Tinder Features: List Of Features To Consider For Your New Dating App

Published On: January 21, 2020
Last Updated: May 16, 2023
Tinder Features: List Of Features To Consider For Your New Dating App

Are you looking to develop a dating app that stands out in a competitive market? Look no further than Tinder, one of the most successful dating apps ever. Launched in 2012, Tinder revolutionized the dating scene by introducing a simple yet engaging, swipe-based interface that made finding matches easy and fun. Since then, the app has transformed and added new features to keep users engaged and satisfied.

In this blog, we will look closer at the features that have made Tinder such a hit. We guide you on how to incorporate them into your dating app development. Whether you are a startup or an established business, this guide will help you create a successful dating app that will surely make waves in the industry.

Tinder Features List

Tinder provides a diverse range of features that have contributed to its success. To develop a successful dating app, businesses need to carefully consider the features they offer, both free and paid. Let’s explore the list of features that businesses can implement.

1. Signup/Login

The Login feature in Tinder allows users to signup and log in using their Facebook, Google, or phone number credentials. Allowing users to log in with their social media accounts saves time and reduces the steps required to create a complete profile. Businesses also gather user data and personalize their experience.

For example, Tinder allows users to log in with Facebook to access user’s profile data, such as interests and hobbies, and use it to suggest potential matches. This feature can also implement security measures such as two-factor authentication to ensure that user data is secure.

Creating this feature in your dating app is essential as it simplifies the signup process and verifies the user’s identity, data extraction from Facebook/Google, and profile creation.

2. Create User Profile

A critical component of a dating app to showcase a user’s interest and personality to potential matches is the user profile. These details help users understand whether they are a good match for a potential partner and can help them decide whether to pursue a relationship.

Apart from basic profile details, such as profile picture and age, businesses can include additional details such as work history, education, and relationship preferences. However, showcasing profile details help businesses personalize user experience and suggest more relevant matches, leading to increased user engagement and retention. Learn more on, how to increase dating app engagement and retention rate?

3. Geolocation

Tinder’s Geolocation feature helps users find their potential matches who are located nearby. It is an essential feature for any dating platform as it helps businesses increase the chance of successful matches.

Moreover, businesses can use geolocation data to understand users’ behavior and preference and work on optimizing their dating platform. For example, identifying popular neighborhoods or cities where users are more likely to use the app and target their advertising efforts accordingly.

4. Swipe

Swipe is a signature feature of Tinder that allows users to quickly browse through potential matches and show whether they are interested or not. A series of profiles shows users that they can swipe right if interested or swipe left if not. If two users swipe right on each other’s profiles, it’s a match, and they can start messaging each other.

Businesses can create a fun, engaging, and effective way for users by incorporating swipe features into their dating platform. Moreover, they can collect valuable data on user preferences and behaviors, which can be used to improve the matching algorithm. Implementing the best dating app design tips can help create an intuitive and visually appealing interface that enhances user experience and increases engagement.

5. Match

The Match feature in a dating app is crucial for helping connections between users, as it allows them to express mutual interest and initiate communication. This feature has been a major factor in the success of dating apps like Tinder, as it creates a sense of excitement and anticipation for users when they match with someone they find attractive.

Incorporating the Match feature in a dating app can greatly increase the likelihood of users connecting and ultimately finding a match. Additionally, the data collected provide valuable insights for improving the user experience, making it a strategic business decision to include this feature in a dating app.

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6. SuperLike

Tinder’s Super Like feature is a premium feature that allows users to indicate a stronger level of interest in another user. By swiping up on a profile, the user sends a notification to another user, showing they have been Super Liked. This feature increases the chances of getting a match. Users who receive Super Like are more likely to view the profile and engage in conversation.

Businesses incorporating this feature in dating apps increase users’ engagement by creating excitement about receiving a Super Like. It is a valuable revenue generator feature from a business perspective, as users are ready to pay to access it.

Overall, including the Super Like in a dating app can be a strategic move to drive business growth.

7. Unlimited Likes

The “Unlimited Likes” feature allows users to swipe right on as many profiles as they want without any restrictions. This feature enhances the user experience by allowing them to explore new profiles to like and connect with many potential matches.

It encourages users to stay active and engaged on the platform, which can lead to increased user retention. Additionally, this feature is available as part of a paid subscription on Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold subscriptions which can generate additional revenue for the business.

There are many ways dating apps can generate revenue through such as subscriptions, ads & many more.

8. Chat

One of the best features of Tinder is “chat,” which allows users to communicate to whom they have matched messages in real-time within the app. It will enable them to get to know each other better and potentially form a connection.

9. Push Notifications

The “Push Notifications” feature in Tinder allows users to receive real-time updates on their mobile devices, such as new matches, messages, and other activities, even when the app is not in use. It helps users to stay engaged and responsive with their dating prospects.

10. Boost

The “Boost” feature in Tinder is a paid option that promotes a user’s profile to be shown to more potential profiles in their area for a limited time (e.g., 30 minutes), increasing their chances of getting more matches and, ultimately, more dates.

It helps users get 10 times more profile views by boosting it to increase visibility and matches. A single boost costs you $6.99, while 10 gains will cost you $49. If you purchase Tinder Plus, Gold, or Platinum, you will get 1 boost per month. Learn more about Tinder Revenue Models.

11. Unlimited Rewind

The most talked-about feature of Tinder is rewinding the last swipe. If a user unknowingly left-swiped someone with whom they want to date, then give them a second chance to reconsider and swipe right instead. For businesses, it is a valuable addition to enhancing their dating app.

This feature is included in Tinder’s paid subscription services, such as Tinder Plus, Gold, and Platinum Versions.

12. Passport to Swipe Around the World

The “Passport to Swipe Around the World” feature in Tinder allows users to change their location and swipe on potential profiles from different cities or countries, pretending they have visited that location.

This feature can be helpful for travelers interested in meeting people from different cultures or for those planning to shift to a new area and want to get a head start on dating. It is available as a premium version in Tinder Plus and Tinder Gold.

However, this feature can expand the dating pool and create a more engaging experience, potentially leading to higher user retention rates and overall success for the dating app.

13. No Ads

No Ads is a premium option that eliminates all ads from the user interface, providing a more seamless and uninterrupted experience for the user. It is most valuable for users who are annoyed by ads or prefer a cleaner interface. The absence of ads can potentially increase user satisfaction with the dating app.

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14. Hide Distance & Age

One of the valuable features is Hide Distance & Age for users concerned about safety or who want to be cautious about their dating preferences. It allows users to hide their distance and age information from their profile, giving them control over their privacy and potentially increasing their comfort levels in using the dating app. This feature reduces pressure to meet someone solely based on distance or age.

15. Control Whom User see

The standard-setting is available for all users of the dating app. It displays profiles based on various factors, including the user’s and the potential profile’s ELO score. The recent activity of users can only be seen with whom they have a match. The ELO score is an attractiveness rating used by the Tinder algorithm to determine the relative attractiveness of users to each other.

With the help of Tinder’s Desirability ELO score, the algorithm makes more accurate and relevant recommendations, leading to better matches and higher success rates for the dating app.

16. Control Who sees User

In this feature, the user profile is shown based on the ELO score determined by the algorithm of the app. Here, users can control the display of their profile, as they will only be able to view it if they like other profiles first.

17. Top Picks

“Top Picks” is a premium feature offered by Tinder that showcases a curated selection of profiles that are specially chosen for the user based on their interests, swiping history, and behavior on the app. The app generates a new set of profiles for the user to browse daily.

Furthermore, some users may display keywords on their profiles indicating their personality features, professions, interests, or hobbies. This provides a quick glance at the type of person they are, such as a doctor, adventurer, or businessman, without needing to open their full profile to make it easier for users to find high-quality matches.

18. Smart Photos

“Smart Photos” is an excellent example of how AI is used in dating apps to optimize users’ profiles and increase their chances of getting matches. It uses a machine learning algorithm to determine which of a user’s photos will generate the most right swipes.

The feature takes into account several factors, including the composition of the photo, how often it’s swiped right, and the user’s past swiping behavior.

Businesses who consider adding “Smart Photos” are approaching smart ways to analyze user behavior and optimize profiles to improve the success rate of dating apps.

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19. Block Users

In the “Block Users” feature, if someone behaves inappropriately, harasses, or makes users feel uncomfortable, they can block that user to prevent them from seeing their profile or sending them messages.

It is an essential tool for maintaining a safe and positive dating experience. By allowing users to block other users, dating apps can create a more secure environment where users feel empowered to control their online interactions.

20. Traveler Alert

The “Traveler Alert” feature on Tinder helps LGBTQ+ users stay safe when traveling to places where their sexual orientation or gender identity may be stigmatized or criminalized. When a user enables the “Traveler Alert” feature, it hides their profile in certain locations and reminds them to be cautious.

By offering this feature, dating app businesses can show their commitment to creating a safe experience for all users, regardless of their sexual orientation or gender identity, and help create a more welcoming and accepting community.

To explore more dating apps with a focus on LGBTQ+ safety and inclusivity, check out: Best LGBTQ+ dating apps.

21. Read Receipts

Tinder’s Read Receipts feature lets users know when their matches have read their messages. When a user sends a message, it will show a double-blue tick mark once the other one has read it.

It’s worth noting that Tinder’s Read Receipts feature is optional, and users can choose to disable it if they don’t want their matches to see when they have read their messages. This feature can help to reduce ghosting and improve communication between users by letting them know if their match is active or not.

22. Likes you

Likes You is the most innovative Tinder app feature available in premium Tinder Gold and Platinum plans, which allows users to know in advance who wants them even before they start swiping. It will also enable users to view all their likes on the screen in the form of a gallery and check if they like users back.

23. Message Before Match

The “Message Before Match” feature in the Tinder Platinum Plan allows users to send messages to others even before they have matched. This feature was introduced to enhance the user experience by allowing them to initiate conversations with other users without the pressure of waiting for a match.

If the recipient responds and the two users have a good conversation, they can then choose to swipe right on each other and match.

24. Priority Likes

The Priority Likes feature is also exclusive to Tinder platinum users. With this feature, subscribers’ likes and super likes are given higher priority than the likes of non-subscribers. Hence, they are seen by the desired person way before users expect them.

25. Video Chat

The “Video Chat” feature on Tinder allows users to have video calls with their matches directly within the app. This feature enhances the user experience by allowing users to have more meaningful interactions and build stronger connections with their matches. It also offers a safer way to connect with someone before meeting.

26. Photo Verification

The “Photo Verification” feature on Tinder requires users to verify their profile photos with real-time selfies. This feature helps to prevent catfishing and fake profiles, making the platform safer and more trustworthy for users.

This feature also helps to improve the overall user experience by ensuring that matches are genuine and reliable.

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27. Add Videos in Profile

The “Add Videos in Profile” feature on Tinder adds a new depth and authenticity to the experience. It allows users to add short video clips to their profile, giving potential matches a better sense of their personality and interests.

It also encourages more meaningful connections and conversations, as matches can use video content as a conversation starter. This feature enhances the user experience by making profiles more engaging and dynamic and helps users to stand out from the crowd.

28. Work Mode

The “Work Mode” feature on Tinder allows users to hide their dating profile and activity during specific hours of the day, such as during work hours. This feature helps users maintain a better work-life balance by reducing distractions and allowing them to focus on their professional responsibilities.

The work mode feature also enhances privacy and security by preventing co-workers or employers from seeing their dating activity during work hours. This feature adds flexibility and convenience to the Tinder experience, making it more user-friendly and accommodating to users’ lifestyles.

29. Blind Date

The “Blind Date” feature on Tinder allows users to connect with someone without knowing their identity beforehand. Essentially, it’s a blind matchmaking feature where the user’s profile is hidden until both parties have agreed to match and communicate.

This feature adds an element of surprise and excitement to the online dating experience, as users have the opportunity to connect with someone based solely on their personality and conversation skills rather than just their appearance or profile information.

It is a popular choice among those looking for a little adventure and spontaneity in their dating lives.

30. Noonlight Timeline

The Noonlight Timeline feature on Tinder is a safety tool that allows users to share their plans and locations with friends during a date. If the user feels unsafe or in danger, they can trigger a discreet panic button that will notify emergency services and send their location to designated friends.

This feature adds an extra layer of security to the dating experience, giving users peace of mind and assurance that they have a safety net in case of an emergency.

31. Safety Center

The Safety Center feature on Tinder provides valuable resources for users to ensure a positive and secure dating experience. It provides tips and advice on creating a safe and secure dating profile, identifying and avoiding scams and fake profiles, and meeting offline for the first time.

32. Hot Takes

The Hot Takes feature on Tinder is a fun and interactive way for users to express their opinions on different topics and see how they match with potential matches. It displays users with a series of questions, and they can choose to swipe left or right depending on whether they agree or disagree.

Users can also see how their matches responded to the same questions, providing a great conversation starter. It adds an element of playfulness to the dating experience and can help users connect over shared interests and beliefs.

33. Explore Section

The Explore section on Tinder allows users to discover new potential matches beyond their usual geographic and age-range preferences. It shows users with a classified selection of profiles that match their other preferences, such as interests or education level, but may not necessarily fit their typical location or age range filters.

This feature allows users to expand their dating pool experience and explore new possibilities, leading to unexpected and exciting matches. This feature adds a sense of adventure and discovery to the dating experience, helping users to break out of their comfort zones and find new connections.

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34. Plus One

Many single people often want a partner to accompany them to special events or weddings. Luckily, Tinder has recently partnered with WeddingWire to offer a Plus One feature in the Explore section. This feature enables users to find a date to attend the event with them.

35. Are You Sure? (AYS?)

Tinder has taken forward the best measure to stop abuse and harassment in the app. So it has launched a new feature called “Are You Sure?”.

AYS? serves as a real-time warning to think twice. With the help of AI, the app detects inappropriate messages and proactively warns the sender their message may be offensive when they are in draft before they click on send.

36. Vibes

The vibe is an event-like feature that allows users to be matched with people with the same interests. Users have to answer a series of questions that appear in an event, and the answers will appear on their profile.

Users’ profiles will be suggested to other users who have given the same answers, and when they get a match, users can initiate a conversation.

37. ID Verification

Tinder has introduced ID verification for all users worldwide. This feature is designed to help prevent catfishing and create a safer online dating experience. This feature allows users to verify their identities by uploading documents. In Japan in 2019, a passport or license is typically used, but it might vary from place to place.

38. Tinder U

Tinder U is a feature within the Tinder app that is exclusively for university students. In this section of the app where users can swipe through potential matches from their own school and nearby campuses.

This feature is designed to help students connect with each other and make new friends or find potential romantic partners within their college community.

39. Swipe Party

The Swipe Party feature on Tinder allows users to virtually replicate the experience of swiping with friends in real time. This social component has become increasingly popular, as users can chat and share feedback on potential matches while swiping together.

By enabling users to invite guests to their swiping session, Tinder creates a more interactive and collaborative experience that encourages users to spend more time on the app. This feature is a great way to meet new people, bond with friends, and potentially find a match in a fun and engaging way.

40. Incognito Mode

Tinder’s “Incognito Mode” feature allows users to hide their profile from being seen by anyone they haven’t already swiped right on. It provides an additional layer of privacy and control for users who may not want to be visible to a large pool of potential matches at once. When the user activates Incognito Mode, it ensures that only people user’s have already liked will be able to see their profile and swipe on it.

Bottom Line

In conclusion, we can see how successful Tinder has been through its innovative and unique features. These features have not only helped Tinder stand out in a crowded market but have also enhanced the user experience and increased user engagement.

For businesses looking to create their own dating app, it is important to take inspiration from Tinder’s features and implement similar ones. By doing so, businesses can provide users with a more engaging and enjoyable dating experience, which leads to increased user retention and growth.

If you need help determining which features to include in your dating app, our team of dating app experts is here to assist you. Don’t hesitate to contact us, as we can guide you in creating a top-notch dating app.

As a leading dating app development company, we offer comprehensive support to bring your futuristic dating app idea to life. Also, we can help you integrate the best monetization strategies in your dating app. We also provide a free consultation if you have any queries regarding your dating app.

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