Create Your Own Shopping App like Amazon to Sell Stuff Online

Create Your Own Shopping App like Amazon to Sell Stuff Online

Presently, the way we do our business is way different from how we used to conduct it earlier. Nowadays, most business uses some form of Internet outreach like; having a website, a social platform or a blog or an online shop app for business.

Many online shopping website owners have already started eCommerce app development to grab the mobile users as their customers. List of different websites which have already build eCommerce apps like amazon are given below:

Top 10 Amazon Alternatives:

  • eBay: Bidding website for discount shopping.
  • Overstock: Designer brands and home goods.
  • Newegg: Leading online retailer selling computer hardware and consumer electronics.
  • Zappos: Online shoe, accessory and clothing marketplace known for providing great customer service.
  • Jet: Amazon alternative to obtain branded items at a lower price.
  • AliExpress: Wholesale online marketplace offers factory direct pricing on bulk inventory.
  • Target: Well-known for good collection of stylish and affordable clothing, home goods, and everyday household essentials.
  • Walmart: Online store with everyday low prices and free two-day shipping.
  • Rakuten: Fastest growing electronic commerce and online retailing company.
  • Offers great deals on consumer electronics such as laptops, TVs and much more.

Are you also planning to make your own app like Amazon & Wish to sell stuff online? If yes, then first you will need to know how to start an ecommerce business & build your own app for business. Many people are still searching for how to create the best business apps. We have shared an advanced and step by step information to create your own mobile shop app for business.

Experts have predicted that in a very short period, mobile apps for business owners will be in great demand as most businesses will migrate to the online medium. It gives them better exposure, bigger market and a good ROI.

Develop a Feature-Rich Shopping App

If you wish to leverage the reach of mobile users to reach out to a larger market, then creating an online selling app shall be the best option. You can also create an amazon store which works as a mediator for buyers and sellers. This buy sell app will allow you to earn commission/fees as well as sell things online.

If you are a medium size busines owner or well funded enterprenuer who wish to launch a custom and unique online store then we recommend you to take the help of an eCommerce app development company and ask them to create online store for your business.

Shop apps or business applications are a great hit among the masses and entrepreneurs. They are using this craze of online shopping through mobile apps to improve the sales through shopping mobile apps like amazon.

Want to learn more about How to start an ecommerce business and why it’s important? Read this first.

Things to know before creating an online selling app like Amazon

Here, we will give you some steps that you need to follow, if you want to create own app to sell things locally or globally.



The first thing that you have to do when you are thinking about online selling apps, is planning. You should be absolutely clear about what you want to sell online through an app. You should plan well before you develop an ecommerce app. Your shopping app must include all the goods and services that you want to sell to your customers in an easy to use way.

Advance Technology Integration

You should also think about the future technologies that can be integrated in your shopping app during the planning of an application. This helps shopping app development company to make your shopping app scalable. You must be aware with latest technologies because technology is advancing day by day. Some of the good technology for near future is voice command technology (alexa skill), augmented reality, virtual reality, Internet of Things etc. If you already have an online shopping app then you can think to integrate these technologies in your existing app.

Start small

Do not start an online business with a huge range of products but only a small range of quality products. First, try to create goodwill for your small business app. You may need to create local selling apps to gain more trust and popularity.

How to create local selling app?

There is a step by step procedure to start your application at small scall (local) and expand it to large scale (country or global).

Know your competitors

Once you have decided what kind of goods you want to sell, the next thing is competitor analysis. You should be aware of all the best apps for small business to compete with them and offer something better than them. This is important if you want to succeed in a market where other shopping apps are selling similar products, then you must provide something extra to your customer so that they come to your online selling app. To do that you have to study the best mCommerce apps and look what they are offering. After reviewing competitors’ apps, your question of how to develop your own app will be solved.

Profile of your customer

You should also know the profile of your targeted audience and how they shop. Where they hang out online. Once you get these information, you can advertise your app on those sites to improve the visibility of your online selling app.

Choose the essential features

When you are planning to create a shopping app like Amazon for your business, then you have to be absolutely clear as to what essential features you want to include like search, product list, easy navigation, faster checkout, registration/login, payment gateways, Live chat, Push notification/Newsletter etc.

Once online selling app’s features have been decided then start with MVP app development for your selling app.

You Don’t Have To Be Great To Start, But You Have To Start To Be Great.

— Zig Ziglar

Provide user-friendly logins

When a visitor first visits your mobile store to buy something, don’t overwhelm him/her with different forms asking for personal information. You should allow them to browse your app as a guest and in case he/she is interested in buying goods/services, then ask him/her to open an account with the simple registration form.

Attractive design

Creating an attractive design for your business app is one of the important thing that you should always focus on. To make your eCommerce app aesthetic looking, you should ask the UI UX Design Agency to focus on the following things:

  • Prominent placement of the company’s logo to improve brand awareness
  • The products that you are selling should be displayed in an interesting way
  • App should be easy to use.

Search feature

Make sure that the mobile eCommerce template you are using for your shopping mobile app has a search feature embedded in it. It is a very important part of any buy sell app as it allows the customers to quickly look for a product that interests you. Learning from your customer’s experience in your application will help you a lot and lean you success.

Select a platform

This is very important to make your online selling app viable. You must do a market research to find out what type of platform your target audience uses. Depending on the findings of the market research, you can choose whether to develop shopping apps for Android or iOS or both. Then you need to study how to develop your own app? It is an essential part of any mobile app development process.

Good customer support

It is important to have a great customer support to improve the user’s experience when they use your online selling app. If they are facing any problem in logging in or looking for the right product or payment option, there should be either an operator (during office hours) or a chatbot that will help the clients to resolve the issues.

A safe and secure payment option

Your client should feel safe while making any money transaction through your eCommerce mobile app. Put stringent security measures in place so that the financial data of your client stays safe and they can browse and pay for the product of their choice with complete peace of mind. This is a very sensitive point; you must include payment features in online shopping app that will help your customers to build trust in your app.

Get Highly Secure and Scalable eCommerce App

If you want to run longer in business then you must be alert about the safety of your customer’s data and scalability of your app.

A feedback section

A feedback section is important to get a clear idea of what are the positive and negative things about your local selling app. This will help you to rectify any issues that are affecting the user experience adversely.

A Smoother Checkout Options

When a customer add product(s) to cart, then They will not like to hang on there but make the payment and checkout quickly. You must tell them the number of steps that has to be completed to make the purchase and exit the app. This will give the customer an idea of how much time they will need for the entire process and plan accordingly. If it simple process then it will surely increase your purchase rate.


None of the steady things work for a longer period of time. You should always optimize your application as per your customers’ feedback and own analysis. Always try to deliver good values to your customers through optimization of the application. It must be never stopping process if you want to make your eCommerce business successful.

Free shipping

Everyone likes to have something for free and you can attract more customers by offering free shipping service up to a particular limit (it could be the amount of product they buy or even geographical limit).

Advertise your app

It is important to promote your local selling app in the mobile stores so that more people know about it and they use it to buy products from your store like wish. To do this you can take the help of social media to spread the word about how great your shopping mobile app is. Alternatively, you can hire the digital marketing agency for app store optimization and digital marketing process.

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