Importance of Node.JS in eCommerce Industry

Published On: May 22, 2019
Last Updated: March 16, 2023
Importance of Node.JS in eCommerce Industry

Nowadays, Node.js is one of the most famous and widely used by developers across the globe. If you are an entrepreneur wondering how to build a Node.js eCommerce website, We will share with you how you can use Node.js to build the next revolution in eCommerce.

How many of you have done online shopping? Almost everyone, I guess! So, it is but obvious that the eCommerce industry is booming every day and it is only going to grow even more in the upcoming years.

Increasing usage of e-Commerce also creates a high demand for eCommerce store development. People are building their own website and mobile apps for their business and selling worldwide through their online platform.

Increasing demand for eCommerce website has made a JavaScript environment very popular and that is Node.js. Developers are highly recommending to use Node.js in any eCommerce store they build.

The major reason for using this Node.js environment is that it is cross-platform and highly scalable.

But before discussing further Node.js, let’s plunge into the introduction on How can Node.js can make your eCommerce store development more convenient and profitable?

What is Node.js?

Node.js is an open source and cross-platform compatible JavaScript runtime environment, which can be used to develop a lightning-fast web-experience.

Node.js is not a programming language, but it uses JavaScript code and runs on both the client side and the server side. It is one of the most reliable platforms to build an eCommerce store as well.

What is Node.js?

More and more business people are using Node.js to build their online ecommerce store. But have you ever wondered?

  • Why Node.js?
  • Why use Node.js?

Well, the answer is because of its high scalability and cross-platform compatibility. So, Node.js eCommerce is the latest eCommerce trend in the market and eCommerce stores mostly use Node.js on their website.

Node.js development takes lesser development time and has lesser development costs.

Node Package Manager (NPM)

Node.js has Node Package Manager (NPM) libraries as well, which makes the development of the project even faster.

NPM has a lot of libraries and packages built-in which are contributed by the Node.js community and can be used by anyone to build their project. This ready-made library makes project development faster and cost-efficient.

Node Package Manager

Apart from NPM, Node.js has Node Modules as well, in which a set of codes is built, and that set of code can be used in any project. You can write your own code module as well, and make it available in the community.

If you are still unsure about Node.js development here are some more reasons:

Node.js eCommerce

Node.js is loved by the web developers as well as the eCommerce store owners, cause the owner gets faster delivery that too, at lower costs.

When you own an eCommerce store, Node.js is probably the best option you can opt for. You can take advantage of NPM and other standalone tools and bring the best to your eCommerce store with the use of Node.js.

Node.js eCommerce is the best thing that can one choose to develop their eCommerce store.

Is Nodejs the Pick for Your Project

Why Use Node.js?

eCommerce store owners also can take advantage of Node.js as the major companies like Walmart, NASA, Netflix, Medium, Twitter, etc. are already shift their codes to Node.js.

The reason behind shifting their codes to Node.js is to improve the efficiency and scalability of their code.

Why Use Node.js?

Node.js is lightweight, single-threaded as well as scalable. It is one of the fastest growing platforms on the internet. This has sparked a lot of companies to use Node.js on their server side.

Here are some benefits of using Node.js in your eCommerce project. Let’s find out the major benefits of node.js and why Node.js typically popular among e-commerce industries.

Benefits of Node.js

Any platform will give you some reasons to select that particular platform over any other platforms. Node.js gives a lot of reasons to choose Nodejs over any other platforms. Here, we share some key-benefits of Node.js development.

Benefits of Node.js

1. Cross-platform compatibility:

Node.js is cross-platform compatible, and hence it will work on any platform and provide you the best and efficient output. The developers don’t need to have the knowledge of a lot of programming languages, but only one language knowledge is sufficient.

2. Lesser Development Time

As Node.js framework is cross-platform compatible, it saves the development time for developers, and also it comes with a lot of libraries, so no need to code some functions, as they are already available in one of many libraries made available by the community.

3. Optimum Performance

Node.js will give optimum performance in your project as compared to the other technologies. Node.js code is interpreted by the V8 Javascript Engine developed by Google.

So, there’s no doubt on the performance on the code interpretation. And it does not require any other server-side scripting codes, so it makes the execution faster, and almost every web browser support JavaScript, so it is an extra benefit of using Node.js.

4. Scalable

One of the major benefits of Node.js is that Node.js is highly scalable and its event-driven design infuses scalability into the application you are developing. So, Node.js eCommerce store will always be scalable due to the scalable nature of Node.js.

5. LightWeight

As it is based on JavaScript, Node.js is lightweight and much faster. It can be used for both client side and server side scripting.

The operations and data handling requests are lightweight and moreover, it is based on Google’s V8 engine which makes the execution much faster. So, we consider it as an added advantage of using Node.js.

6. Caching Advantage

Node.js provides the facility of caching single modules in the application memory, so whenever there is a request for the module, it will be stored in the application memory, and make the web page load faster and make the user experience much better. Thanks to advance caching option of Node.js.

7. Open-source

The major advantage of building a Node.js ecommerce is that it is open-source. You don’t need any paid license to use it in your node eCommerce store.

Node.js being an open source platform, can avail the advice of many developers and professionals and help to build your Node.js ecommerce store. So, it is also one of the most crucial advantages of using Node.js in your eCommerce store.

8. Availability of resources

As mentioned in the previous point, Node.js is an open-source platform, there are many developers out there continuously contributing to the Node.js and JavaScript community, which makes your project development much faster, as many libraries and APIs are already available which brings down the overall development time and cost.

So, this resource availability and experts advice are also a major thumbs-up for Node.js ecommerce development.

9. Multiple request handling

Node.js is providing the option of non-blocking I/O systems, so it can handle multiple requests simultaneously and make your eCommerce store efficient in handling multiple requests at the same time.

Moreover, its multiple request handling is also better than other technologies like Ruby or Python. So, this Node.js thing is the best technology you can use for your next eCommerce project.

10. Single Data Stream

Node.js handles HTTP requests and its corresponding outcome from just a single data stream. So, it makes the data processing very easy, especially in eCommerce where multiple file requests are in the queue for processing.

So, that is the most beneficial thing of using Node.js on your eCommerce website. And this process makes the process much faster and make the user experience better by quick processing.

11. Easy Extensibility

Node.js is highly extensible. That means customization of any existing modules is much easier in Node.js. Moreover, the addition or removal of any modules is much easier as compared to using other technologies. So, Node.js is the best development option when you frequently want to customize your modules or add/remove any modules.

So, the upon benefits can be availed when you create a website using Node.js. Apart from these listed benefits, there are many more benefits which are not mentioned in this blog. You got to build a Node.js website to see the results and feel the difference by yourself.

So, after reading this blog about Node.js, you must be cleared on why use Node.js in your next eCommerce website. So, are you ready to develop your Node.js eCommerce website? Contact us now to get a free consultation and hire the best Node.js development company for your next project.

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