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How to make a Successful App?

Mobile apps are very popular among smartphone users due to their ease of accessibility and great user experience.

The mobile app market worldwide was estimated to be $76 billion in 2016 and is expected to cross the $88 billion mark in 2018.

If you have an online company, then you need to target the mobile user through a dedicated mobile app to improve your business.

While planning and developing a mobile app you need to look at the process very closely for optimum results.

If you want to develop an Android app(it could be iOS or windows) then you need to validate each app development process carefully to improve its usability.

Starting from the very beginning where you are inspired by an idea.

Validating an idea

Validating an idea

The first thing you need to do is validate is your idea. You need to be sure that it will be useful to pursue your idea and make an app based on it.

Validating an idea is very important as it will save you cost, time and effort.

You have to find out at the very beginning itself, whether the app you are planning to build will find enough takers in the market.

To do this, you need to base your assumptions on solid empirical data, rather than onguesswork.

The app you want to build to promote your business build should be designed to solve a problem or provide a service to the app user.

The assumption that the app you build helps an individual solve a problem, needs to be validated through extensive market research.

Focus on one or two main features

Instead of integrating multiple features in your app, it would be advisable to focus on one or two core areas where your app could help the users.

Focusing on one or two areas will help you to refine the functioning of the app as well as improving its effectiveness.

To find out which should be your focus areas, you have to do a lot of market research.

In this research, you should find out the pain points of the customer’s and how best you can solve them through your mobile application.

When you are planning to develop an app, you should clearly define in what way your app will help your existing business.

If you want to compliment a start-up by developing an app and its features and criteria will be a bit different from the one which is made for an existing online business.

Priorities the service the app will provide

The next part will be to understand what kind of service you want to provide to your app? It could be streaming, e-commerce or messaging.

Whatever will be the chief focus area you have to design your app in such a way that it fulfils those needs.

You should not imitate other apps as it will not help you to attract customers to download your app as they will try the original first.

Even if you build an app that solves an issue for which other apps are also available, then make sure that your approach to solving the problem is different from the others.

This will help your app to stay ahead of the competition.

Whether people will be willing to pay to download that app?

Validating an idea

To get an idea about the marketability of the app, you have to provide a concept of the app that you are planning to build to a select group of people or the people at large.

You have to take into account the feedback to understand whether there are any shortcomings in the app that you are contemplating to build.

If you follow this process, then it will help you to mitigate any risk while the new app around a unique concept.

Validating your business model for your app.

It is important that you carefully plan the business model that your mobile app will use.

The app you develop can be offered for free or you can make it a paid app if it has some unique features that are not available in other such similar apps.

You can also make it a partly free app where you offer the app for free, but some premium features are available only after paying a certain price.

You can choose any of these three models that will make your app profitable.

Look carefully at other competing apps

Look carefully at other competing apps

It is important that you look at what kind of features your competitors have that makes them so successful in the marketplace.

Looking at your competitors’ business models and different app features will give you a broad idea as to what works in the market.

You can either provide the same services in a better way or completely new services that your competitors don’t provide through their mobile apps.

Make the app simple and intuitive

If you want your app to succeed in the market than one of the things you should focus on the simplicity of the app functionality.

The app design for your business should be very easy to operate and any layman and can use all the features of the app without any technical know-how.

Additionally, the app should be easily navigable i.e. all the pages, as well as app features, be used without any hindrance.

The simplicity of the app is important because if the user takes a lot of time to understand how the app works, then he will feel frustrated and uninstall it.

You should vet each feature in the app thoroughly to ensure that your app is clutter free and only those that are useful are included.

This will not only reduce the size of the app but also make it faster.

Provide off-line functionality as well

Provide off-line functionality as well

Using online data continuously is very expensive,therefore, you need to provide off-line functionality to your app.

It is very important because it allows your app to function in those areas where there is no steady Internet connection or even in those times where the Internet pack of the user has exhausted.

Improve the functionality of your app

One of the most important things that you need to understand when building a mobile app is its functionality.

However hard you try to design and build a fantastic looking app, it will not get the desired popularity if it is slow and the users find it hard to operate.

Onboarding an app should be fast otherwise people will stop using it. Experts have concluded that any app that takes more than a minute for any user to get on board loses their interest.

However, this is not always true for every single app. Some app like hotel booking app, a banking app and other such require several personal information to be inserted before it allows you to operate it.

Other apps like an eCommerce mobile app should open quickly and allow the user to sign out without any major hassle.

Adapt your app with changing needs

The business requirement, changes and new technology force you to make changes in your mobile storefront app also.

It is important that when you are designing the app, you should take into account the fact that you have to make changes in the future, or even scale it up to adjust to your business requirement.

Only if you have made the provision for subsequent changes, the future tweaking of the app will be both easy as well as economical.

Give your app a personal touch

Customers always love an app that offers of personal touch to their buying experience.

You should improve the personal touch in your app by including small messages to the customers like a birthday greeting.

This personal touch helps in improving the brand loyalty of your company, which in turn helps you to get a repeat customer.

Stay Well Ahead of The Technological Curve

If you want your e-commerce, mobile app to succeed in the marketplace, then you need to do to get the best technical features in your app.

To do this, you need to focus on the latest technology, strategy and features to make your mobile app trendy.

Among the latest technologies, which can help you to provide a more immersive experience through your app include artificial intelligence, machine learning and AR.

A good marketing strategy for your app

Marketing is one of the important tools through which you can inform your targeted audience about your app

Even if your app has all the features and comes with some latest ideas, if your targeted audience does not know about its existence, then all your effort will come to a nought.

While planning how to market your app do not forget to involve social media platforms to reach out to those people who are likely to download and use your app.

Provide a feedback channel

It is very important that you provide a feedback channel to your customers.

It will help you to understand what features of the app your customers like and those that irritate them.

Engaging with the customers on a regular base will also help you to understand what more they want in your app that will help them solve some of their problems.

Besides ongoing engagement with the customer will help you to gain his loyalty, which will improve the repeat buyers number.

Integrate into app analytics

Integrate into app analytics

While building an app is a very important step, you need to always on the lookout for any change in the buying pattern of your clients.

It will help you to make changes to the features are designed in your app or add any new services so that you do not lose out on any customer.

To help you understand the in app activity of your clients in real time you need in app analytics.

Regular updates

New changes and features will help you to make your app interesting for your existing clients.

You need to provide regular updates that relate to the security of the app, ease of navigation, extra features, or any new services.

These are some of the points which, if you follow religiously, then you will be able to design, develop and market an app which will be profitable and help you achieve your business goals.

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