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Revolutionary Global Trends for Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Companies that are trying to blend the sophistication of the technologies with the optimum utilization of their human capital are using the various method of increasing their employees’ satisfaction level.

There are many ways through which the level of employees’ satisfaction can be achieved (like a better work environment, better promotion and learning experience and a handsome pay packet).

Many companies are in addition trying to improve the mobility aspect of their employees to give them a better option of doing business on the go.

Thanks to the changing technology. Companies around the world get the option of allowing their employees to work from their homes (in select cases where hands-on activities are not needed).

You can now easily connect to the office server through your smartphone, laptop, and iPad and do the regular office work from the comfort of your home with enterprise mobility services.

This flexible office environment not only allows you to spend a better part of your time with your family but also work on many outstation jobs without actually going there physically.

This not only helps in improving your working condition and satisfaction level but also help the company to save cost on transportation.

The enterprise mobility solutions have caught the fancy of the companies and employees big time due to different reasons and it is expected to grow to nearly 75 billion dollars by 2021.

Different companies are also interested in this revolutionary work process as it improves the ROI.

Here we will tell you about the latest enterprise mobility trends and strategies that you will find in 2018.

1. The adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the office culture

One of the trends that are hitting the office space around the world about brings your own device culture. Big organizations support this mobility solution as it is leading to better efficiency and productivity which in turn improves the profitability of the companies.

The adoption of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) in the office culture

The increased use of BOYD has led to some concerns relating to the security aspect as this may lead to data breaches.

However, with the adoption of more secure protocols by the companies to keep the data secure in BOYD devices the use of mobility devices to do office work has gained significant grounds in 2017.

More companies are adopting these enterprise mobility solutions and features in their workspace as it provides them with a host of advantages.

BYOD not only reduce the burden on the tech team but also provide the user with a better control over his work files and how and where he can make use of them to complete his work professionally.

2. Use of AI in improving enterprise mobility

Artificial intelligence and machine language working in tandem are changing the way companies do business in a significant way. Not only big tech companies but also mid-level enterprises are extensively making use of these to improve both the productivity as well as the efficiency of their business.

Use of AI in improving enterprise mobility

In the year 2018, we will increasingly see enterprises making use of the incredible computing power of machine language to make better predictions and allow them to do a more thorough and accurate analysis of business situations and how to make use of the human capital in the most optimal way possible.

As things are developing, it can be seen that AI will play a great part in not only tech-based companies but also other industries like those engaged in mobile app development and others.

AI has a great chance of completely changing the security paradigm it will have a great effect on the overall profitability of the business by creating a secure environment to improve the BYOD work culture among the employees.

3. The importance of IOT in improving enterprise mobility

The term Internet of things (IOT) is used for those appliances that can create a network connection. These include a host of home appliances like AC, TV, home security, and others.

The importance of IOT in improving enterprise mobility

With more and more things are coming with inbuilt Wi-Fi receivers, the future of IoT is only going to get better. IOT will be used in different industries like health, transport, education and a lot of others.

In order for the enterprise mobility to function at its optimum, it will have to take help from the IOT for scouring information from different sources and help it take important decisions promptly.

4. More chatbot applications

Chatbots will also play a greater role in enterprise mobile apps. These can be programmed to answer different queries of the customers. All the questions of the clients will be directly addressed by the chatbots. And as AI and deep learning increases, the chatbots will be able to provide a high quality of service that will mirror that of the humans.

More chatbot applications

The chatbots will not only deal with the queries of the customers but also that of the employees who want to gather information from different departments. This, in turn, will allow employees to do their work more effectively over the internet as they can now gain access to various departments of their company through the chatbots. If you are planning to go with enterprise mobile application development, then must consider chatbots in it.

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5. Location-based services

To make enterprise mobility a great success, location-based apps will also play a vital role. Different mobile apps that come with GPS functionalities will allow a person to look at special services or products near him through GPS assisted highly customized apps.

Location-based services

Thus, a company can plan and make a product available in different areas depending on demographics and income level.

6. Cloud computing

Thanks to the enormous reduction in costs due to the adoption of cloud computing by different organizations, enterprise mobility is getting an enormous boost.

Cloud computing

At present cloud computing has a few challenges in the security sphere, but with the progress of time and maturing of technologies, this will be plugged for a secure system.

7. Payment over the net

Business requires a safe and secure payment method and with a plethora of online payment methods available including NFC, people are having more power to conduct their business through their mobile devices.

Enterprise mobility is an evolving sphere in business and as time goes, it will develop into something more exciting and employees will have the option of choosing their own workplace from where they can contribute to their company.

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