Top 14 Healthcare App Ideas for a Successful Healthcare Startup

Published On: February 4, 2020
Last Updated: January 6, 2023
Top 14 Healthcare App Ideas for a Successful Healthcare Startup

Technology is changing at a never-before rate. Various sectors have started implementing new technologies to serve users well; healthcare is no different. Over the years, we have observed several outstanding innovations in healthcare like robotic surgery, patient monitoring systems, and more.

mHealth has become the go-to solution for various people because of quick access to smartphones & internet. Moreover, mHealth solutions can transform the healthcare system and patient care on different levels. These include doctor-to-doctor communication, doctor-to-patient communication, providing necessary health reminders, etc.

Various healthcare apps provide a wide range of services to users. Moreover, users have started relying on these apps for booking appointments, getting a consultation, medical prescriptions, and more.

Hence, it would be good to say that entering the healthcare sector would be an excellent investment. In this blog, we will provide the 14 best healthcare app ideas.

Due to the covid-19 pandemic, there has been a rise in the demand for new solutions in the healthcare sector. Here are some of the statistics that prove the same.

Growth of Healthcare Mobile Apps

According to FortuneBusinessInsights, the mHealth apps market size was $ 24.93 billion in 2020. It is anticipated to reach $314.60 billion in 2028 by growing at a CAGR of 34.8% between 2021-2028.

Also, the healthcare industry spending in the US holds around 17% of their overall GDP in 2019. It indicates that many innovations are done in the healthcare industry in the United States using mobile technology.

There will be more than 84million health and fitness app users at the end of 2022.

Here is a short video that explains how mobile technology is transforming the healthcare industry.

Source: QBurst

After watching the video, you must have understood the importance of mobile apps in the healthcare industry.

Despite having good healthcare services in the USA & the world, there is room for improvement in the healthcare sector. Moreover, investors are looking for new healthcare ideas for investments.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to initiating a healthcare startup, you have reached the right place.

Our healthcare app developers have done a thorough research and found several healthcare app ideas that will have demand in the future.

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Our healthcare app developers have done a thorough research and found several healthcare app ideas that will have demand in the future.

Who should go through the blog?

Hospitals, Nursing & Residential Care Centers: People looking forward to using the latest technologies to offer next-level healthcare services to patients and generate more profits.

Medical Practitioners & Healthcare Professionals: People planning to integrate new technologies in their clinics to speed up operations and offer patients services 24*7.

mHealth Entrepreneurs: People looking for innovative healthcare app ideas to build healthcare applications.

Pharmaceuticals & Related Segments: People who want to improve the efficiency of their pharmacy store by implementing healthcare app ideas.

Without taking much of your time, let’s get started:

Top 14 Healthcare and Medical App ideas For Startup in 2023

Here are some of the most innovative ideas for healthcare apps:

1. On-Demand Doctor App

Suppose that you have visited a new country and in the middle of nowhere, you feel severe pain in the stomach at 9 PM on Sunday. What action will you take? Will you wait for the morning to visit a doctor? Or Will you look out for symptoms on Google and take medicine accordingly?

What if you have a chance to contact a certified, professional doctor via your phone instantly? Yes, you get it right, here we are talking about on-demand doctor app. We consider this as the most suitable option as compared to all the above options. Why?

An on-demand doctor app is the most adequate option to jump the queue, without waiting for a doctor. Patients can instantly reach out to a doctor 24*7 via a mobile app.

To make this happen, you have to build an extensive database of doctors who are eager to partner with your startup. These doctors will provide video and chat consultation at a reliable cost.

Curious to Build an On-Demand Doctor App?

It is essential to decide various things before building an on-demand doctor app. We have published a detailed guide on the on-demand doctor app to help you get started.

2. Appointment Booking App

Appointment booking apps are highly efficient and usually developed for the doctor’s benefits. Various health experts and medical practitioners built their own doctor appointment booking app.

With this app, patients can check the availability of the doctor and also book an appointment.

Another great option is to create a social platform for both doctors and patients.

Here, patients can connect with the doctors depending on their health issue, and ask for a consultation, fix a call, or schedule an appointment for a home visit.

3. Healthcare App for Women’s Wellbeing

If you are concerned about women’s health, then an app primarily focused on keeping women’s health best is all you need for your startup. You can develop a healthcare app to track women’s menstrual cycle, solve a medical issue, or assist them in finding inner peace.

There are a lot of innovative ideas in the medical field for women’s health. For instance, think about an app that does the work of a digital clinic; however, only for women.

Your app can consist of an ultimate list of dietitians, therapists, gynecologists, etc. It might become the best platform for women to question professional doctors and receive treatment.

Moreover, you can also include text and video chat, where women can get consultation about any health issue.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Healthcare App?

Share your project requirements with us. We’ll analyze your needs & provide you with an exact quote to build a healthcare app.

4. Healthcare App for Lifestyle Diseases

Chronic Disease Management or Lifestyle Disease Management, is one of the best healthcare app ideas. Chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, kidney, Obesity, etc. require continuous medical attention and regular checkups. Hence, a lifestyle disease management app is an excellent opportunity for any startup.

In this kind of app, you can allow users to monitor their health at regular intervals and also offer a list of medical experts for a specialized disease.

Moreover, you can unite with the local service providers such as clinics and doctors and build a database. By this, the patient will be able to take instant action.

Lastly, if you want to take your app to the next level, you can also integrate IoT into your healthcare app. By doing this, doctors will remain in touch with their patients and conduct remote monitoring and schedule virtual meetings.

In short, IoT healthcare will enhance the care of patients and decrease the chances of errors. To know more, read our detailed guide on How IoT can be useful to Healthcare industry.

5. Health Reminder Apps

Health Reminder Apps

These apps help users enhance their health by reminding them to perform certain tasks and achieve their personal health goals.

For instance, you can develop a medication reminder app that allows users to monitor pills intake, set reminders regarding medication and dosage.

A great example of this can be HCHC Healthy Living app that provides users to track medications. Also, it enables us to schedule medical appointments and offers tips to maintain health regularly.

Another idea is to develop a water reminder app, that reminds users to take water at certain intervals. Likewise, you can consider different ideas for healthcare apps.

6. Personal Medical Records App

A personal medical record application works like a journal type of app that enables patients to enter their health records and share them with the medical expert before making an appointment.

This kind of solution will enable a doctor to examine the patient’s history. Depending on the same thing, doctors can assign medicine and make the next move.

Want to Develop a Medical App?

We have done detailed research and created a medical app development guide. Learn the process of building a medical application without any hindrance.

7. Weight-Loss/Diet-Tracker App

Getting into proper shape is now the aim of the majority of people worldwide. Millennials are always looking forward to being in shape by following an effective workout or by dieting.

Indeed, if you check out the research that is shown in the image below, you will observe that weight loss apps are the most-downloaded healthcare apps globally.

Weight-Loss/Diet-Tracker App

Based on Polaris Market Research, the fitness app market is expected to reach USD 19.33 billion by 2029.

Hence, there are many opportunities available for weight loss and diet tracking apps in the next few years. You can take inspiration from some of the best fitness apps available currently in the market for your startup.

8. Mental Health App

Stress, Depression, and sad lifestyle are some of the most basic mental ailments that affect around 16 million individuals in the USA. Anxiety, Depression, and some other factors are responsible for making human life complicated, These factors are also responsible for directing people to suicidal thoughts.

Hence, you can develop a healthcare app, particularly for people who are fighting against this mental illness.

For example, one of the innovative medical app ideas is to develop a mental health tracking app for people who feel alone and need urgent help.

One such example of this kind of app can be Wysa, which is mainly a therapy chatbot that does the work of a mood tracker, mindfulness coach, anxiety helper, and mood-boosting buddy.

Another mental illness faced by people worldwide is lack of sleep. The high workload has led to a vast number of people being sleep-deprived. You can help these users by developing a relaxing music therapy app. Also, the app should support users in making a fixed routine for sleep.

9. Medicine Price Comparison App

Prescription medicine prices differ from one pharmacy to another; this forces a customer to visit different pharmacies before purchasing.

One of the best ideas for the healthcare app is to build a price comparison app that allows people to view particular drug prices in different stores all in one place.

One example of a drug pricing app is GoodRx. It helps customers make decisions effectively by providing vital details like real-time pricing at local pharmacies and customized saving alerts.

A user has to enter the name of the drug and the app will instantly display the price of the drug at different stores in their locality.

Lastly, a price comparison app helps consumers to save a sufficient amount of money.

10. Medical Training via Virtual Surgery

Medical training has gone to a new level due to Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Mixed Reality healthcare apps. With the help of Augmented Reality and virtual reality hand controllers and headsets, surgeons and medical interns can undergo surgery and get the feel of performing it in real-time.

The technology allows medical interns in ENT, ophthalmology, neurosurgery, etc., to understand things more innovatively. A haptic feedback system will provide an exceptionally realistic experience of using different instruments.

Hence, you can develop a medical app targeted specially for medical interns.

11. Pharmacy Delivery App

The covid-19 pandemic had forced us to remain at home for a long time. During that time, we ordered many things online, and one such thing was pharmacy items.

Even though the situation is becoming better day by day, many people still fear getting outside. Secondly, people consider purchasing pharmacy products online due to their busy life schedules. Also, people find it convenient to order things online.

Uber for medicine apps or pharmacy delivery apps allows people to get medicine anywhere and anytime. The demand for such apps is going to increase in the coming years.

Hence, a pharmacy delivery app is a great idea for startups to SMEs.

12. Medical Translation App

One of the top ideas for the healthcare industry is the medical translation app for doctors.

Various people of different religions and languages live in foreign countries. These people are unable to explain their situation due to the language barrier. Hence, a medical translation app can be highly beneficial for doctors and staff.

Doctors can use this app to understand the health issues of users and further prescribe the best medication as per their needs.

Care to Translate & MediBabble are two of the popular apps in the industry used heavily by doctors and hospital staff.

Thus, you can also develop a medical translator app to target people working in the healthcare industry.

13. Health Tracking App

It is one of the most popular healthcare app ideas if you want to enter the medical field. The health tracking app would be great for doctors as they can keep a close look at all the patients’ health.

Doctors can utilize the app on the smartphone and the smart wearables to keep an eye on patients. Here, the app would be integrated with the EHR (Electronic Health Record) systems to fetch all the details of the patients.

Some of the essential things that doctors can know include Heart rate, Pulse, Blood Pressure, Blood Glucose, etc.

The core purpose of the healthcare app is to improve the overall efficiency of the people working in the sector.

Qardio heart health is one of the well-known examples of health tracking apps.

14. Self-Test App

Many people are unable to make appointments with the doctor due to their busy schedule. Hence, they would like to test the primary functions of their body anywhere and anytime. Smartphones in this digital age have become a tool that helps to test some of the most basic body functions. How?

There are various sensors present in the smartphone apps. These sensors can be used to test primary things in the body like heart rate, pulse rate, etc. Moreover, the demand for medical-mobile apps is continuously increasing.

You have a golden opportunity to take advantage of this untapped market by creating a healthcare app that does the self-tests of body vitals.

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Wrapping Up

We hope that you loved our collection of Best Healthcare App Ideas. If you have a unique healthcare app idea & want to convert it into reality, you can contact us.

We are a leading healthcare app development company providing mHealth solutions to clients across the globe as per their requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best healthcare apps?

Here is the list of some of the best healthcare apps:

  • Doctor-on-Demand
  • Teladoc
  • Betterhelp
  • MDacne
  • Talkspace
  • ZocDoc

How many healthcare apps are there?

As per IQVIA, there are more than 318,000 health apps available in different app stores globally.

How much does it cost to make a healthcare app?

The cost to develop a healthcare application depends heavily on various factors, such as features, complexity, developers’ location, etc.

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