Top 10 Fitness Apps for Android and iOS in 2022

Best Fitness Apps

The well-known adage, ‘health is wealth’ is true for all ages. To maintain a perfectly healthy body, you have to take a balanced diet & exercise regularly.

Regular exercise has numerous advantages, some of which include the following.

  • It increases your life expectancy.
  • It reduces the risk of injury.
  • It improves your quality of life.
  • It helps you to stay active.
  • It helps your overall health, both physical and mental, etc.

However, in Covid 19, when people do not like to go to the gym as they are afraid of getting infected, fitness apps offer you a great alternative.

There are innumerable free fitness apps available in the market. Hence, it is challenging for you to decide the best one. To make your task easy, we have curated the top fitness apps in the market.

In the list, we have also included some workout apps. These apps provide you with a detailed nutritional chart customized to suit your body type and lifestyle.

So, let’s get started:

1. 7 Minute Workout

It is one of the best fitness apps available in the market. Hence, we have kept it in the first position. As the name suggests, this app is perfect for people joining the gym for the first time or someone who is pressed for time and needs a quick workout session.

The app has an easy-to-use UI with beginner to advanced workout regimes. Hence, it is considered one of the best fitness apps for beginners. This fitness app is available for Android and iOS platforms.

This easy-to-use fitness app has several workout videos that help you do short workout sessions anywhere and anytime. As the name suggests, all you need is just seven minutes of your time. This app gives you the maximum return (a fit and healthy body) with minimal investment (your time).

It has a special section with multiple workout plans that help you lose weight and increase strength by investing seven minutes of your time every day.

It has just 12 exercises, each of which you have to complete in 30 seconds. You will get a 10-second break between each exercise.

To do all the exercises that the app suggests, you require a chair and a wall to lean your body.

The app is free to use. However, several premium features get unlocked in the paid version only.

7 Minute Workout

Image Credit: 7 Minute Workout

Several popular features of this app are as follows.

  • Voice Guidance
  • Google Fit Support
  • Adjustable Rest Time
  • Adjustable Circuit Time
  • Beautiful Character and UI Design
  • Keep the Screen On When you Workout
  • The Workout Log Details your Workout Time
  • Abs Workout for Women
  • Notifications for Daily Workout

Download for Android & iPhone

2. Map My Run

Are you a running enthusiast who loves running to stay fit? Map My Run is the top fitness app for running enthusiasts. It helps you keep track of your running session and gives suggestions about different running routes.

It has a beautiful user interface that even a layman can use without much trouble. The app is also considered one of the best fitness tracking apps offering customizable training plans with coaching tips.

It is supported by more than 60 million athletes who would help you stay motivated to reach your goal for a fitter body.

This app’s track and map workout section comes with a range of selection activities that include cycling, running, gym workouts, walking, cross-training, yoga, and many more.

Map My Run

Image Credit: Map My Run

Some of the premium features of this app are as follows.

  • Live Tracking
  • Personalized Training Plans
  • Audio Coaching
  • Track Shoe Mileage

Download for Android & iPhone

3. Centr

The Centr, promoted by Chris Hemsworth, is counted as one of the best fitness apps for iPhone & Android devices in the market. This app caters to the demands of a wide range of fitness enthusiasts irrespective of their fitness level.

It is a complete workout app that gives you personalized guidance (for premium users only!) and suggests a healthy and nutritional meal for your unique needs.

A lot of the features of this app are available for free for both Android and iOS users. If you want to access its premium functionalities, then you have to pay a subscription for 1, 3, or 12 months.

As a premium user, you can get guidance from several top fitness trainers and dieticians worldwide.


Image Credit: Centr

Some of the wonderful features of this fitness tracking app are given below.

  • A Weekly Planner
  • Swipe to Swap Activities
  • Wide Range of Recipes
  • Daily Workout Videos
  • Functional Training
  • Yoga and many more

Download for Android & iPhone

4. FitOn

It is counted as one of the best workout apps that give you a highly customized fitness training schedule based on your available time and the intensity you want.

It is a complete fitness app in which you can train for your abs, thighs, shoulder, stretching, do yoga, and many more. Furthermore, it also has a competitive section called the leader board, wherein you can compete with other users.

The basic version of the app is available for free for both the Android and iOS platforms. However, if you want premium features like a personalized training schedule and meal plan, then you have to create a Pro account.


Image Credit: FitOn

Some of the great features of this online fitness app are as follows.

  • Cardio Exercises
  • Yoga and Meditation
  • Exclusive Workouts
  • Personalized Fitness Plans and Exercise Videos, and many more

Download for Android & iPhone

5. Strava

If you are looking for a great fitness tracking app, then you should install Strava on your smart device. It offers instructions that are personalized for your needs.

It is considered one of the best fitness tracker apps as it gives you three different ways to train your body to stay fit. The smart training includes the following.

Record Running and Track Distance: As the name of the training schedule indicates, it allows you to track your cycling route, speed of your cycle, the pace of your swimming, how high you have climbed, and the calories you have burnt.

Map Your Route: This fitness training schedule allows you to mix and match your running schedule with your cycle ride or swimming.

Training Challenges: This is a monthly challenge program wherein you can compete with other users. It acts as a motivator to push yourself further.

Strava offers you a range of activity tracking functions. These include hiking, alpine skiing, swimming, cross fit, rock climbing, yoga, surfing, Kayaking, running, gym workouts, and many more.


Image Credit: Strava

Some of the top features of this app are given below.

  • Race Training Assistance
  • Free Monthly Fitness Challenges
  • Track and Analyze Your Workouts
  • Connect With a Large Online Community

Download for Android & iPhone

6. 8Fit Workout & Meal Planner

If you’re looking for a personal trainer that designs a highly customized workout regime and diet for you to get the best result, then this app is perfect for you.

While having a great workout training schedule is necessary to stay fit, you must also pay close attention to what you eat as it directly affects your health. The 8Fit workout & meal planner is one of the best fitness and nutrition apps that offers you the complete training package and suggests the right foods.

The workouts suggested by this app are short but intense, and it is ideal for those who want to have fitness training without relying on any equipment and can be done indoors. It has a basic and premium version, wherein you can get additional exercises as well as your complete meal plan by paying a nominal subscription.

8Fit Workout & Meal Planner

Image Credit: 8Fit Workout & Meal Planner

Some of the chief features of this app are as below.

  • Wide Range of Exercises
  • Professional Guidance
  • Customized Meal Plans
  • Healthy Recipe and Shopping List and many more

Download for Android & iPhone

7. Nike Training Club

Nike Training Club is one of the best fitness apps for Android devices. It also has a variant for the iOS platform.

It is also one of the best workout apps available, wherein you can use more than 100 standalone exercise videos.

Furthermore, this app can plan for you a 4 to 8 week of workout regime, starting from the basics and gradually moving towards advanced levels. In addition, you will also be able to get advice from nutritionists about what kind of diet is best for your body type.

Nike Training Club

Image Credit: Nike Training Club

Some of the prime features of this great app are given below.

  • Core Strength Training
  • Yoga
  • Bodyweight Workout
  • Homework Workout
  • Workout on Demand
  • Healthy Recipes and many more

Download for Android & iPhone

8. MyFitnessPal

It is an amazing health and fitness app that offers you a comprehensive package of exercises and diet advice to help you stay fit. The basic version of this app has loads of exercises, and if you want to access all the features of this app, then you have to pay a subscription fee.

This app provides you with exercises specific to different body parts like your abs, shoulder, chest, arms, back, and more. Furthermore, it offers you a range of exercise options like yoga, stretching, cardio, meditation, and much more.


Image Credit: MyFitnessPal

Some of the main features of this app are as follows.

  • Step Counter
  • Calorie Counter
  • Drinkwater Reminder
  • Fitness Trainer and Gym Coach
  • Weight Tracker

Download for Android & iPhone

9. Fooducate

Diet is a crucial part of your fitness routine. If you eat a healthy and balanced diet, then you will be able to reach your fitness goals.

The Fooducate app can be explained as your nutritionist and health tracker. It helps you keep track of your calorie intake, workout, and macros. The USP of this app is that it analyzes the ingredient quality of a food item and recommends only those that are best for your health.


Image Credit: Fooducate

Some of the top features of the app that keep track of your food intake are as follows.

  • Recommend food based on Ingredient Quality
  • It Tracks Your Carbs, Fats, and Protein
  • It can Scan Over 2,50,000 Product Barcodes for Ingredient Quality
  • Diet Tips and many more

Download for iPhone


It is the best gym workout app you will find in the market. This app is available both for Android and the iOS platform. It is available for free and has a paid version with additional features.

The free version of this app has tons of exercises (more than 1300) that include keeping track of your weightlifting sessions and the total reps in its log tracker.

The log tracker feature is designed in such a way that it helps you to monitor your body composition changes and weight. This fitness app will design highly customized training programs for you that are appropriate for your level.

The premium version of this app removes all the irritating advertisements and allows you to access even more advanced workout sets and training reports.


Image Credit: JEFIT

Some of the top features of this app are as follows.

  • Track Your Workouts
  • Over 1300+ Exercise Videos
  • Workout Routine Planner, Body Measurement System, Rest Time, and more
  • Multiple Training Programs
  • Exercise Demonstration by Experts
  • Smart Strength Training

Download for Android & iPhone

Final Words

The fitness apps that are seamlessly evolving as per the user’s needs and the market trends are praised by users across the globe. Moreover, these fitness apps are generating good revenue every year.

If you also want to make a next-gen fitness app & generate revenue, then you should keep an eye on the best fitness apps in the market. To know the process of creating a fitness app, check this blog on fitness app development.

If you have a fitness app idea that stands out from the competitors or offers something new to the users, then contact us.

Guru Technolabs is a well-known mobile app development company. We have professionals that have delivered various mobile apps to clients worldwide. Hence, we can understand
your fitness app idea and give it life.

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