Flutter for Web – Build a Web Application with Flutter

Published On: January 17, 2023
Last Updated: January 17, 2023
Flutter for Web

Google launched the updated Flutter version at a developer conference in 2019. It’s an open-source mobile UI framework that helps to build native interfaces for iOS and Android. The mobile framework is a multi-platform UI framework, desktop, supporting the web, embedded devices, and mobile. The use of Flutter is improving, many companies use Flutter for the web. If you want to learn to build a web app with Flutter, read the blog till the end.

What is Flutter?

Created by Google, Flutter is a free-to-use UI software development kit described in 2015 and released in 2017. Flutter’s version was termed “Sky” and operated on 120 frames per second. Flutter’s main components are as follows:

  • Dart platform
  • Foundation library
  • Flutter engine
  • Flutter Development Tools (DevTools)
  • Design-specific widgets

Flutter is the most used cross-platform framework used by developers between 2019 to 2020. Statista survey shows that more than 42% of software developers worldwide use Flutter.

Developers worldwide use Flutter

Source: (Statista)

Only one-third of mobile developers use cross-platform frameworks or technologies, while the rest use native tools. As Flutter is very popular, it’s a smart choice to use this framework for web app development.

How Does Flutter Web Function?

Using Flutter for web applications is a smart choice as it’s rich in interactive content. Web support for Flutter offers a browser-based delivery model for existing apps. Flutter renders apps in the same manner as it renders iOS and android apps. Developers can even easily convert the project into native code (CSS, JS, HTML) whenever they wish.

You can create a Single Page web app, which has multiple pages. But when you use Flutter for web application, you can convert the web app into the native language which will have one HTML file, that is, index.html. What can you do if you have multiple pages? The answer is simple, you can follow the Stack data structure. Flutter web app is a single page, but it pushes many pages on a single native page.

Flutter for Web: How it Benefits Businesses?

If you are thinking of starting an online business, using Flutter for web development is a smart choice. Flutter is the right technology as it enhances the development process and provides the strength to build an intuitive UI with smooth animations. Wondering why Flutter for web development brings benefits to your business? Let’s explore a few of the benefits that make it easier for you to use the framework for web apps.

Code Maintenance

It’s easy to learn the Dart language, especially for developers who are using C#, JavaScript, or Java. Professional coders need a short time to learn to develop the Flutter web app. This programming language makes the development process easier and onboarding comfortable for developers.

The easier the programming language is, it becomes easier for developers to maintain a code. Members can onboard to the work process after they write code and correct it. It also makes tests easier for teammates as well.

Huge Community Support

Flutter is better than React Native for developers. Many developers are interested in Flutter and prefer its usage over React Native. Dart communities are very helpful. StackOverflow research shows that Flutter is the most used framework and library, it is above React Native.

Popularity of Frameworks and Technologies

Source: (StackOverflow)

Great Architecture

The framework has modern architecture providing opportunities for businesses to release MVP as early as possible. If you need to launch an engaging platform, Flutter for web development is a smart choice to make. This programming language gives freedom to coders to write a single codebase for all platforms. Flutter has its own widgets that allow execution of the same app on different platforms.

Flutter Web App Toolset

The Flutter web app toolset works well and is very useful. Using Flutter makes everything convenient and easier for developers. New features of the latest version help you build a web app that performs well on every platform. Image decoding is an important feature that helps to detect and make use of ImageDecoder API. Most browsers like Edge, Opera, Chrome, etc., have added this API.

Developers can use the web app Lifecycle API. Using Flutter for web apps provides you with control over an initial web app load from a server-side HTML page. This feature enables users to analyze the app performance in Lighthouse.

Want to Build a Flutter Web App for Your Business?

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Pros and Cons of Flutter Web

If you are wondering why to choose Flutter for web application development, what are the advantages and disadvantages of using it? Not to worry, we have differentiated the pros and cons for you. Read to better understand when and why to use it.

Pros Cons
Fast & Efficient Application Development A new and (comparatively) Untested Platform
Improved Development Support Two Shifting Targets
Complete Customisation A Style departure
Future-Proof Your Apps System-Specific Feature Sets
Enables Developers to Make Instant Changes Flutter for web app tend to be weighty.
Flutter-based apps perform smoothly Flutter-based is not supported by a few browsers.

How to Run Your Current Project on Flutter Web?

Flutter web support helps to deal with the stable milestone from Flutter 2.0. Developers who build Flutter-based apps that help to run the current project on Flutter web using the below commands:

flutter channel beta
flutter upgrade
flutter config –enable-web
flutter create

If you want to run your old project on the web using Flutter 2.0, you can use the following set of commands:

flutter config –enable-web
flutter create

Once you execute the command you can easily run the current or old project on Flutter web. Search for the web folder in the project directory. Now select Edge or Chrome to run your project and click on the Run option.

How to Build a Flutter Web Application?

Want to build your first web app using Flutter? You can use Dart or any other programming language to build your first successful Flutter web app with ease. You can even explore Flutter.dev site to learn the coding in-depth.

If you want to begin with Flutter for web apps you need to install the needed Flutter and Dart plugins following the below steps:

  • Begin VS Code.
  • Invoke VIew and Command Palette.
  • Now enter “install” and choose all the extensions for installation.
  • Next enter “Flutter”, choose Flutter from the list and complete the installation process.

Following these steps can also help you to install the Dart plugins.

Make sure to install the updated version of Flutter and Dart following the below command:
$ flutter channel stable
$ flutter upgrade
$ flutter config –enable-web

Ensure to update the version by typing the command below:
$ flutter doctor

Get the Flutter web development tools and run the command to complete the installation quickly.
$ flutter packages pub global activate webdev

import ‘package:flutter/material.dart’;

Ensure that the $HOME/.pub-cache/bin directory is in the path. Use the webdev command and type the below command:


Now, power off your system and wait for a few minutes. Turn on the computer and check whether the process has been completed.

After completing the process, it’s time to select the IDE for Flutter for web development. There are various options that you can choose from:

  • IntelliJ
  • Android Studio
  • Visual Studio Code

The above all IDEs have different approaches, you can choose the one that you require. Developers using Flutter for web development can use VS code, they can open it by typing ctrl + shift + p to open the command palette. After finishing the process, enter

Flutter: New Web Project

You will get the Stagehand installation from Visual Studio Code. You can move ahead with Stagehand installation, a Dart Project creator manually, enter:

pub global activate stagehand

Provide location, name, and other project details to develop your first Flutter web apps. Enter pubget command to access all the essential packages for your project. Give permission for automatic installation of webdev to Visual Studio Code. You can even move ahead with the manual process by entering the command below:

pub global activate webdev

Now it’s time to run your project, so enter the below command line for the same:

webdev serve

Once you enter the above command you can easily view the demo and access your first project on a supported browser like Chrome.

What to Consider While Using Flutter for Web Apps?

Using Flutter for mobile app and website development is the best choice to make. Flutter for the web speeds up the development process, reduces costs, and helps to develop projects with interactive designs and smooth animations. But there are a few things that you need to take into consideration while using Flutter for web development.

  • You can use Flutter web for single-page apps.
  • Developers can use the native code as they do for Android and iOS apps.
  • It helps with responsive Flutter web apps, making it easier for platform users to access them on any platform.
  • If you want to build a Flutter web app, you need to run the Flutter web command. The project directory will have native codes in the index.html.
  • Don’t forget to check for supported platforms before starting development with Flutter.

Flutter Web Apps Examples

One of the popular frameworks used is Flutter. Check the below list to find the most popular Flutter web app examples:

  • 1. BMW
  • 2. Cryptograph
  • 3. eBay Motors
  • 4. Hamilton
  • 5. MGM Resorts
  • 6. Philips Hue
  • 7. PostMuse
  • 8. PUSH Pro
  • 9. Supernova

Final Words

Flutter makes it easier to create complex UIs with ease and doesn’t even impact the web performance. Flutter web apps even perform best, this framework features hot reload functionalities, leading to smoother coding. With lots of benefits offered by Flutter for web development is a beneficial option to make.

Going through this article, if you are thinking of building Flutter web apps for your business, Guru Technoloabs can help you with the process. We offer the best Flutter development services in the market, ensuring to satisfy all your project requirements efficiently.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Flutter is the right choice for web and mobile app development. Flutter provides smooth coding, reload functionality, etc., which makes it compatible with rendering technologies.

Yes, Flutter is a front-end development framework that enables coders to create engaging frontends for all screens.

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