Web Development Trends: Every CEO Should Consider for Business Growth

Web Development Trends: Every CEO Should Consider for Business Growth

Every year, new web development trends and technologies are introduced, which as a CTO or CEO of an organization you must know to build innovative web projects.

Moreover, if you want to serve the audience well and remain in the market for a long time, you need to follow the latest web development trends.

As a leading web development company, we have implemented the recent trends in web development and created various web projects for clients belonging to different industries globally.

Here, we have analyzed various things and found web development trends that will have enormous scope over the next decade.

You can consider these trends and implement them in your current or upcoming web development projects to get significant benefits for your business.

So let’s get started:

1. Progressive Web Apps

PWAs are gaining a lot of traction in the last few years and they are here to stay long. They become popular web development trends because they offer high-quality browsing experiences, like the native apps to the users.

Besides this, PWAs can be accessed from any browser regardless of the device you are using.

As of 2019, around 65% of online shopping has happened from websites on mobile devices. According to Google, 75 % of mobile users expect to get instant information on their devices.

This indicates that it is imperative to have a website that loads information quickly.

Progressive Web Apps

Some of the major advantages of PWAs include great user-experience, better performance, and offline access. Due to this, a vast number of organizations switched their websites to PWAs. Several well-known examples of progressive web apps include Flipkart, Spotify, Tinder, and Trivago.

Moreover, all of these companies have got tremendous results in their business by building a PWA. Therefore, if you want to transform your business, you should look forward to building a PWA.

PWAs can be built using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and front-end frameworks like React.js and Angular.js.

2. Responsive Web Design

Responsive web design came into practice when mobile devices in the market were increasing in 2015. According to StatCounter, 91.82% of market share is from the mobile search engine.

Earlier, it was considered excellent if any company had a responsive website, but now it has become an integral part of any website. Moreover, due to a wide number of mobile users, Google introduced the mobile-first indexing in 2019.

3. AI-powered Chatbots

Various companies work in different time zones and provide their services around the clock, which they find to be challenging and expensive.

Web development trends are changing in a way where businesses can provide immediate support to their customers. To achieve this, businesses are making long-term investments in AI-powered chatbots and machine learning.

Also, various B2C firms have integrated Chatbots on social media platforms like Messenger, Skype, etc.

AI-powered Chatbots

Currently, Chatbots can perform various activities like answer customer queries, solve faqs, etc. Moreover, in the next few years, it is believed that AI Chatbots will be able to fulfill the user’s demands and understand their behavior.

If you also want to serve your customers well, then you can develop AI-powered chatbot with the help of an Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning Solution Provider.

4. Single Page Applications

In this tech-driven world, the majority of people don’t like to open different pages on a website to access information. This is where the need for SPAs arrived. A Single Page Applications is a website all the things can be fetched from one single page.

SPAs become well-known with the increase in the demand for JavaScript frameworks. They decrease reloading requirements because they don’t need to communicate with the server & continuously use JavaScript to render pages instantly.

Some of the common examples of SPAs include Google Drive, Gmail, etc. SPAs have become one of the recent trends in web development and they are going to stay for a long time.

Various businesses will opt for SPA in the future because they can hold user’s attention and also offer them required results instantly.

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5. Push Notifications

Yes, you heard it right, Push notifications are not just bound to the mobile apps, one can now integrate them into the web applications. They are useful in enhancing user experience and taking a company’s marketing efforts to the next level.

Push notifications are widely used to deliver personalized information to the audience. They become popular because users don’t require to register or enter an email.

Various leading giants & news websites have already adopted push notifications. In the upcoming years, numerous small and medium-size companies will also integrate these on their websites. Therefore, if you have any plans to integrate push notifications, then this is the best time.

6. Voice Search Optimization

Voice was introduced by leading tech giants such as Apple and Google over a decade ago. Over the years, a wide number of people accepted voice search and now rely on Apple Siri, Google’s Assistant, Amazon Alexa, and more.

According to Edison’s research, 62% of users in the United States have already used voice technology in 2020. Considering this, a vast number of small and big companies have started focusing on integrating voice search on their web development projects.

As per press release, 50% of households globally will be utilizing voice technology by the end of 2022. Lastly, if you are also running a web page, you should consider this trending technology for web development.

7. JavaScript Frameworks

JavaScript frameworks are made with the combination of JS programming language and different libraries. These frameworks offer a wide number of benefits to developers such as UI/UX testing, code-reusability, HTML templating, etc.

Due to these benefits, a wide range of companies has started utilizing JS frameworks to build feature-rich and innovative projects in web development.

JavaScript Frameworks

In the last 5 years, a wide number of JavaScript frameworks have been introduced in the market. Out of which, VueJs, AngularJs, and ReactJS are highly favored by developers worldwide. You can utilize any of these frameworks to create reliable and scalable web apps.

8. Motion UI

With each passing year, the attention span of the users is decreasing. Due to this, businesses and brands are looking for the latest web technologies to build visually appealing products for the customers.

Even though startups have started focusing more on UX, they forget one of the most aspects: user-interface. It is said that attractive web pages get more engagement than normal ones.

To increase the engagement rate, you can integrate various Motion UI’s like transitions, nice hovers, animated charts, etc. by utilizing SAAS libraries.

9. API-First Development

With the constant changes in technology, it is expected that all the web solutions should be ready for connectivity with other apps in the near future.

In other words, various devices such as mobile phones, cars, gaming systems, etc. should be able to communicate with each other. For this, one needs to develop various APIs.

Currently, the majority of companies follow a traditional approach to design the app, which is as follows:

  • The design team starts working on the design and lists out API requirements.
  • Then, the back-end team begins building the API and then passes it to the front-end team for testing.
  • Simultaneously, the front-end team develops SDKs to test and then verify the API’s interactions.
  • If there are any errors, then the above process gets repeated.

There is a major flaw in this process because front-end developers rely on the back-end developers for API. This is time-consuming and there is a lot of dependency on each other in the process.

API-First Development

To resolve this, developers should consider the API-first development. With this approach, your team will be able to save a lot of time and streamline the entire process of development.

10. Accelerated Mobile Pages

Google is very much concerned about the user’s experience. They are continually introducing new tools and technologies to enhance performance on mobile devices.

Considering the rise of smartphone users, Google introduced the AMP project back in 2015. AMPs were introduced to ensure that all the web pages load immediately and work efficiently across a vast number of devices.

Ideally, AMPs are somewhat similar to PWAs and they are integrated by developers to speed up the performance.

Apart from this, AMP pages are useful for increasing visibility and helping to rank pages quickly on the search engine.

AMP plugins built by Google and Twitter can be used by any size of business to increase their site’s visibility and to stay in the competition for long.

11. Automated Testing

In the last few years, most popular web development technologies have been introduced to make development cost-effective and provide an enhanced user experience. Testing is the most crucial thing in the development phase.

Whether you are developing a project using the latest technologies like machine learning or popular languages like Python, Automated Testing helps you determine whether a project is ready for deployment.

By following this method, the development team can fetch various test cases and make changes accordingly to decrease development costs in the long run.

Moreover, by doing automated testing, you can deliver error-free & better products to the target audience.

12. CyberSecurity

With each passing year, companies are focusing on making the majority of their tasks & operations automatic. Due to this enhanced technological advancement, companies face several potent risks like cyber threats, information theft, or website hacking.

To tackle this, Cybersecurity is the most essential trend for the future of web development. Organizations should draw attention to building high-security algorithms that protect the necessary details of users present in databases and servers.

13. WebAssembly

While developing a web application, performance is the major concern faced by a wide number of businesses. JavaScript is responsible for slowing the app, which affects the overall app’s performance.

To tackle this, WebAssembly is introduced. WebAssembly (or Wasm) is an open standard consisting of code in binary format to execute programs and related text assembly language. They provide native-app like performance in web apps.


WebAssembly apps haven’t launched in exchange for JavaScript, but as a companion to JS. As you know, JavaScript is highly-adaptable, dynamic, and consists of human-readable source code, while WebAssembly is quick, robust, and consists of code in binary format.

Here, developers can build performance-related parts of the app using their preferred language. Later, Web Assembly will handle the execution in the browser efficiently.

Businesses can use WebAssembly to develop high-performance web apps related to music streaming, video-streaming, CAD, games, etc.

14. AR/VR

Launch of Pokemon Go and Google Earth created a lot of buzz about the AR and VR technology. Due to this, leading giants, as well as the startups belonging to different sectors, have started working on AR/VR to build innovative products.

Besides this, there are some VR videos on YouTube which allows you to experience virtual reality by using a proper VR headset.

According to Perkins Coie’s report, 39% of tech leaders believe that AR will become omnipresent by 2025.

From this, we can say that AR/VR will be one of the latest trends in web development. You can take advantage of AR/VR to create high-quality, robust, scalable, and productive web apps.

15. Modular Design

Modular Design is mainly a design thinking approach that allows you to build independent parts of the web using standard interfaces. In other words, it will enable developers to reuse the same components and modules on a web page, which is not possible in templates.

Modular Design

Here, content is presented in a block grid pattern, where all the elements are adjusted into a rectangular pattern. This is an efficient way of presenting the information.

Some famous examples of modular design are lego construction types and Russian nesting dolls.

In Russian nesting dolls, every layer consists of its thickness; similarly, in web design, there should be identical padding and margin.

When a two-layer doll is kept beside a four-layer doll, there is an issue of spacing. Similarly, there are issues of spacing and CSS on a website.

All these things can be resolved by creating a website using Modular Design. Moreover, it is a cost-effective, flexible, and effective way to build websites.

16. Internet of Things

Over the last few years, the demand for IoT devices is increasing and based on a report by Statista; there will be more than 30 million interconnected devices by the end of 2025.

The upsurge of IoT devices will have a significant impact on the web and mobile app development, as users will be able to perform a vast number of tasks from desktops, laptops, and other devices.

IoT devices are mainly launched to focus less on routine tasks and invest more time on multiple times. This is an excellent opportunity for businesses to enhance their operations in the organization by building IoT devices.

Apart from this, you can launch various web development projects using IoT technology to offer a better user experience.

17. Blockchain Technology

Blockchain Technology is mainly a data structure that consists of transactional records and it offers utmost security, transparency, and decentralization. It is known as a chain of records structured like blocks under no one’s authority. One simple example is Google Docs.

Cryptocurrencies have gained a lot of popularity in the last three years because they enable safe and protected online transactions eliminating all the middlemen in the network.

Due to this, various leading companies around the globe started integrating cryptocurrencies for accepting payment. For instance, Microsoft, Newegg, Overstock are now accepting Bitcoin from users for their services.

Several well-known banks across the globe are looking forward to investing in Blockchain due to high security. Apart from this, Blockchain offers benefits like enhanced transparency, security, decreased costs, etc.

From the above things, we can say that various companies should look upon Blockchain to improve their business in the near future.

18. Multi-Experience

Multi-experience enables users to access your web app on a vast number of devices such as smartphones, laptops, smartwatches, cars, etc. But the main purpose here is to ensure that your app looks visually appealing along with being intuitive and valuable.

As per Gartner, Multi-Experience is one of the leading technology trends in 2021. It also states that around 25% of mobile apps, progressive web apps, and conversational apps will operate via a multi-user experience.

From this, we can say that multi-experience is one of the latest trends in web development. We can also expect that the traditional approach of users interacting with devices will be replaced with multi-touch, multisensory, multi-screen, and multi-device.


As of now, customers love apps built using the latest technologies like AR/VR, Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning, IoT, etc. Therefore, companies will have to provide multi-experience to users, along with integrating these technologies on their web apps.

Lastly, if you want to succeed in the long run, consider building a web app as per Multi-experience.

19. Micro-Frontends

Microservices architecture is one of the most favored architectures by developers in recent years because it offers better adaptability and scalability compared to the big traditional back-ends.

Even now, there are a lot of issues in the front-ends because developers have to look after huge codebases while developing UI. These codebases affect overall project quality and become a hurdle in the way of building a good app.

One of the latest web development trends, which is Micro-Frontends, can be used to resolve above issues. A micro-front-end is mainly an architecture that allows teams to work separately on front-end components and then combine them all to create a feature-rich application.


In other words, micro-frontend allow developers to consider an iterative approach to updates. Also, it enables developers to code components separately without affecting the functionality and user-interface.

Two of the significant benefits of micro front-ends are that it allows the management of code efficiently and also permits the reusability of codes.

Lastly, it provides different teams to work efficiently as per the scope of the work and launch components separately.

Bottom Line

So here we end the list of some of the best web development trends that will grow in the next few years.

Whether you want to update your existing web product or develop a new one, you can consider integrating these trends to enhance the user experience, improve ROI, and also provide the best services to a wider audience.

Think upon which trends suit your web project before contacting any web development company. We are a tech-savvy IT company with a highly-talented team of designers & developers. You are most welcome to share your requirements with us.

Our team continually adapts to the changes in technology, and we ensure that we build web projects according to the latest web development trends in the market.

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