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Real Estate App Ideas for Agencies, Agents and Investors

Companies in the real estate sector are changing their business strategy and trying out newer methods to engage with their clients.

One such method that is finding great favor among real estate agents, companies, and buyers is the use of the Internet or a dedicated app for the real estate industry.

In this article, we will like to give you some real estate app ideas that will help you to create highly engaging real estate apps for agentsas well as potential investors and buyers.

The app could be designed to inform about the prices of various properties

The app could be designed to inform about the prices of various properties

People who are looking to buy property want to compare the price of different properties to make the right choice.

You can design a real estate app that will provide information about real estate in a particular locality or it should sort different properties according to price range.

If a customer wants to buy a particular house in a locality, then there should be comprehensive information available about the properties for sale in different localities and their costs.

You can put filters in the app through which the customer can find the cost of the property depending upon its carpet area or low, mid, high-end apartment complex.

There should be information regarding any extra features that the customer can have by paying extra like garage space, marble floors, intelligent lighting, CCTV, and others.

The app should give you information regarding the property

The app should give you information regarding the property

People who use real estate software are actually looking for good deals in buying or selling properties in the market.

You can target this market through a dedicated real estate app that provides information about new properties in the market.

This app should provide the user with a comprehensive database of all the properties available in different neighborhoods in a particular locality, state, or country.

The information provided in the app should be to the point, relevant and latest. Only when the customer gets to know about different deals available and what kind of features they are getting, they will be able to make a more informed decision.

Make sure that all the information regarding the property is provided in a lucid and easy to understand manner.

Do not use highly technical terms. Try simple sentences so that even a layman can read and understand all the pros and cons of buying a property in a particular area.

Also, make it a point to update the information provided in the app regularly so that the user does not miss any lucrative deal.

The app should help the user in making the right investment choice

You can make an app that will provide the potential investor with information or help relating to any investment decision in the property market.

Your app should have a chat box feature where the app users can put their queries regarding any difficulty they are facing while investing in real estate.

The app should have an in-houseexpert with experience and knowledge in the real estate property to answer the queries of the users and give them good investment options and solutions to their problems.

This expert should elaborate on those areas where the investor will get the maximum return if they buy property there.

You need to understand that the property market is not static, but it keeps on changing in relation to demand and supply.

The expert section of your real estate app should provide information regarding what is happening in the property market in real time basis.

This will give you the information regarding when the investor should make the investment or liquidate their assets to get the maximum returns.

A smart app provides the user with a comprehensive analysis of a property on their small screen.
All that the app user has to do is simply tap on the screen and he/she will get a detailed analysis of all the relevant data of the property in question.

The information may include the price trend in that particular market, what are the demand-supply situations at that point in time, what is the mortgage value of the property in that area, and so on.

This detailed analysis of the property will give the app usera 360-degree view of the property market that he/she will need to know to make a qualified decision relating to investment in the real estate properties.

An app that tells you how much you need to spend on maintenance and repairs

An app that tells you how much you need to spend on maintenance and repairs

Many real estate properties are available at a drop-down price as they are in a dilapidated condition.
If you want to invest in real estate by purchasing such a property, then you must have an idea of how much it would cost you repairs later on.

This is essential, as you do not want to have a huge repair bill after the purchase when you try to restore the building in good condition and sell it at a higher price to earn a profit.

The app should give you a complete breakdown of the cost that you will incur later on the building.

To make the app more effective, you should have information from builders, electricians, maintenance person and so on.

This will give the app uses an accurate picture of what they have to spend on the property to make it habitable.

A real estate app that provides information about the locality

An app that tells you how much you need to spend on maintenance and repairs

You can invest in building an app that informs the potential investor about the locality in which the property is situated.

The locality has a huge impact on the overall price of the property and its likely price escalation in the future.

You could provide a very comprehensive detail about the cost of living in that particular area and the condition of infrastructure in that place.

The app should also have a detailed information about the civic facilities in that locality that include hospitals, nursing homes, school, park, malls, and so on.

You can also put information regarding the rate of crime, what are the living standard of the people in the neighborhood (is there a slum nearby) and other things.

This will give the investors a chance to compare it with other places to give them an idea about how a property looks like compared to other such properties in the market.

The app should also allow individuals to access different legal documents

If an investorwants to invest in a property, then he/she need to check the legal status of it. To complete a deal, the individual has to look at various legal documents.

In order to speed up the process, it would be important that your real estate app gives the app user a complete access to all the documents pertaining to a particular property.

This could include the sale deed, RTC extracts, Katha certificates, and so on.

To ensure the security of these documents, these should be available only through a password-protected system.

In this system, the seller can give the potential investor to access these documents so that he can make up his mind whether to go ahead with the sales.

An app that will connect you with local brokers

An app that will connect you with local brokers

Using technology to improve the business reach and effectiveness is a great plus, but we should never forget the human touch to make out of the box decisions.

You can develop an app that will list all the registered brokers of a locality. These brokers should also be ranked as per the feedback of the clients (just like uber or Ola car services).

In real estate, people like to connect with the owners of the property or real estate dealers/brokers.

The app should have a section that will allow the users to connect with them directly through the app (chat box, email, or even phone).

If your real estate app helps you to connect with the broker/owner, then you should have a schedule through which you could find out where you are going to meet them and at what time.

Develop an app that will give a virtual tour of a property with the help of augmented reality

You can develop areal estate app that will give a virtual tour to the app user of any property that is registered there using augmented reality.

The augmented reality can give a virtual tour of the property and its surrounding areas so that the app user can get a good idea of what the property looks like.

You can add the local features like distance from the hospital, school, park, mall, station, bus stop and so on, then it will help the potential buyer to make up his mind whether the money he is going to invest is worth it or not.

An app that will help users in mortgage calculations

Most commercial properties come with mortgage agreements.

It is important that your app users get accurate information regarding how much they have to pay on mortgages if they take a particular mortgage property.

For this, there should be a mortgage calculator inbuilt in your real estate app.

A mortgage calculator will give your app users information regarding the payment options, depending upon various parameters.

An app that makes the job of a real estate agentsimpler.

For any real estate agent or company that brokers real estate deals, the major part of their job is related to documentation (from the buyer as well as seller side).

You should invest to develop such an app that will simplify the procedure largely.

When we talk about the documentation process, then one part that becomes essential in formalizing any property documents is the signature of the buyer or seller.

However, this sometimes creates problems as the buyer/seller may live in a far-off place and going to that place for signatures may become costly and time-consuming.

Similarly, the signatory might be busy in some other job and find it difficult to come to the broker’s office for putting his signature.

In such a case, a digital signature can become a good solution.

It would greatly help for your app users if they are able to sign documents electronically, which then could be sent to the buyer/seller or printed on the spot and provide them with the hard copy.

Similarly, allowing documents to be submitted electronically will smoothen the process greatly.

Nowadays, many municipalities in our country accept documents submitted electronically.

Your app should have such features where you can submit documents related to properties through the Internet.

A real estate app relating to the vendors

There are many under construction high-rises in the city. Many of these skyscrapers are in various stages of completion of their work.

Therefore, you can build an app that will inform the app users about how much the work is completed and how much work is remaining.

This will be very important for those house owners who have made advances to buy flats in these high-rises.
It would help them to plan as to when they have to shift to their new homes.

For the developer of the flats, you can include various features like what is the stage of the completion of work of various vendors like electricians, plumber, painter, and other people who make the flat habitable.

This will be very important for the owners as they will be able to prepare legal documents regarding the transfer of ownership to the buyers of the flat in time.

These are some of relating to the vendors the ideas that you can implement your app. It will make your app more useful for both the buyers as well as the sellers as they can look for property, search for its legal status, and even purchase it on the Internet.

You should be on a constant lookout for new features that will help your app users to get more benefits by using your app.

For this, you need to go through the feedback section and look at the latest trends and include the latest features in your app so that the users of your real estate software get what they are looking for when they use your app.

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