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How to Create Dating App like Tinder

Are you looking to clone Tinder app? Then we believe that it is a fantastic business proposition because at present experts calculate the market value of the online dating app is close to $ 2.2 billion and it will grow further.

This is an ever expanding market with millions of people using the dating app to find their soul mate.

If we look at the market trend and try to find the likely trend of dating app users in the future, we see an increased demand for such apps from the younger generation.

The reason why the younger generation wants to use dating apps is due to various reasons.

Some of these reasons are as follows

The earlier family structure where uncles and aunts used to provide you with information regarding some eligible girl or guy is no longer there,especially in the cities.

Nowadays, most of the people in big cities live in a nuclear family, where the extended family support is minimal for finding a bride or groom.

Additionally, most youngsters do not have the time to spend on extended dating sessions.

They want something which will allow them to find out the person of their choice quickly so that they can try to build a new relationship.

Furthermore, the wide range of options that a dating app like Tinder provides cannot be matched by any marriage agent or family member.

Dating apps allow you to look at those individuals whose interest or job profile is compatible with your own.

This will help you a great deal on finding the common ground on which you can build your relationship further.

In this article, we have tried to put all the points that you need to focus on. If you wish to build an app like Tinder, then follow through this article. You will be able to get a comprehensive idea of what you should do and what you should not do.

However, even before you start planning for an app like Tinder, you need to realise that building an app cost a huge amount of money.

If you want to build a fully functional dating app, then it will take you four months to a year to complete the project.

Depending upon the number of features that wish to include in your dating app, the cost tomake tinder clone application can vary from US $5000 to upwards of US $50,000.

So,start this business of developing a mobile dating app very carefully and look at your budget outlay before making any concrete plan.

You need to understand, app building is the first part, you also need to market it in the right way so that more people download it from the play store or Apple Store.

Therefore, you should have a decent advertisement budget, which should be separate from the one that you should have to build the dating app like tinder.

Therefore, if you have the issue of finances required for making an app and marketing taken care off, then you need to focus your attention on planning what kind of features you need to have in your mobile dating app.

Attractive and characteristics to entice the app users

When you want to develop a tinder type app for those people who are looking for their dating partner, you need to include some attractive features in your app design.

Here we will like to share with you some stupendous features that will help you to draw more people to use your app.

1). Allow signing up in your app through the Facebook account or the Google account. This will shorten the process for the app user and you will be able to get information about his/her Facebook account. You can use their Facebook account to alert them about any new changes in your app.

2). Allow the user to control their profile. You could also have a comprehensive information section about the registered user where an interested party can look through all the relevant information. It could include hobbies, interests, educational qualification, religion and many more. This will allow a person to get a 360° view of the individual who he/she finds interesting.

3). You could put in a swipe for like/dislike. A mobile app allows the user to use a very small screen of the smartphone. Therefore, it would help immensely if you include all those features that make browsing as well as interesting.

4).Dating app should have a real-time chat option. This option should only be available for that two individual who are interested in each other and wants to bond at a more personal level. It would be interesting if your chat option includes a lot of emoticons, predesigned phrases, font colours and others that would make the chat more stimulating.

5). Your app should have a push notification option. It is very important as it allows you to inform the app user about any newly registered profile matches your criteria. This allows the app user to be in the loop regarding any new match.

6). You should use your positioning/Geo tagging service to improve the local searchers. There are many people who like to connect with individuals who are living in close proximity to their current addresses. And geo-tagging allows individuals to consider only those people who live in their locality or near their locality.

7). While chatting through text has its own charm, people do like to hear the voice of the other person who they wish to date. Therefore, it is important that you offer a voice chat or video chat option among consenting parties. It will allow an individual to not only hear the voice of the other person but also see them (if they use the video chat option).

8). If you want your tinderlike app to succeed, then it is imperative that you spend your time, energy and money to develop a great matchmaking algorithm.

9). Your app should have social share option, where the app users share their experience on the social network. This will not only improve your brand recognition but also helps you to get more users to buy your app.

10). You could include small, fun games in your app, which people can play with each other in a friendlier and interesting way. Gamification is the new mantra in app design and if you want your app to attract more users should this feature in your app.

When you have finally found out what are the features that you need to include in your dating app, then you should start the process of integrating into a full-fledged app.

Here we will like to explain you those steps which are most crucial to make a tinder like app.

Transparent information of app users

For any individual who is looking to register on a dating app,there should be minimum fields that need to be filled for signing up.

You can make the dating app in such a way that the signup process and be initiated if you go through your Facebook or Google account.

This allows an individual to register themselves quickly and are not bothered with filing in long fields of information regarding themselves.

The app should be able to source all the personal information, including the photos from the Facebook or Instagram (if the account is included).

The reasons for such an integration are many. It allows the dating app to verify the personal information of an individual regarding his/her sex, age, as well as photos.

Nowadays, only those dating apps are popular, which are very transparent and allows the user to have full information disclosure regarding anyone who they are interested in and whose profile is placed in the dating app.

The earlier method of anonymity is no longer preferred by people as they like to verify whether that individual’s information that is displayed on the profile is accurate or not.

Matching people based on some laid down criteria

Matching people based on some laid down criteria

The main function of a dating app is to match persons based on their shared interest.

In most of the dating apps, the program algorithm goes through the profile of all the registered users and makes a list.

The program algorithm then matches the main interest criteria of one individual who is looking for his or her soulmate with other listed members.

This allows an individual to look for those people who share the same interest to get the best compatibility option.

However, this is not an exact science, and you need to regularly tweakthe algorithm to make it more accurate.

In addition to shared interest, the dating app should also allow people to connect with others who are living in the same area or are following a similar kind of profession.

The more option you provide to your users, the more attractive they will find your app.

Therefore, you need to keep innovating and offering new services to retain the users as well as attract new ones.

Offer messaging options

It is important that you offer messaging services to your app users so that they can connect with the people they like on your dating app.

For any positive conclusion of using the dating app, it is important that people take forward their relationship from likes to actual offer.

To make this happen, you need to connect with the person who they like and for that, you need a messaging service.

Make sure that the messaging service is simple to use, wherein the individual who is initiating a conversation should send a small message to the other person, and once he or she accepts that the message, then they should carry on talking to each other through the app messenger.

Sometimes people find it difficult to form the right sentences to impress the other individual, in such case, the messaging service should offer them beautiful written sentences or phrases which they can use in their messaging.

The design phase of your app

The design phase of your app

After you have sorted out what features you should put into your dating app, you should look at the design aspect of the app.

Here we will give you some tips on what type of the design aspect, you should look to improve the attractiveness of your dating app.

  • Choose a minimalistic design.
  • Place the important section of your app strategically.
  • Use contrasting colours to take the focus of the app user to a particular section.
  • Give more focus on photos of the registered users.
  • The app should be easily navigable.
  • Do not overwhelm your app user with information. Provide the very basic information about the potential bride/groom at the beginning and add links for more comprehensive information in another page.

Make sure that your app is designed in such a way that it targets a group of people.

For example, if you want to target the youngster, then your app should be designed in away that attracts youngsters. However, if you are looking to attract the older generation who are looking for a bride/groom for their son or daughter, then the app should be designed in a different way.

Make sure that the name of your app is modern and catchy so that people find it attractive.

The app development stage

The app development stage

When you have completed the design process, the next part is to develop a fully functional app.

In this part, you have to take a decision as what kind of technology you wish to use to develop your app.

You can target the iOS or Android platform for your app. You can also decide whether to use XMPP server integration, C++, or a third-party chat option with your app.

You have to understand that the budget of your app will go upif you use more features. Therefore, you need to make a cost benefit analyses to find out which are those features that are essential.


App development process is very dynamic in nature, and you need to keep in mind your target audience, before choosing features or Platform.

You should also look at other competing dating apps that are available in the market to get an idea about what they are doing right and how you can emulate them in a different way.

Make sure your dating app is different from other such apps in the market so that you can market your product more easily.

While designing and developing your app is one part of the job, you also need to have a good marketing strategy to ensure that your app is more visible so that people looking for such app download it and registered themselves so that they can meet their dream date.

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