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UI UX Design Tips to Create The Best Website & Mobile App Designs

The field of UI/UX designing has emerged as the most encouraging professions and is anticipated to increase further in the coming years. However, working in as a UI/UX exciting, energizing yet very difficult also.

The achievement of a site or mobile application depends enormously upon the correct blend of UI and UX plan. If clients are experiencing serious difficulties searching for a specific component or in performing a task, then they are probably going to swing to some other site, so here is when a designer comes. Thus, here are some basic abilities that should be a part of a UI/UX designer.

The best possible way is to Know your audience

The best possible way is to Know your audience

Being a UI/UX designer you must know who your intended interest audience is and what is their need, their necessity. Before you start designing, it is perfect to know for whom you are designing. Recognizing your clients at an early stage in the planned procedure causes you to think of better designs and give you a good beginning platform to work from.

Keep in mind as a designer you have the ability to translate what your clients think when they open a site or a mobile application, so to build a design, you have to utilize this information further to land on what your client wants. This will enable you to design a more powerful UI design.

Once you’ve known your audience, you can test how your design plays out among them. Mind it that criticism from your audience is important, so get it and work on it!

UI Testing and Upgradation

UI Testing and Upgradation

When you are finished with the designing procedure, it is vital to test it again and again to enhance its efficiency. To enhance the client’s experience, a designer needs to do the UI testing. It guarantees that UI must function appropriately and do not have any sort of bugs or defects in it.

Furthermore, it additionally focusses on checking different plan components, for example, checking the screens utilizing different controls like menu bars, text styles, toolbar, symbols, content and so on. Testing is done to know whether they are reacting to client’s input in the manner in which they are supposed to work and if it should not then do changes which are required.

With a specific end goal to make an extraordinary interface, UI creators need to depend on data from the client, for example, recognizing which issues should be fixed.

Keep the design Simple

Always take a site at effortless, simple and clear design with the goal that it is generally accepted by the client in the first look. A design must be simple because it should be easy to understand is the most important requirement. Keeping format, layout, and design basic is a decent practice to accomplish a simple design. However, do include appropriate pictures, interesting icon and colours to make your UI design appealing because simply does not mean dull and boring, it just means it must be catchy but easy to eye at the same time. Your clients shouldn’t require a guide with a specific end goal to explore through your application or site, and it’s your job to guide them from where to start and where to go.

Implement a Responsive Design

Implement a Responsive Design

As a UI designer, it is imperative to know, how to design a responsive UI that makes utilization of adaptable designs, pictures, and cascading style sheet media questions and so on. The most essential components of an interface or a design ought to be highlighted to focus client’s attention towards the design.

Indicate links

Links on the website must be present to depict certain components, for example, product pictures or surveys, any description, any content that is anticipated to be clickable must be in blue colour as well as in Italian font style to indicate a hyperlink (it should not be same as other content of website). A client shouldn’t need to tap on a link to make sense of where it leads. That also makes your UI design look interesting because everything there would be simple and easy to understand for a user.

Utilization of Typography

Typography is viewed as an essential element of design as it gives life to the words present in your design. For the accomplishment of your UI design, you must pick a typography that looks trendy, elegant and simple yet in the meantime does not spoil the readability of your design. It must be easy to read for a common people because clients like perusing content with incredible typography and in the event that they have to battle to read a specific word, at that point being a designer you have not done your job well. Thus, ensure, you are picking a typography that is easy to read and perceive.

Typography does not mean just picking up a calligraphic text and you are done. No, it is not as simple as that. It plays with the positioning of words in designs.

The size of the fonts is very crucial in a design as they mark the impact on the layout. For example, a text with higher font indicates that this part of the text is the main heading and remaining are the content and subheadings.

Website loading time

Website loading time

At the point when there’s something really very interesting to read on your website, individuals are stuck to their mobile phones, so they are the first one to read and to be the first to convey. It’s nothing unexpected when users want speed when they are surfing the web.

Today, users have no tolerance for sites with poor load speeds because if your website is taking long to load those clients tend to surrender the site.

The best UI will work for your website if the text on it loads faster than the image so that users start reading before images could appear.

Search icon

Always have a search field in your UI design and it should be easy to find on your site. Try to place it in the top corner as the users will always move on the top corner to look for the search icon.

Use a little box to type in as it will help the users to search their query or the product they are exactly looking for rather than going through various useless things they don’t want to see.

The magic of the correct use of Colours

Picking the correct colour for any given design is itself an art. Colours can be utilized to pass on visual hierarchy, set up relationship amongst components, and holding on your clients. All things considered, differentiating colours can be utilized to awesome impact keeping in mind the end goal to draw client’s attention.

A decent general guideline while picking which colours to use in your design is that darker colours tend to convey more visual weight, and these sorts of components should be balanced out with lighter colours.

And as we know, colours are the most powerful element of a design. Just consider yourself at the client’s place, the first thing we always notice is the colour of the design. If that attracts us we go through the design further but if it does not, we just move on.


If you really want to be a successful UI/UX designer or to flourish in any graphic designing occupations it is fundamental to develop above-said UI UX tips and be certain about your capacities and abilities. Your design should be easy to use, easy to explore, influence utilization of the correct colours for your users, to utilize the correct textual styles. It will empower you to understand your total potential as a designer, so you can come up with great ideas and great designs.

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