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Fundamental Tips to Boost User Engagement within your Dating App

The travel industry has grown exponentially over the last few years. Mobile app for travel agency has given a new direction for enriched customer service in the travel industry.

If you are well aware of today’s travel industry, then you must believe the statistical numbers.

  • The direct contribution of Travel & Tourism to GDP was USD2,570.1bn (3.2% of total GDP) in 2017, and is forecast to rise by 4.0% in 2018, and to rise by 3.8% pa, from 2018-2028 to USD3,890.0bn (3.6% of total GDP) in 2028. (Source – TRAVEL & TOURISM ECONOMIC IMPACT 2018 )
  • Another dependable statistical data was released by UNWTO i.e. United Nation World Tourism Organization states that international tourist arrivals have rapidly increased up to 1.3 billion in 2019.

These two figures are beyond doubt sufficient to indicate that the travel, as well as tour business, has a prospering and profitable future for sure. You should improve customer loyalty for your travel business by serving ease to your customers.

How to Boost User Engagement on Your Dating App?

How to Boost User Engagement on Your Dating App

World over, the popularity of dating app is increasing day by day,thanks to their ease of use and many advantages.

The reasons for the popularity of such apps among st youngsters are many, some of which we have described here for your clear understanding.

Advantages of Dating Apps

Advantages of Dating Apps

If we look carefully, then we can find that there are broadly four different advantages that an individual gets by using a dating app.

  • It offers you privacy.
  • It allows you to find an individual who matches your interest.
  • There is no risk involved in using dating apps.
  • It provides you with a wide gamut of options.

Now let us elaborate on each of these points to understand them more clearly.

1). It offers the user privacy

The privacy factor is a big elementfor people using dating apps to find their soul mates on the Internet.
If you don’t want to depend on your family or friends to find the right person for you, then taking the help of a dating app is the right choice for you.

Sometimes individuals do not like to include their families in searching for their bridegroom.

The reason being, many a times family members overstep their boundaries and starts to interfere in the relationship of an individual.

For this, dating app with premium features allows you to look at all the options available in front of you without revealing yourself.

2). It allows you to match your interest

One of the important parts of using a mobile dating app is that you can choose an individual whose interest broadly matches that of your own.

If you go to a blind date, then the chances of you getting to meet an individual who shares similar interests with you are very low.

However, dating apps have filters, which allows you to add the profile of only those people who think, and live their life similar to that of your own.

This gives you a better chance of finding the right partner for yourself as most of your interest matches.

3). Dating app users can approach the person of their choice confidently

When an individual uses a dating app like tinder, he/she can approach an individual without feeling intimidated.

Many individuals are very introvert in nature and they find it hard to approach the opposite sex confidently and ask for a date.

The reason being they are afraid of being rejected. However, the dating application allows the same individual to approach this dating process in an impersonal manner.

As the other individual is not rejecting you on your face, it does not hurt that much. The shame associated with being rejected in an app is not so great compared to one where your offer is rejected on your face.

4). It gives you a wide gamut of options

When you use a tinder type dating app, you get a whole host of options in front of, which you would not have gotten otherwise if you had used the help of your family and friends.

Dating app allows the user to check the potential man/woman depending on their age, ethnicity, religion, nationality, and so on.

You can never find these options if you are taking the help of your friends and family.

If you wish to improve the engagement of the app users, then you need to identify what are those features that dating app users want?

What individuals want when they try to use a dating app?

What individuals want when they try to use a dating app?

If you are looking to build apps similar to tinder, then the first question arises, what are those features that you should put into that app.

When you plan and design for your dating app and look for those elements that you want to include in it, you should know what individual looks for when he/she uses the app.

Here we will like to share with you some of the features that your app users want in their dating apps.

1). Assurance of security

For any individual who is dealing with such a sensitive matter, the first thing he/she will look for in a dating app is a guarantee of security of data and other information relating to the app user.

Dating apps give anonymity to the users so that they can pursue different leads without the knowledge of other app users.

In case this security is breached, then people will lose trust in that app.

If you want to create an app like tinder, then it is our suggestion that you should focus on securing the online data of your app users.

A safe and secure dating app experience is one of the biggest USP of the mobile app.

2). Amazingin app experience

When you are planning of how to make an app like tinder, then the question that comes into your mind is the ease of use.
The simple swiping of photos right or left in the app to accept or reject an individual is a brilliant idea thanks to its simplicity. We can add other simple ways as well.

If you want to build tinder clone, then you should have features which are as revolutionary as those that you find on the tinder app.

App users are most impressed by how easily they can use an app. No app user likes to spend his/her time on an app which is very complicated and requires a lot of effort.

Make sure that you provide the app users all those features which he/she is looking for when using the app that you have developed for them.

3). Customisation of the app

People who use mobile apps are interested in customizing it to suit their needs.

Therefore, when you build an app, make sure that it has numerous customization features that will allow the user to use it as per his/her requirement.

The customization could be regarding their looks, numerous filters, payment option or communication system.

You would be wise to make a market research regarding what are the features that attract an individual in a dating app, and you can provide it to them through different customization options.

4). Using gratification to make the app attractive

This is one of the most important parts to make the dating application attractive to the users.

Gratification is a new feature that allows the app designer to make the mobile app fun to use.

Therefore, you should study the latest gratification trend in the app market and try to utilize those trends in your new dating app.

5). Make it a photo-centric model

The main focus of the dating app that you want to build should be the photos.

People who are using dating apps are mainly trying to look at the face of an individual and then try to find out whether they are a perfect match or not.

This main focus on the photos of people means that you should give more priority to the images of the people who have registered themselves in the app.

6). Include niche dating service

Nowadays, it has been observed that people like to date only those people who are from the same industry or have the same interest.

Therefore, you should include a service that allows people of the same industry, interest group, hobbies to connect with each other.

Once connected they can find out whether their interest matches and whether they want to take the relationship forward.

7). Use elements of mobile personification

When you are developing a dating website, then you should always include a mobile personification element in it.

Nowadays, most people like to access the Internet through their mobile phone. Therefore, it is important that you build a dating app for Android or iOS to reach out to the younger generation.

8). Provide incentives for using your dating app

To increase user numbers, it is important that you provide some incentives to your app users.

These incentives would be in the form of special content access, special discounts for buying and sending gifts.

9). Networking option

To increase the engagement level of the app users, you need to find a way to encourage app users to network among st themselves.

It will allow people to share their goals or interest with other like-minded people who use the app.

As they share more about themselves and try to find out the other person’s perspective on a number of issues they will find the interaction stimulating.

This constant interaction will make the app users stay engaged with the dating app.

10). Offer them activity-based interaction

When you use gamification in your dating app, then try to include a section in your chat option wherein people doing similar activities can share ideas with each other.

While it looks like networking option, but it is slightly different as it is based totally on activities and how you should use it to improve engagement among the app users.

You can use this option to sell your users, many appsoffering them special tips on how to make their activity more fruitful.

If you have sold an individual something to your app, then it is quite likely that you can sell that person again.

Therefore, you should try to either cross sale or even provide premium functionality for his/her earlier sale to keep them engaged with the app.

This not only will help you to retain the customer, but also improve the productivity of your app.

11).Connect with your app users at a deeper level

You have to understand that most app users do not like to use a dating app service every day.

Therefore, it should be your focus to connect with the user at a deeper level, so that they get hooked to the app and coming back for more information.

12). Offer them help

Your app should have a help section where the app user could look for any information regarding how to use the app.

Make sure that if there are any premium services available, then the help section should have a proper guidance on how to subscribe to them. And what kind of extra advantage, the app user will get through them.

13). You should connect with them through email

If you want to improve the interest of the app user in your app, then you should try to engage with them on a more personal level
To do this, you can use email or personalized messages, which will tell them about any new individual who has joined the app list and fulfill all the criteria (at least most of them) that you have filled in your form.

It would also include special discounts on third-party services that you can access to your mobile app like buying flowers, booking a restaurant table, and so on.

If you follow these steps, then you will be able to attract more people to use your app find the bride/groom of their choice.

You must realist that the taste of individuals keeps changing over time and if you want to serve them through your app, then you need to keep updating the engagement quotient in your app to succeed.

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