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How to start online pet store?

Nowadays, an online business identity like a website or mobile app has become compulsory to win the customer’s trust. It adds value to brand building for your business.

Are you selling pets, pet supplies, and pets grooming? Do you want to start your own online pet store? I am happy to say you that you are going in the right direction because there are tons of online pet business opportunities that can boost your pet store business.

To sell pets and pet products online related to their grooming or establishing an online pet food store, you have two major channels; an eCommerce website and an eCommerce app. You can integrate them both, but in the development process, both of these follows slightly different paths.

Here, we will give you a complete lowdown on how you should go about in building an online pet business and open a pet supply store app right from the scratch.

If you are not a technical person then it is vital that you take the help of a professional web development company or mobile app development company who will guide you in the right direction.

Developing a pet store website

Online pet store website development

There are a large number of online resources that will help you to build a website on your own. However, it is advisable that while developing an eCommerce website for your company, you should take the help of a professional. The reason being there are several elements that are critical to the success of a website besides the designing path and a novice with little knowledge about them will make a mess of these. Also, visit several famous pet selling websites so that you will get an idea of how to start a pet store.

How to choose the right web development company for my online pet shop?

The first question that as an entrepreneur you might face while developing a website for an online pet supermarket is how to choose the right web development company for the job?

You can do this in two different ways, one is through word of mouth and the other is by researching them on the Internet who is serving genuine information about starting online pet stores. If you are satisfied with the information served then you should ask them for their past experience and work. If possible then schedule a meeting with them so that you can know more about them and ask for a quote if you are satisfied with their knowledge, skills and representations.

hire developer for online pet shop development

While developing a website that will deal with your pet supply online business you have to first figure out what are those items that you want to provide to your customers through your website. Are you looking to sell pets only? Once it has been decided then focus your attention to get a unique domain name related to pets will be a good starting point for an online dog store or online pet store.

Make sure that the website representing your online pet supply business is well organized where pets, their food and grooming accessories are placed in different categories and well labeled for easy navigation.

Select Good Hosting

The next step will be to look for a good web host. There are different kind of web hosting you have to choose one depending on your budget and business requirements:

  • Shared hosting
  • Dedicated hosting
  • Cloud hosting

When you are selecting a web hosting service for your online pet supplies stores you have to look at these important issues that can affect the user experience.

  • Look at the downtime
  • Does it have email service included?
  • Does it have a backup facility?
  • Its ability to scale
  • Can you switch to another hosting site in future?
  • The reputation

If you are unsure about hosting then you can consult web development company too.

Select Secure and Trusted Payment Gateway

Ensure the payment segment of the website is secure and provide the customer with a wide range of options like credit card/debit card, Internet Banking or coin system.

Additionally, it would be great if your pet selling website has the latest trends in design and usage incorporated like:

  • The design should be simple yet elegant
  • It must be mobile responsive
  • The website should load quickly
  • And many more
  • It should have an easy to operate admin panel
  • It should have prominently placed CTA buttons and texts

Developing a pet store app

If you own an online pet supply business, then your business will greatly benefit if you develop an eCommerce app to sell pet supplies online. You should integrate it with your established website to garner more traffic from those who are comfortable in using the mobile apps on their smartphone rather than browsing through a website. With the pet supermarket application, you can provide a new experience to your customers compare to other online pet suppliers.

Pet supermarket application Development

When you are planning to develop a mobile app for your online pet supply store, you have to keep in mind the following things for a smooth operation.

The first part of this process is to choose a good name so that people looking to buy pets or pet food online are attracted towards it. Make sure that it is unique sounding and catchy which will help you immensely in advertising your brand.

To finance your business, you can either use your savings or take a business loan (nowadays government is encouraging startups big time!).

The next step will be to find a wholesale supplier who will sell you high quality branded products that you can sell through your mobile app.

For the business transaction, you have to open a merchant bank account and link it to your mobile app store so that your customers can make payment for any products they purchased from your store without any hassle.

After you have laid down the basic groundwork for starting your business, the next step will be to hire dedicated mobile app developers. When selecting a developer trying to figure out which platform you want to choose for your mobile app; Windows, Android or iOS.

Discuss Your Pet Store Requirement With us and Get a Free Quote

When you start mobile app design then make sure you choose the right approach – Native (expensive and requires skill), Web (quick to launch and cheap to develop) and Hybrid (use element from both Native as well as Web approach).

You have to be absolutely clear about the revenue model you want to follow when you are launching a business. This is one of the critical factors behind the success and failure of a business.

Integrate an analytical tool with your app so that you can make a detailed analysis of how many users are using your app and what are their buying pattern.

Analytics integration in pet store mobile application

After the mobile app for your online pet business is developed, the next stage will be to test it to weed out any bugs that may affect its performance.

Launch the app on Google and Apple app stores, and make sure to promote your app very well. For promoting your app, you consult a digital marketing agency to get the best result because this process requires lots and lots of efforts for a very long time. You can spend this time in productive decisions of your business instead of digital marketing. It will return you well for sure.

Collect feedback for your online pet supply business

Even after deploying the app your task is not finished, you have to go through the feedback section to find out what you should do to make the user experience of your app better. You also have to provide regular updates to ensure that your app remains secure and it has the latest features that other competing mobile apps of your competitors have.

While designing the mobile app make sure that you follow the following guidelines:

• The UI of the app should be so simple that even a non-technical person can operate it easily
• It should be integrated with your website
• It should have a well-known payment gateway
• It should have a feedback section
• Put only short and to the point message
• Use colours that complement your brand
• It should be easily navigable
• And many more

Make sure that the app for your online pet shop is super easy to operate and has cart facility, feedback sections, secure payment options embedded in it. The app should be well designed and all the categories should be neatly labelled.

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