E-commerce trends

What are latest eCommerce Trends?

eCommerce industry is growing at an incredible rate. New eCommerce technology features and marketing strategies are bringing in new ways to make the online purchase easier, interesting as well as secure. eCommerce innovations will take eCommerce industry one step ahead.

In this article, we would like to inform you about the latest eCommerce trends to follow in your business that will help you to change the way people do shopping on your website or mobile app.


UI UX experts have claimed that animation will be very important for an eCommerce store for a number of reasons.

  • It makes the website or mobile app interesting
  • It helps you to focus the attention of the customer at a product
  • It gives the customermore immersive buying experience
  • Will help you to explain complex thing in more simple terms

Disposable AR/VR strategies

If you are looking to improve your business efficiency as well as provide better services to your customer, then you can adopt disposable AR/VR strategies.

Disposable AR/VR strategies allow you to provide your customers with an enhanced experience.

Your customers can see how the product will look before even opening the package with the help of disposable AR/VR devices.

Experts have concluded that adding Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality technologies enhance customer experience which will help you to retain your loyal customer base and get new ones through word of mouth advertisement.

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Automation and machine learning

Automation combined with machine learning will play an important part in eCommerce app development process.

These two can work in tandem to not only improve the efficiency of your store’s operation but also helps you reduce abandoned cart frequency and improve decision-making capacity.

Machine learning helps you to understand what the customer is looking for and how best you can serve their interest.

Automation, on the other hand, helps you to reduce your reliance on manual supervision, thereby reducing the cost on employees.

Machine learning also helps you to improve the Chatbot interaction significantly.

Machine language and automation also help you to send and receive email, thereby reducing the time it takes to send bulk email to suppliers or customers.

Blockchain technology to reduce fraud

Blockchain is a great way to find out about the origin of a product.

This will help your company to reduce the chances of any counterfeit goods in the stock, which in turn will help your company to maintain its goodwill in the market.

Blockchain technology can also help your customer to find out the origin of an individual product that is used to make a food item (or for that matter any other item).

The blockchain is not used for any specific industries but blockchain will be used for every industry it will help to gather all the records and transform into blocks and convert into cryptography so no one can use misuse of that data.

Blockchain used by education, medical, traveler and retail industries to keep their data safe and make transaction more transparent with customers.

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This will help them to figure on which one of your product is fresh and is made up of good quality ingredients. This will help them make a more informed choice when buying any product.

All this effort to provide the best services to your customer will help you to gain customers loyalty, thereby improving your chances of getting repeat buyers.

Improving B2B interaction

Automation, integration with social media platform, online payment option and other features on a website or mobile app will help you to connect more quickly and effectively with your suppliers.

The mobile management system integrated with your store will inform you which stock is below the optimum level.

Once identified, the system can automatically place an order with a designated supplier so that you do not lose any business due to non-availability of a good.

Increased use of voice search

As voice search through intelligent virtual assistant like Alexa, Cortana, Siri and others are gaining grounds. If you own an online retail company and are looking to improve your website, then you should ask your eCommerce development company to ensure that voice search feature is integrated into your store to make it more interactive.

Voice search is extremely important for those users who use their mobile phone to access the websites. It allows them the convenience of ordering something just through a voice command. In order to become the best eCommerce website, you must look at the user experience critically and in this effort voice search will help you a lot. Voice command has great impact and advantages on every sector of influencing industry like education, travel, Real estate, and healthcare sector.

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Voice Search in Ecommerce Web Design

Nowadays, companies are trying to improve user engagement with their website through virtual assistant support like that of Alexa. In 2019 more and more companies will use services such as Amazon Alexa skill to improve the user experience and engagement. You can also make use of virtual assistant like Alexa or Augmented reality to make the user interaction with your store more interesting and engaging.

Guided selling option

Guide to Find Relevant Product

When you give a contract to an eCommerce development agency to develop the website or mobile app of your eCommerce store, you should insist on including the guided selling option to your design. This is the perfect feature that all eCommerce design services should focus on.

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Any popular online store has thousands of commodities on display. To improve the user experience and also introduce him to newer products that are introduced, the guided selling option integrated into the store will be a wonderful option.

In this type of design, there is a questionnaire that takes the main demands of a visitor and after going through the answers provided by the visitor; it provides him with a list of options that closely match with what he/she is looking for.

Future of eCommerce

Experts believe that in the future, many business owners will focus on one or two products only.

eCommerce industry will do their best to provide the best service all over the world and try to increase user experience and satisfaction with all the new eCommerce trends and features. With all new eCommerce technology, there are many latest trends in eCommerce like AR, VR, Alexa, Artificial Intelligence and many others. These new features will have a great impact on eCommerce industries.

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These eCommerce businesses will closely interact with their customers on social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook to design their future products.

This will help them to target a selected group of audience who are very loyal to the company resulting in repeat buyers for its product.

Easy checkout and multiple delivery options

People on the move do not like to wait endlessly to check out of a website/app.

As an eCommerce retail dealer, you should ensure that your eCommerce website or mobile app offers easy checkout with multiple payment options.

People are also looking for a different delivery option. It could be COD, prepaid, installment, and so on.

The more option you provide to your clients, the more attractive your business model will become to the buyers resulting in repeat buyers.

Always hunt for payment gateways which are accepted by people but are not in your website/app, it will gain the trust of visitor and convert the visitor into a customer.

Simple yet elegant design

Make sure that during the eCommerce development process, the UI/UX designer focus on simplicity and elegance.

Bold fonts with contrasting backgrounds will help your website or mobile app to attract the attention of your targeted audience.

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Make sure that your website or mobile app is without any bugs and it works smoothly across all devices.

If you follow these suggestions, then you will find that your eCommerce business will improve its profit margin by improving its sale volume.

Social Media Promotion

The social platform is the perfect place where a retailer can showcase and sell his products.

Young people spend most of their free time on the social network, which makes them very easy for marketing experts to improve the brand promotion of a company.

Retail companies’ world over is targeting social media like Facebook and Instagram to connect with their targeted audience in a more effective way.

Your eCommerce store must be integrated with social media.

If an individual like your product on Facebook, Instagram, or any other social and, they can click on the image and take them to your website or mobile app.

From there they can purchase the product by paying online.

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The Layout that Looks like Cards

Card Layout Ecommerce Design Trend

This is another innovative design that we will see more and more in use on different websites. Here small rectangular cards that are filled with colorful images act as an entry point for the viewers to get more comprehensive and detailed information about a subject.

The amazing thing about this kind of design is that it can be used for different kind of contexts and is easy to understand by the viewer.

Cinema graphs

Cinemagraphs for Engaging Website

You should also use the GIFs and text to provide an interesting animation on the website or mobile app and it is not very heavy.

These are some of the new design trends that are popular and do not require a lot of resources allowing the developers to provide affordable design to with their customers at the same time improving their website’s looks as well as functionalities.

Material design

This design has become very popular among the eCommerce companies because it allows them to do a lot of things that will focus the attention of the viewer on the contents. This particular design also helps in other ways like:

material design for ecommerce web development

Branding: This design uses the flat and light objects along with two or three colors to highlight a brand. This makes it very light on resources that in turn affect its performances positively.

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More engaging UI/UX: Material design is highly suitable to improve user engagement as it can be integrated with responsive and meaningful interaction segments quite easily.

Cost effective: This design also saves a lot on the cost as a single design can be used for mobile, website and APP. This has reduced the overhead costs of web designing for multiple platforms.

Mobile friendly web design

Responsive Ecommerce Website Design

As people are increasingly using their mobile phones to buy goods from the Internet, it makes sense to make new eCommerce site optimized to be viewed on the small screen. At present many basic eCommerce websites are not fully optimized for mobile viewing. To access all the features of these websites, a visitor has to use the slider or zoom function. Therefore, when you want to build a website for the eCommerce industry, make sure that you choose a responsive web design.

This will allow the website that you have designed adapt to the screen size of the device on which it is being viewed. Besides, the convenience of viewing the website optimally on the small screen, when a website is optimized to be viewed on a small screen it also provides several other benefits.

  • Improved traffic as more people can access it.
  • Better SEO feature which improves its ranking
  • Better brand advertisement
  • Improved customer engagement

Hamburger menus will become more interactive

Informative Hamburger in Ecommerce Web Design

While the hamburger menu in the form of three horizontal lines is there for many years in web designing, many eCommerce website builders have started to experiment with it. They are mainly looking at changing the look of this popular design and also improving its use even further.

To make your website/app unique, you can ask your developer to give the traditional hamburger a particular shape (a hamburger will do!) and provide more options for it. As an eCommerce website design company, go for the simple look and put most of the sections under the hamburger menu so that you can project a clean and uncluttered image of the company’s brand.

CSS Grid layout

Grid Layout in Ecommerce Development

When you are brainstorming with experts on web or app development, you must frequently experiment with different design features to make the website/app look cool and trendy. And one of the latest mobile eCommerce trends that you can use for effective eCommerce solutions is to make use of CSS grid layout.

This two-dimensional design gives more control over different elements of a webpage to the web developer. While the older web browsers were unable to support it, the newly updated browsers are fully optimized for such design layouts.

Multimedia contents

Multimedia Content for Ecommerce Web Design

Nowadays, interactive graphics design has also made a vital addition to the multimedia feature of a website. Now a visitor can paint the product in different colors and then try to figure out which one he likes the more.

For car companies, the 360-degree tour provided in their websites allow a visitor to experience the viewing of the car in a more engaging way. Similar kind of features is making an appearance on the eCommerce websites.

In order to improve the personal engagement with the viewers while developing your own eCommerce app or even when giving the job to the professionals, always try to include more features make use of multimedia features.

Multimedia features are extremely important for an eCommerce website as they allow the designer to showcase all the products in their full glory. People who want to look at a product can view it from different angles to make up their mind whether they will buy it or not.

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