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Hospital Apps

The healthcare system has undergone a remarkable change in the past few decades. Right from a clinic to the hospital ambiance in terms of the classy infrastructures with reception counters, all are on par with any 5-star hotels.

Hospitals and healthcare system are no longer just a doctor-patient interaction to cure an illness. The healthcare system has been reorganized as a part of the service industry generating revenues in amounts that were never imagined before. Hospitals are now run at a corporate level with every employee required to give their share of performance to enhance the hospital’s revenue output. It has become just more than mere consultation and cure for patients. Also, the competition around the many reputed hospitals coming up has made a difference in the overall health care system.

The reorganization of the healthcare system has led to a more sophisticated approach to the final service that is provided by it. It is not merely just visiting the hospital, taking a ticket with the sequence number, and consulting the doctor. It is now a long process where the patients are expected to take an appointment and then register themselves at the reception counter to visit the doctor. Once registered and the doctor has been assigned, the patient is required to wait for his turn. But, this is still just halfway to get diagnosed. Once you finally get to consult the doctor and inform him of your health conditions, he/she would ask for your previous reports, the name of medicines and medical history. Mostly it is seen that the doctors would again prescribe you with a list of tests before the final diagnosis. Well, wouldn’t you wish this was told to you at the very onset of your visit or you knew about this before you set out to brave the traffic and visit this doctor?

This is not a rare occurrence, it is common now with hospitals and doctors aware of the legalities that they can get into in case of a wrong diagnosis.

Fortunately, there have been some positive changes in the scene now with greater access and awareness of the internet. To lessen the crowd, build up in the hospitals waiting to consult a doctor, many hospitals now host applications that allow the patient to check the availability of the doctor specific to his needs and schedule an appointment. This is so that you do not miss the doctor or wait for hours for your turn.

Although the application is most common and is currently used by many hospitals, several other fields within the hospital can do good with an app to reorganize its functioning.

Let us segregate it according to the users so that as to understand the usage of mobile apps.:



Doctors are the main component of the healthcare system. A hospital app development to cater to the needs of the doctors can help in better and faster diagnosis. Doctors frequently refer to their medical books to confirm a diagnosis. If an app is developed which allows the doctors to check in the symptoms of the patient and arrive at the closest diagnosis it will save time and be more accurate as well and reduce the occurrence of an error.

Doctors can also benefit from an app that is developed to list out the medicines that can be subscribed to counter any infection or other conditions. If the app is linked with pharmaceutical companies then it would be an added boon. More so, if the app would list out new medical products as well.

Moreover, an interactive platform for the doctors in the app would be very helpful and beneficial. Many doctors tend to seekother doctors for advice for a second opinion. If a mobile app for a hospital was made that allowed doctors to interact with other doctors directly and showed their availability, that would be of real help. So, the app would help in case the patient has to be referred to a new doctor and case history needs to be shared. Having an app that would let the doctor interact with the best in the field without any delay just by logging in the app would save a lot of time.

Another app option would be the development of an app that will help in doctor-patient interaction and keep records of the specific diagnosis that was made so that the doctor can easily access it when required.



After all, it is the patient or the caregiver that faces the greatest confusion and stress when there is the need to visit a hospital for treatment or consultation. The availability of an app to automate some of the steps that he/she needs to go through can reduce the hassles.

Many times, a simple symptom can lead to a lot of concern in the patient or the family. To avoid the initial confusion and concern a simple symptom checker can help the patient if he/shecan shortlist the possible diagnosis and select a doctor who specializes in the relevant field.

A hospital app that gives the availability of doctors in a specific field in the hospitals nearest to his location can help reduce a lot of initial confusion on whom to consult and where. This app will save a lot of time if he/she can identify the best doctor suited for his/her condition and book an appointment for a consultation without going through the hassle of visiting a wrong doctor, getting a wrong diagnosis and then being referred to the right doctor after a long ride.

The same app can have anoption to remind the patient of medications that need to be taken on time and a reminder about the next scheduled test or visit to the doctor. This would help the patients to avoid missing out on very important treatment stages.



Hospital apps development is sure to provide better service to the patients as well as the hospital as it can now manage the inflow of patients by maintaining proper record of data pertaining to the doctors and patients. This app, in turn, can help the hospitals to increase their revenue and enhance the quality of service they provide.

Mobile apps for hospitals can be developed that will help in the admission process of a patient. Starting with the details of the patients, the treatment that is to be done, the cost and amount that is to be deposited initially, all can be done through the app. Every hospital requires patients to be registered to their database on admission. This can be simplified if a mobile app is developed where the patient or the caregiver can input all the details of saving time and confusion during admission and the discharge process. Having the option to pay the bills with details of invoices within the app can avoid the long queues that we find at every billing counter in the hospitals. This will enhance the patient experience and instill loyalty as well.

While in hospitals, conducting tests is a major way to correctly diagnose a condition but maintaining a record of all these data can be a very uphill task. If a mobile app is developed that helps in retaining the data of the tests that were conducted with details of the inference that was given it will help the patients and the doctors in the subsequent visits and any future treatment that is taken. This can also be helpful if the patient is consulting another doctor and needs to share the information with someone located far away. Sometimes patients may not be able to make it to the hospital for various reasons like transportation issues or age or weather conditions. In such cases having an app that will directly connect the patient with the doctor to diagnose the problem and give the required advice will go a long way in helping patients.

All the above-mentioned factors can definitely enhance the doctor-patient interaction and help in minimizing the confusion and discomfort that a patient or caregiver may face while getting a treatment by using an app. But a hospital also needs apps that will help in the in-house management. Mobile apps for hospitals designed to manage the staff and vendors providing service there can help in a smooth management making sure that all departments are well provided for. This will lessen the multiple step process to procure materials and manage the staff. Apps that help the staff to monitor the patients and their vitals real time can reduce the stress and manpower that is required. A doctor nurse interactive platform in an app that will allow a prompt notification to the doctor will help greatly in case of any emergencies.

Approaches you should make in developing the hospital app:

Approaches you should make in developing the hospital app:
  • If you are looking at the scope of hospital app development, then the best approach would be to identify how the quality of the service that is provided is enhanced and the functioning of the hospital is managed smoothly. There are various hospital app development companies that can help you with this task with the best quality app.
  • You also need to determine your budget and identify a company that will be willing not only to develop the app but provides the post-installation ongoing maintenance service which is very vital. A simple failure on the performance of the app can lead to the loss of a life.
  • The mobile app for hospitals should have clearly planned and thought out interfaces that are simple and will be easy for a patient or caregiver to use along with the hospital staff. The app that is developed should be compatible with all or devices that are most commonly used. The interface should be developed in such a way that it caters to the capabilities and requirements of the target users.
  • The app should be secure and offer the privacy that is so much required for a doctor-patient confidentiality.
  • Moreover, if the app has a payment option then the transactional data must be secure.

Having quality mobile apps for hospitals means the management and functions of the hospital will be streamlined ensuring higher efficiency in a short span of time. This would mean more patients being treated in lesser time and ease of communication and transfer of information between the doctors, nurses, and patients. This will enhance the experience that the patients which will directly mean higher revenue for the hospital. Digitization and automation is a need in these times and any delay would only hamper your growth. So, it is time to analyze the opportunities that you must enhance the quality of service that you provide. And hence, using the hospital app is more encouraged to help the patients as well as the doctors.

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