Key Uber App Features for Building Your Ridesharing App

Published On: November 3, 2023
Last Updated: February 9, 2024
Key Uber App Features for Building Your Ridesharing App

Are you considering ridesharing app development for your business? The name that takes the spotlight in this ridesharing industry is Uber. It has generated $31.8 billion in revenue in 2022 and has 130 million monthly active users as of 2023.

Uber’s relentless success is, without a doubt, something to admire. But what’s the secret to this remarkable success? The answer lies in its outstanding features.

So, if you are thinking of creating an app like Uber, this blog helps you envision it. Here, we will discuss features that support an Uber-like app. So you can easily decide which features to add to your app. Here, we will mention the following:

  • Uber app features for users/riders
  • Uber app features for drivers
  • Features of the Uber app for admin
  • Safety and security features of the Uber app

Let’s get started.

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Uber App Features for Riders/Users

Here, we have listed important Uber features for end-users/passengers, ensuring a seamless ride-hailing experience. It includes:

Uber App Features for Riders/Users

Ride Request
This is the core feature of the Uber app that allows users to request rides effortlessly with just a few taps on their smartphone. The user needs to enter the pickup location and drop-off destination. Also, mention the type of vehicle, date and time, and it will display nearby drivers to pick them up.

Once the user confirms the ride, the request is sent to the driver. This feature ensures that customers can quickly and conveniently book a ride to their desired location, eliminating wait time.

Real-Time Tracking
Uber’s real-time tracking feature allows passengers to monitor the exact location of their assigned drivers as they approach the pickup point. It also provides passengers estimated time of arrival (ETA) when the driver will reach the location. This feature allows users to plan their schedule and be prepared for a seamless journey.

Split Fare
This feature allows passengers to split the cost of a ride with fellow riders. It simplifies group travel so friends, family or colleagues can easily share the expenses of their ride.

With just a few taps, users can split fares evenly or specify an amount, which eliminates the need for individual payments. It’s a cost-effective way for riders to enjoy their trips while managing finances.

Share Trip Details
The Uber app feature list includes the useful “share trip details” feature by keeping user safety in mind. It lets users share real-time information about their ongoing rides with trusted contacts. They can send links that allow their trusted contacts to track the journey’s progress on a map.

It enhances safety, especially if users use Uber in an unfamiliar location or city. This is a nice feature to consider including in your Uber-like app so your users can confidently travel.

Fare Estimation
An Uber feature that adds transparency to the ride-sharing experience is fare estimation. It provides passengers with an estimated cost of their ride before confirming the trip. This feature helps users plan their budget and make informed decisions about their travel expenses. It also prevents additional charges, so users clearly know the ride’s cost.

Multiple Payment Options
Uber app provides users the flexibility to choose from a variety of payment methods for their rides. It offers online and offline options, whether credit/debit cards, digital wallets, or even cash. This is a key feature to keep in mind while developing an on-demand app like Uber, as it is convenient and inclusive for everyone to access Uber’s services.

Multiple Drop-off Locations
One of the Uber app’s best features is multiple drop-off locations, allowing passengers to add multiple destinations to a single ride. When booking a ride, passengers can input additional or change drop-off points along the route. So they can share rides with friends, run errands or make multiple stops during the journey.

This feature streamlines multiple stop trips and ensures that users can efficiently reach different destinations in a single, cost-effective ride.

Rating and Reviews of Drivers
The “rating and review” is an essential Uber app functionality that allows passengers to provide valuable feedback on their ride experience. After each trip, passengers can rate the driver and ride experience and leave comments or reviews.

This feedback system helps Uber-like apps to maintain the quality of its ridesharing services. Based on the reviews, users can decide whether to book a ride or choose another one. High-rated drivers can get recognition, while poor ratings should improve their service or might lead to driver deactivation.

Preferred Driver
Users who use apps like Uber on a regular basis usually have a preference for a particular driver as they had a positive experience in the past. This feature allows users to select their preferred drivers when they book the ride. If the driver is free, the app prioritizes assigning rides to them.

Including this feature in your ride-sharing app development creates a personalized and comfortable experience that fosters familiarity between passengers and their preferred driver.

Ride History
Uber app also includes a ride history feature that keeps records of all previous trips taken by the user. It allows users to see past rides for expense tracking, business purposes, or simply recalling it. It offers an overview of their Uber journey, enhances transparency and helps them stay organized about their travel.

Saved Destinations
Uber has an interesting feature called saved destination, which allows users to store frequently visited locations. Also, they can add custom names like home, work, or any other regularly traveled place.

This feature makes booking easy and quicker, eliminating the need to manually enter details. Customers can now reach their frequently visited places with a few taps.

In-App Messaging
Users sometimes want to communicate directly with their driver to convey instructions, ask questions or do anything else. This in-app messaging feature allows users to connect to drivers without sharing personal contact information.

This feature also allows drivers to communicate with customers if they face difficulty in finding the address while maintaining the privacy and security of users.

Scheduled Rides
This Uber app feature allows users to plan their rides in advance. Including this feature in your Uber-like app allows users to pre-book rides by specifying a date and time, ensuring that drivers will be available.

If users have early morning trips or important business meetings, this feature provides peace of mind that a taxi will be there and they don’t have to struggle for a ride.

Wheelchair-Accessible Vehicles
One of the most important features that make your app stand out in this industry is the accessibility options for wheelchairs. When a user requests a ride, they can select a vehicle equipped to accommodate wheelchairs. Developing this feature ensures that every individual with disabilities can access transportation services and makes travel accessible for everyone.

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Pet-Friendly Ride Options
Many passengers need to travel with pets. So, to acknowledge their needs, offering pet-friendly ride options is crucial. They can request rides where pets are allowed, whether they have dogs, cats, or other small animals, without restriction.

However, also ensure that drivers are comfortable with accommodating pets. This feature ensures users can have a stress-free and pet-friendly journey.

Sync Meetings with Calendar Shortcuts
The sync meetings with calendar shortcuts feature allows app users to sync their calendars with the app seamlessly. Users can conveniently book rides to and from meetings or events. The key benefit of this feature is it simplifies the process of scheduling rides and ensures passengers are well-prepared for their work.

Lost and Found
We all might have once left something important in the vehicle. However, with Uber’s lost and found feature, passengers don’t have to worry; they can report it through the app. Uber can connect them with drivers who can help in locating and returning your lost items. It adds a layer of convenience and security to their ride experience.

Uber App Features For Drivers

In an app like Uber, you need a driver app with all the essential features. Let’s look at the crucial features you should include that meet the needs of all drivers.

Uber App Features For Drivers

Accept/Reject Ride Requests
This is one of the vital features for drivers while using the Uber app. It allows drivers to accept ride requests while on duty and reject them when they are unavailable or too far from taking the ride. This feature allows drivers to manage their schedules and accept rides according to their preferences and availability. It ensures a flexible and efficient experience for Uber drivers.

Trip Earnings
This trip-earning Uber app features help drivers a lot to track and manage their earnings. It provides a detailed breakdown of the income earned from each completed ride so drivers can monitor their financial status. Drivers can make informed decisions about driving activities and manage their income using the app platform.

In-App Navigation
Including this built-in navigation system in your taxi app development helps drivers simplify their jobs. It provides driver directions turn-by-turn and real-time traffic updates so they can reach the passenger’s pickup location and destination efficiently.

This feature saves time as it provides real-time navigation with the best route to follow and reach the location without unnecessary delays.

Availability Status Offline/Online
The auto offline feature is designed to enhance the driver’s experience. It helps drivers optimize their availability and stop receiving requests when they are off duty and not looking for passengers. With the help of this feature, it automatically takes driver status offline when they are idle for a certain period. Including this feature in your Uber-like app improves drivers’ overall experience on the platform.

Preferred Destination Pick-Ups
The incredible feature of the Uber app allows drivers to specify their preferred locations, such as their home or specific area, for accepting ride requests. Drivers can set a destination filter and plan their routes, manage their time, and ensure they can pick up passengers while heading in a direction that suits their needs. This feature gives drivers the freedom to drive on their own terms.

Note: It’s important to add some restrictions to avoid misuse of the feature by drivers.

Limited Working Hours
The limited working hours feature is necessary when we all keep saying of maintaining work-life balance. Developing this feature in your taxi app allows drivers to set certain time limits for their working hours.

By defining their availability, drivers can ensure that they receive ride requests during their set time. It provides flexibility to the driver’s schedule and allows them to fulfill personal commitments.

Rider Review and Rating
The review and rating feature allows drivers to provide feedback to their passengers after each trip. It can be based on behavior, cooperation and overall ride experience. This two-way feedback system encourages respectful behavior and helps drivers make informed decisions about ride requests.

Driver Heat Map
Driver heat map is like a driver’s treasure map. When you open the Uber app and look out for this feature, you will find a map with highlighted areas with high passenger demand. With a heat map, you can find the busiest spots in town and decide where to put yourself for the next trip. It acts as a guide for drivers where they find more ride requests and more fares. Ultimately, it helps drivers maximize earnings by being at the right place at the right time.

Quests and Promotions
Everyone loves a challenge with a reward. Quests and promotions feature is like a game with a reward. For example, you might receive a challenge to complete certain trips within timelines and earn extra money or coupons.

In addition to that, Uber also runs promotions where you can earn bonuses for driving during peak hours or on special occasions. Including this type of feature gives excitement to drivers, and they provide more efficient services.

Driver Referrals
This feature allows Uber drivers to refer new drivers to join the community. When someone you have referred joins and completes a certain number of trips, you both get bonuses. A win-win scenario for both drivers. It’s like helping others discover the benefits of driving with Uber and getting rewarded for it. However, keep in mind one referral at a time.

Fuel Finder
Fuel finder is a convenient feature that helps drivers to locate nearby gas stations. This feature also provides information about fuel prices so you can make informed decisions. Now, drivers can keep their tanks full and have a seamless journey. Including this small feature in your Uber-like app development provides convenience and an uninterrupted journey.

Driver Document Management
Driving comes with certain requirements. With this feature, drivers can upload, verify, and manage all the essential documents to drive legally. This feature guides you through the process so your documents stay up-to-date and compliant.

Driver Tip
Have you ever had a driver who went the extra mile to make your journey memorable? This tip feature in the Uber app allows you to thank the driver by leaving a tip. It’s neither expected nor required. It’s a simple gesture to reward drivers for their exceptional service. You can also include a cash option in your app to make it convenient for users.

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Features of Uber App For Admin Panel

The admin panel is an integral part of the taxi app as it has the power to control the whole operation of the app. Here, we have listed some of the Uber app features list that you can consider including in your admin panel.

Features of Uber App For Admin Panel

User Management
This feature allows the admin to oversee and manage the entire ecosystem of users, from passengers and drivers to other stakeholders. Admins can edit and manage user profiles to keep them up to date. Also, admins can address user queries and resolve issues to provide seamless ride-hailing service.

Driver Status
This feature allows admins to monitor and track the real-time status of drivers. It provides insights into their availability, whether they are online or offline. This allows administrators to estimate how many drivers are available to meet passenger demand.

Onboarding of Driver
This feature allows admins to manage the onboarding process of drivers. It includes document verification, background checks, and more to ensure drivers meet all the required standards before providing ride service.

Earnings and Payments
This feature allows administrators to view financial transactions, including driver payouts, incentives, and refunds. It’s an essential feature to know that drivers are paid properly and passengers are billed accurately. Due to transparent and secure transactions, it creates a trustworthy environment for all users.

Pricing and Surge Control
Uber has a dynamic pricing mode that allows admins to ensure that prices are competitive, attractive to divers, and affordable to passengers. This feature allows admins to set pricing parameters and regular surge pricing during peak demands so that passengers do not have to face unexpected fare rises. With this feature, admins can maintain a balance between the driver’s earnings and the passenger’s affordability.

Route Optimization
Route optimization is one of the crucial features that make Uber apps successful. This feature allows admins to streamline route planning so drivers can take the most efficient path to pick up and drop off passengers.

With this feature, admins can analyze traffic patterns in real-time road conditions to make informed decisions. They ensure that rides consume less travel time and are efficient for drivers, which leads to reduced fuel consumption. This feature ultimately benefits everyone involved.

Partners Menu
This feature allows admins to manage the network of partners associated with your taxi business. Admins can view all the partner details and seamlessly add or remove partner accounts.

Service Type
This feature type allows admins to manage different service categories within the platform. Admins can also add new vehicle types and can set service types, such as standard or premium service, with their own pricing and rules. This feature allows Uber to serve various passenger preferences and market demands.

User Reviews
It allows admins to access and review user feedback, including passengers and drivers. This feature helps maintain and enhance service quality, address concerns, and recognize exceptional performance.

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Safety and Security Features of Uber App

Safety is the primary concern of ridesharing services, including the safety of both drivers and passengers. So here we have mentioned features of the Uber app that inspire you to integrate into your Uber-like app.

Real-Time GPS Tracking
GPS tracking is a crucial safety element in the Uber app that allows both passengers and drivers to monitor each other’s real-time locations during the ride. This feature increases safety by enhancing transparency in tracking the journey’s progress. It adds an extra layer of security for everyone involved in the ride.

Driver and Vehicle Information
Passengers often ask, How can I verify an Uber driver? In the Uber app, passengers are equipped with detailed insights about their assigned driver. It includes their name, photo and vehicle information so that passengers can confidently identify their driver and vehicle, enhancing security throughout the ride.

SOS Button
A critical safety feature within the Uber app is the SOS panic button. In case of an emergency, both passengers and drivers can access the button to receive emergency services.

This feature ensures the well-being of passengers and drivers, allowing for quick response in case of accidents or situations that need immediate help. Including this in your Uber app feature list is essential as it adds a layer of protection and peace of mind to the app users.

Anonymous Phone Number
This feature provides passengers with a unique, temporary phone number to connect with their driver. With the help of this, passengers and drivers can communicate easily without revealing their personal numbers. It ensures secure communication by protecting the details of both riders and drivers.

24/7 Customer Support
Customer support is available around the clock within the Uber app. It serves as an essential resource where users can access information, tips and tools to enhance their safety during rides. Whether it’s addressing concerns or resolving issues, this feature adds a layer of assurance to the Uber experience.

Speed Limit Alerts
This feature provides drivers with notification if they exceed certain speed limits. It reminds drivers to stay at a safe speed, ensuring a secure journey for passengers.

Vehicle Inspection
Uber’s platform ensures that each vehicle meets safety and quality standards. A vehicle inspection feature is created to guarantee this, which involves thorough vehicle checks.


In a world where mobility is key, developing an app like Uber is challenging. It requires proper planning and effective strategies to meet the goal of the app. Also, you need to consider the Uber app feature that you wish to include in your ride-sharing app.

We hope that the features of the Uber app we have mentioned serve as the cornerstone of a successful ride-sharing app. Including this ensures every ride is convenient and secure.

If you want to make an Uber-like app for your business, contact us.

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The cost to develop an app like Uber is around $30,000 to $100,000 or more. Making an app like Uber involves three parts: the passenger app, the driver app and an admin panel. So, the final cost depends on the features & functionality involved, the platform you chose, and their complexity. Read More about the essential factors impacting taxi app development costs.

To create an app like Uber, the timeline required is around 2 to 6 months. However, if you create MVP apps with simple functionality, the development gets faster. You can add the functionality later in the development stage after the release of MVP to the market.

If you want to build a successful app like Uber, prioritize safety features and provide a seamless user experience to both passengers and drivers.

Some of the required features are Registration & profile creation, real-time tracking, in-app payments, ratings and reviews, estimated time of arrival, and more.

To create a rideshare app, begin by identifying the purpose and unique features that make your app stand out in the market. However, it is recommended to consult experts for taxi app development as they personalize the strategy of an app tailored to your needs.

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