Why Dating Apps Fail?

Why Dating Apps Fail?

Quick Summary:- The dating industry is very potential and every day, there are new dating apps launched on the app stores. Therefore if you are planning to launch a dating app, then you should be aware of the reasons for its failure. On the other side, if you already have a dating app and if it’s not doing well, you will find reasons behind its failure and the possible solution in this article.

The craze of online dating is increasing every year. People belonging to different regions of the world are accepting dating apps.

Due to this, various new-age entrepreneurs and startups every year release lots of Dating Apps in the market; however, only a few of them are able to survive and make their app successful.

Whether you have launched a dating app or planning to launch, one of the most essential questions that might have stuck in your mind is, How to make your dating app successful or What are the mistakes that should be avoided to make a dating app successful or Why Dating Apps Fail?

There are a number of reasons due to which datings apps fail in the market. We have designed and developed many dating apps and launched them successfully, they are performing very well too. Being a Leading Dating App Development Company, we are familiar with all the ins and outs of building dating apps.

We have conducted in-depth research and found 11 reasons why dating apps fail in the market. Here, in this blog, we will provide you all the reasons along with their effective solution, so that you can make your dating app successful.

Top 11 Reasons for Dating App Failure

1. Bad UI/UX

Suppose you have launched your dating app according to the features and functionalities of your target audience, but if they are not able to discover them, then it’s not going to last long.

Also, if your dating app doesn’t have a good engagement rate then there is a strong possibility that users do not like the UI/UX of your application.

Some common examples of bad UI/UX are as follows:

  • Lengthy Onboarding Process
  • Poor App Flow
  • Unclear guidelines
  • Irrelevant Themes/Colors specific (Non niche-specific)
  • Hard to use app controls
  • Slower performance
  • And many more

Solution: You can resolve the above UI/UX issues by building highly-intuitive user workflows. Moreover, you have to ensure a smooth interaction between the user and your dating application.

Besides this, it is highly recommended to implement the latest UI/UX app design practices to create an attractive and engaging dating app design.

If you cannot identify UI/UX issues in your dating app, you can also audit your app with the help of dating app experts.

Audit your Dating Application

Our team of dating app experts will audit your app for UI UX, app flow optimization, app problems and solutions, suggestions, etc.

I want to Improve my App

2. Unstable or Poor Performance

A dating app could have sluggish performance due to a vast number of reasons. This includes issues in server, non-standard programming, poor app flow, problematic app structure, third party services, API integration, etc.

For instance, if your app has issues in the login screen and a user is not able to log in instantly, then there are strong chances that they leave and uninstall the app.

Unstable or Poor Performance

Solution: To maintain the performance of the app from start to finish, you should focus on keeping your app completely error-free. You should test your app with the target audience and also continuously check their feedback after app launch.

If you find any problem in your app then you should consult dating app developers and hire a team for maintaining your dating app.

We have an economic package to maintain the dating app and keep it bug-free and always updated.

3. Innovative Features

The most common reason your dating app doesn’t succeed is the lack of unique and essential features.

Think about that, if you are providing the same features already present in other dating apps, why will a user switch to your dating app.

If you are falling into sort of features, then you can check these innovative dating app features.

Solution: The primary solution to this problem is to integrate new and innovative features in your dating app according to the trends in the market.

It is also suggested to study features of leading dating apps in the market, then combine essential features of these dating apps along with some unique features.

Consult your dating app with our experts and find the unique and innovative feature. Consult Now

4. Account Security

This is one of the most essential features of any dating application. The majority of dating apps fail in the market due to this reason.

For instance, if your dating app accepts any kind of simple password, then there are strong chances of the user’s account being hacked.

Moreover, people don’t like to use dating apps that don’t provide enough account security.

Solution: By integrating several common account security features, you can increase the protection of user’s account details. These are as follows:

  • Allow users to register only when they enter a strong password.
  • Encrypt user’s data when it’s on your server.
  • Two-step verification to prevent unusual logins.

If you want to enhance the security of your app then contact our team and they will get back to you.

5. Fake Profiles

If your dating app has more fake profiles than authentic ones, it will fail for sure, because fake profiles cause more harm than original profiles.

Fake Profiles

For instance, due to fake profiles, people will not be able to find potential dates; hence, they get irritated and uninstall the app.

Solution: To ensure that your dating app doesn’t contain any fake profiles, you can implement the following methods in your dating app:

  • Profile Verification: Photo, Name, Location, age etc.
  • Email & Phone number Verification
  • Integrate third-party verification services
  • Use photo verification algorithm
  • Integrate report user feature

Without verifying their profile, a user shouldn’t be allowed to use the dating application.

Moreover, you can also allow users to report fake profiles. By doing this, you can remove these fake profiles from your dating app regularly and make it more secure.

If you want to integrate any of these features in your dating app, you can consult with our dating app developers, they will guide you in the perfect direction.

6. Targeting the Wrong Audience

By focusing on the bigger picture, which is to make your app successful, you miss the most crucial aspect of any application, i.e., it’s the target audience.

Even though you have done enough marketing, you won’t be able to take your app to new heights because you are targeting the general audience.

For example, if you have made a dating app for people or a community that has very traditional thinking then you may not get the desired success.

Solution: The most effective solution for this problem is to stop assuming and make decisions about your audience based on real facts and figures.

For this, you can reach out to a specific group of people and ask their perspective about online dating.

An effective strategy to know your target audience is to create user-personas. A user-persona is something in which you need to collect details about users like their age, name, gender, interests, work, education, etc.

This process should be done before you start the dating app development process.

7. Avoiding User Feedback

The majority of app developers think that after launch, their work is over. They don’t focus on the user feedback and this is the reason they are not going big.

For example, you have done enough market research and then integrated some essential things in your dating app, then also your dating app failed. The possible reason behind this failure is that users have different expectations from your dating app.

You should talk to users, get their feedback and implement immediately in your dating app to satisfy the users. Ultimately, these users will take your dating app to the next level.

Another reason could be that users are facing serious issues while accessing features of your dating app and that’s why they are providing your feedback.

Solution: To resolve these issues, consider your users as the main source of truth and priority.

Focus on both positive and negative reviews & ratings of your dating application. Respond to the user’s queries from time to time.

Based on user’s feedback, you should remove all the possible issues in your dating application.

In short, if you care about your user’s opinions and expectations, you don’t have to worry about the app’s growth as that will happen eventually.

Hire dating app developers to make your app user friendly and error-free.

8. Full of Ads

Various dating apps include a lot of adverts in their application in a quest to generate more revenue quickly.

Over a certain period of time, users get irritated with the dating application because adverts are consuming their valuable time or hiding essential information. Due to this, users stop using your dating app and eventually remove it.

Solution: The straightforward solution is to limit the number of adverts in your dating application.

Another strategy you can apply is to provide a freemium version of your dating app that removes adverts and unlock some additional features.

You can also read different ways to generate revenue from your dating app other than Ads

9. Excessive Questionnaire

If you are forcing your dating app users to answer questions about their personal life, then there is a strong possibility that users will leave and uninstall your dating app.

The main reason here is that various users don’t like to disclose their personal information unnecessarily.

Solution: There are two simple solutions to this problem. You can either keep the questionnaire part optional or else allow them to answer questions in the multiple-choice question format.

Moreover, try to integrate this feature in a way that users can answer in a fun and engaging way.

You can discuss smart and engaging ways to integrate profile questions into a dating app with our dating app experts.

10. Hostile Approach to Premium Services

People won’t love to pay for any app until they know, what it is actually about and what kind of features and functionalities it offers.

For example, a user installed and made an account in your dating app and out of the blue, they observe that all features are locked and they are forced to pay otherwise, they can’t use the application.

In such cases, they will immediately leave and uninstall the dating application.

Solution: A straightforward solution to this doesn’t force users to pay for the application until they have experienced it. Moreover, you should offer some core features and functionalities for free to attract a wide user base.

One of the best monetization strategies is to study your competitors, install their apps, check what you like and dislike, and for what things you are ready to spend your bucks and then integrate all the features in your dating application.

For example, Tinder is allowing users to use the app free and later it is asking to purchase the subscription. You can read more about Tinder’s Free and Paid features.

11. Complex Matchmaking Algorithm

If you haven’t integrated a proper matchmaking algorithm in your dating application, your app might not perform well in the market.

For example, even after choosing various filters like location, interests, age, gender etc., your dating app doesn’t suggest relevant profiles to the user, then they are likely to remove their account and uninstall the app.

Solution: You should integrate a matchmaking algorithm that provides profile suggestions to users according to their requirements and goals and help them to find a suitable partner.

For this, you can ask both the users after an internal of 24-48 hrs of getting a match, whether they are satisfied with the match or not. Based on their feedback, you can improve your matchmaking algorithm.


Here we complete our list of some of the common reasons behind dating apps failure and their possible solutions. By implementing solutions thoroughly, you will be able to make your dating app successful.

Whether you want to improve your existing dating app or build a full-fledged dating application, you can contact us.

We have designed & developed various dating apps for different niches. Being a proficient Dating app development company, we can provide you with a customized, innovative, and unique dating app solution that serves your audience very well. Consult us if you are facing any kind of problems in your dating application, we will be happy to assist you.

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