A Complete List of Tinder Features

A Complete List of Tinder Features

There are a wide number of dating apps around the world, but only Tinder became successful. Do you know the reason for its success? The primary reason why tinder is able to attract users around the globe is because of its simple yet attractive features.

Due to distinct features along with the highly-interactive UI UX, millions of users are getting attracted to this dating app.

Do you want to know the features present in the most popular dating app in the world, then we have got you covered.

Here, we have made an exclusive list of all the Tinder Features.

Tinder Feature List: Free & Paid

There are a wide number of free and paid features available on this dating app. Let’s go through each of them one-by-one.

1. Facebook/ Phone Number Login

Tinder allows you to sign-up using your Facebook ID/ Google ID or using your Phone number.

You can just login using Facebook or Google, and the app will automatically fetch the data from the relevant platform.

Hence, you don’t need to go through the long process of entering all of your profile details. Thus, this feature carries out three tasks in just one-go. This includes login properly, Facebook/Google data extraction, and profile creation.

Integrate this feature into your dating app

Improving login/registration process will result into higher number of registrations.

2. User Profile

User profile allows you to view details such as profile pictures, birth-date, where you work, and various other things.

After this, you have an option to update your profile by integrating a brief description or tag. Apart from this, you can also view the following things:

  • Age
  • Distance
  • Mutual Friends
  • Mutual interests
  • Tagline/ brief description

3. Geolocation

Accessibility is very much essential as per the Tinder Business Model. The app provides contacts as per the location of the user.

Geolocation is highly crucial for the app’s overall functionality as the app has to fetch contacts depending on the location of the user continuously.

4. Search functionality based on filters

One of the best features of Tinder is that it enables you to adjust the search by filtering depending on age, sex, and distance.

However, in a free version, you can set the geographic parameters up to 10 miles only.

5. Swipe

Out of all the Tinder features, Swipe is the most important. It is also referred to as the Tinder’s UVP(Unique Value Proposition). The app has included it to categorize the candidates.

In the beginning, the list of potential matches depends on the geographical location, the total number of mutual friends, and their basic interests. You can swipe right to like someone and left to reject someone.

6. Match

The most essential features of the dating app is match. A match is required for a user to start a chat. This happens only when both the users swipe right to each other.

7. Chat

One of the best Tinder free features is chatting. After finding a match, you can immediately start a private conversation with the other person by chatting.

Using this basic chat feature, user can’t only type, but also send and view their messages.

8. Push Notifications

Push notifications are one of the most crucial features of the Tinder app. Because they are well-known, engaging, and necessary to provide regular returns to the dating app.

They notify you whenever you get a new message, like or a match.

9. Super Like

You have to swipe-up to super like someone. All the matches that are super-liked by you consist of a blue star instantly just after their name in the list.

Using super like, you alert the user regarding your interest rather than mysteriously liking them and wishing for mutual connection.

The user will be able to see a blue banner just at the bottom of your name.

Hence, your chances of getting a match increase three times. It is the most popular tinder app features loved by users worldwide.

If you opt for Tinder gold or Tinder Plus, you get 5 super likes per day. However, in the free version of Tinder, you will only get 1 super like per day.

10. Boost

It is one of the best tinder paid features. It allows you to skip the line and appear on the top of the user list. Hence, your profile will be at the top in your geographical region for 30 minutes.

It improves your chances of a match, and you will get 10 times more profile views by boosting it. A single boost cost you $6.99, while 10 boosts will cost you $49.

If you purchase Tinder Plus or Gold Version, you will get 1 boost per month.

Generate more revenue from your dating app

Add boost feature to your app and increase the match ratio.

11. Rewind your last swipe

The most talked-about feature of tinder is rewinding your last swipe. If you unknowingly left-swiped someone with whom you want to date, then they will get one chance to correct your mistake.

By pressing the rewind button, you can check the previous profile again. This feature is only available in Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold Versions.

12. Passport to swipe around the world

Out of various Tinder plus features, this is very popular. It allows you to get matches in your upcoming vacation destination before you even reach there. In short, it provides matches in different locations.

As soon as you choose a location with Passport, Tinder will consider your profile pretending you have visited that location; however, it will still display your real distance to the matches.

Passport to swipe around the world

While changing your locations, your profile will not be visible to people in recent location; but, it will only display profile which you have right-swiped and the profiles whose decks Tinder allocated to you when you were there.

Here, you only have the option to save 4 passport locations on the list. As soon as you add the new location, the elder location gets deleted.

Later, when you log in to the app after some time, the most recent location will only remain on the list.

13. Unlimited Right Swipes

One of the best Tinder paid features is unlimited right swipes. In the free version of the dating app, you will have a limit on the total number of swipes per day.

But when you opt for the paid version, you get an option for unlimited swipes.

Let your users like unlimited profiles

This feature will help you to increase the like ratio of the app and generate more revenue as well.

14. No ads

One of the most important features of tinder plus and tinder gold versions is that is allows you to hide annoying advertisements.

15. Hide Distance

This new tinder feature is highly beneficial when you are switching to a distant place. For instance, if you want to swipe to the next vacation destination; however, you don’t want other users to swipe left as they will be able to view the real distance displayed on your profile.

16. Hide Age

Similar to the hide distance feature, this feature enables you to hide your age on your profile.

17. Control Whom you see

Balanced Recommendations
This is a standard-setting available for free users of the dating app. It displays profiles depending on different factors, mainly depending on your and their ELO score and how lately they were active.

Recently Active
Using this feature, you will be able to view the most lately active users. Please note that it only displays profiles of all the users with whom you have a match. It is available for paid versions of Tinder only.

18. Control Who sees you

This is a standard-setting in which your profile is shown based on the score, which is determined by Tinder’s algorithm.

Only People I’ve Liked
Nobody will be able to view your profile unless you like them first.

19. Top Pics

One of the other essential Tinder Gold Features is Top Pics, which displays a daily selection of profiles that is provided by the Tinder Algorithm. You don’t have to follow the normal queue.

Top Pics

In this feature, you will see a new profiles every day; however, they will disappear within 24 hours.

Moreover, you will be able to see keywords displayed on some of the users, which is nothing but the character trait of users.

Hence, you will be able to know whether they are a doctor, adventurer, businessman, etc. without opening their profile.

20. Smart photos

This feature takes the help of the Machine Learning algorithm to instantly fix the order of the user’s photos, based on who is swiping on the other side.

Hence, it changes the first photo seen by others when your profile is shown on the dating app, stores all responses of others when others swipe your profile, and arranges the photos to display your best photo first.

The algorithm is structured in a way to increase the potential of your first profile image and increase your appeal for a greater audience. During testing, users have found a 12% increase in the matches.

21. Block Users

There are times when you find someone irritating, and you don’t want to talk with a person. For this, tinder provides a feature to block any person.

Please note that after you block someone, you will not be able to unblock them.

22. Personal Security

Personal security is a new tinder feature that is released to protect all LGBTQ+ users, who are visiting different nations regularly.

It defends users against all the countries that doesn’t allow same-sex acts or relationships.

Therefore, profiles of all the users who are identified on the app as a gay, lesbian, transgender, bisexual, or queer will not appear on Tinder when they will reach any of the prohibited region.

This feature, which tinder refers to as the Traveler Alert, utilizes the phone’s network connection to determine the user’s location.

Enhance security algorithms of your app

Security in dating apps has become an inevitable feature. It is essentials to keep your security up-to-date to attract and retain genuine users.

Tinder New Features

After looking after all the features of Tinder, let’s check some of the new features that will be introduced in the dating app soon.

Likes you

It is the most innovative tinder app features, which allows you to know in advance who likes you even before you start swiping.

Moreover, it will enable you to view all your likes on the screen in the form of a gallery and check if they like you back. You can get this feature in Tinder Gold plan only.

Want to check more dating app features?

Noonlight Timeline

Noonlight Timeline Feature

Tinder has made a collaboration with Noonlight, a personal security app and introduced Noonlight Timeline Feature for its U.S users.

Using this feature, you can share details about your next meeting, such as with whom you are meeting, when & where.

This feature provides you with the freedom to trigger emergency service if you are anxious or require any help via the Noonlight app.

Photo Verification

Photo Verification

It is introduced to check whether your profile is authentic or not. Tinder has integrated human-assisted AI technology that compares real-time posed selfies with the already present profile photos to validate your profile.

After verifying your profile, you will get a blue tick by which other members of the platform know that you are a genuine person.

As of now, this feature is only available in selected countries and will be available across the in the coming years.

Safety Center

Safety Center

Tinder will also introduce a new extensive safety center, a continually evolving section present in the app that provides you latest security updates along with necessary resources and tools.

This feature will first be available to selected countries and will be progressively made available across other markets during 2021.

Add Safety Center to your App

Give tips and tricks to your dating app users. It will help them to have a safer dating app experience.

Super Boost

Nobody likes to stand in a big queue. Therefore, Tinder is testing a new feature for the Tinder Gold and Plus Subscribers to buy Super Boost, an upgraded version of boost which allows a user to skip the line and be seen by up to 100x more potential matches.

Currently, the feature is in testing mode and will be available to paid users of the dating app soon.


These are the basic to advance features of the Tinder application. We recommend you to check other dating apps as well if you are planning to create or upgrade your dating app.

You can also consult with our experts for free if you have any dating app ideas. We have very vast experience with dating app development. We can help you thoroughly from start to finish.

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