17. On-Demand Babysitter App

Parents nowadays have a lot of things to do and find it difficult to devote time to their children. They hire a babysitter who can care for the child in the same way that a mother would. However, people face many difficulties in hiring a babysitter.

Firstly, people have to go through a lengthy recruitment process. Secondly, they are not able to find a relevant babysitter.

On the other side, many genuine women are not getting babysitting jobs.

You have an excellent opportunity to connect the parents with the babysitters through an on-demand app. Moreover, you can take inspiration from the best babysitting apps in the market for your app.

Before hiring a babysitter, you should do a background check of babysitters thoroughly and then allow them to create their profiles on your app. On the other hand, parents can use your app to find reputable babysitters in their neighborhood and hire them.

Also Read: How to Build a Babysitting App

18. On-Demand Liquor Delivery App

No party is complete without the perfect liquor and toast to memorable moments! And how about if you can build your business around it?

You can start selling liquor, but how will it differ from other stores? You will provide users with doorstep delivery.

Whether an impromptu get-together or a planned celebration, the on-demand liquor delivery app offers a seamless solution for acquiring your preferred beverages without the hassle of visiting a physical store.

Even though there are many restrictions on an alcohol-based business, the profit margin is high. Hence, investing in an on-demand liquor delivery app is worth it.

Final Words

The digital era has influenced people, and now they want all the things instantly. Suppose you desire to eat something, order online and get it within a few minutes. If you have to reach somewhere, book a cab. Similarly, you can get all the things whenever required.

Many businesses have leveraged the power of on-demand app services by developing an application to propel their growth in the industry. They provide convenient and accessible solutions through their applications, enhancing their brand and satisfying the needs of their customers.

You can choose any of the above ideas to enter into the on-demand industry. If you have a unique app idea, you can share it with us. We can help you make it better.

Guru TechnoLabs is a professional on-demand app development company. We have a team of experts who have successfully delivered on-demand app solutions to clients worldwide. Hence, they can understand your idea and provide the most suitable solution.

FAQs Regarding On-Demand Service Apps

Here are several frequently asked questions about on-demand apps from users online:

To develop an on-demand service app, you need to follow the steps given below:

  • Define your on-demand app idea.
  • Conduct thorough market research about industry and competitors.
  • Choose the App platform.
  • Define all your features & functionalities.
  • Create an attractive design.
  • Choose the development approach.
  • Start the development of the on-demand app.
  • Launch and market your app.

To know these steps in detail, you can check this blog on creating an app from scratch.

Here are some of the well-known on-demand apps around the globe:

  • Uber & Lyft: Ride-sharing app
  • Instacart: Grocery-delivery app
  • Doctor-on-Demand: Connect with a doctor or therapist
  • Udemy: Learning app
  • Netflix: Video-streaming app
  • Postmates: Food delivery app
  • Drizly: Alcohol delivery app and many more.

Usually, it takes about 180 to 240 hours to develop an on-demand app. The total time required to build an on-demand app further varies as per the platform, features, functionalities, design, the technology used, etc.

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