How to Create an On-Demand Dog Walking App like Rover?

How to Create an On-Demand Dog Walking App like Rover?

We love different types of pets. We consider them an integral part of our family and like to play with them or take them for a walk.

With the changing world, we get busy with our work schedule and are unable to take care of pets. Out of all pets, dogs are such creatures that the majority of people worldwide keep with them.

Earlier, we used to leave dogs at our friends/ family houses whenever we wanted to go outside. Now, technology has become a savior. We can open a dog walking app like Rover or Wag and book a schedule for dog walking.

Over the years, the craze of dog walking apps has increased. If you also want to enter the on-demand dog walking industry but are confused, then rest assured.

Here, we will provide you the step-by-step process to create an on-demand dog walking app.

Before we move on, we will look at the state of the on-demand dog industry.

The Statistics of Pet Industry

Here are some of the latest statistics about the pet industry:

  • According to IBISWorld, the dog walking services industry is expected to reach $979.2 million in 2021.
  • The pet industry expenditure in the United States is expected to reach $110 billion in 2021. (Statista)
  • As per, the pet industry grows by 11.6% every year. Also, 2 out of 3 American households own a minimum of one pet.

The increase in the pet numbers will directly provide new opportunities to various pet care services to enhance business.

Out of which, dog walking is one of the most popular businesses in the current scenario. If you have decided to enter into this potential market, then you are at the right place.

Here, we would provide a comprehensive process to start an on-demand dog walking app business.

5 Steps to Start an On-Demand Dog Walking App Like Rover

Here is the step-by-step process you need to follow for creating an on-demand dog walking app like Rover:

1. Conduct a Market Research

There are two main parts of market research: knowing your target audience and analyzing your competitors. Let us look at both things in brief:

Know Your Target Audience
First & foremost, you need to know your target audience. You can create a user persona to define the audience. A user persona consists of the demographics data, problems of various users, and their suitable solutions.

Besides this, you can also look after the latest trends revolving around the on-demand dog walking industry. You can modify them and provide something new to users.

Analyze Your Competitors
It is essential to know your competitors before entering any industry. Besides this, you should be aware of various things about the competitors.

You should find answers to some crucial questions given below:

  • What are the leading dog walking apps available in the market?
  • Which services do they offer?
  • What are the marketing channels these apps follow?
  • What is the reputation of these dog walker apps in the market?

By finding answers to these things, you have done half the work.

Also, you need to analyze the features of the on-demand walking apps. You can install these apps to check their features & other things.

The main goal is to get inspiration from these dog walking applications and create the best dog walking service app for walkers and users.

2. Define the Features of the On-Demand Dog Walking App

When you complete thorough market research, you will become familiar with the features required for your uber for dog walking app. Here we will provide you with the list of primary features that you should include in your app for dog walkers.

Customer App

  • Register/ Signup
  • Check Profile of DogWalkers/Dog Sitters
  • Advance Search & Filters
  • Real-time Pet Tracking
  • Photo Updates
  • Book Dogsitter/Dog Walker
  • Digital Payments
  • Track bookings, walking distance, etc.
  • Chat with Vet

Dog Walker App

  • Register/ Signup
  • Create Profile
  • Manage Bookings – Accept/Reject Bookings
  • Schedule their Bookings
  • View Payments
  • Contact Consumers
  • Check Dog’s Profile
  • Check Invoice/Billing/ Reports


  • Login
  • Manage Customers & Dog Walkers/ Dog Sitters
  • Push Notifications
  • Performance Statistics
  • View Complete Reports
  • Manage Payments
  • Allocate Dog Walking Jobs

3. Define the Business Model

The most important thing about any app is its business model. Here are some of the revenue models usually observed in the service-aggregator apps:

Paid Promotions: You can keep a fee for every freelance pet walker or dog agency for listing their services. If the dog owner wants to list their services at a specific position in the app, you can charge an additional fee.

Paid Advertisements: It is one of the common ways to generate revenue from the app. When you have sufficient traffic from your app, you can provide a space to run advertisements for the business. Various pet-related businesses would love to run ads on your app.

Commission on Transactions: You can charge some percent whenever any user buys a service from your app.

Listing Fee: You can obtain a nominal charge from dog walkers for listing themselves on the app.

Surge Charges: It works the same as the Uber surge prices. At various times, the dog and pet owners cannot find dog walkers when there is a lot of demand. You can increase prices and offer dog walkers to all these dog owners. It is an excellent method to earn more money.

4. Hire an On-Demand App Development Company

After finalizing all the features and the business model for your on-demand dog walking application, you should hire an on-demand app development company. Why? They have a professional team and years of experience in building mobile apps.

Hence, they can understand your business well and deliver you the best on-demand dog walking app.

You can search for an on-demand app development agency on B2B platforms such as Clutch and more.

5. Test & Launch Your On-Demand Dog Walkers App

When your on-demand dog walking app is fully ready, then the next step is to test it. You need to share your app with friends, relatives, and other people you know. Then you need to obtain appropriate feedback from all these people.

After obtaining feedback, the next step is to resolve all the issues in your on-demand app. You can reach out to the on-demand app development company you hire. They will sort out all the errors in your app.

Last but not least is to launch your app in the relevant stores. In the majority of cases, the company you hire will help you with this thing.

What is the estimated cost & time to develop an on-demand dog walking app?

As soon as you decide to develop a dog walkers application, then several questions would appear in your mind like,
How much does it cost to develop a dog walking app? or How much time will it take to develop a dog walking app? Both things are related to each other.

There is no straight answer to the above questions. You can get an estimated cost of developing an on-demand dog walking service app using the formula given below.

Total time to develop an app * Hourly charge of the developer = Estimated cost of the on-demand app

The estimated time to develop an app further depends on various factors like features, platform (Android or iOS), framework, the complexity of the app, and app store submission.

Out of which, the time & cost to develop an on-demand app depends heavily on features. If you want to build a simple app with minimal features, then it will take around 2-3 months. However, developing a complex application with a lot of features will take more than 4 months. To know in detail, refer to this blog on the app development cost.

What is the best way to develop an On-Demand Dog Walkers App?

The most effective way to develop an on-demand dog walking app is to start with an MVP. You need to include minimal features in the app. Then, you need to launch it.

After this, you need to constantly obtain feedback from the users and integrate more features accordingly.

MVP app development helps you to test your application on the audience. Besides this, it saves your time and money.

Before developing an app, it is crucial to do competitor analysis. Therefore, we have listed some of the best dog walking applications.

Best Dog Walking Apps

Here we will walk you through the 4 best dog walkers applications. You can install these apps in your app to know the features, functionalities, and performance.


Rover is the best dog service app available in the industry. It offers a vast number of features for all dog owners and dog walkers. It also has an excellent policy that makes it the most well-known app among users. The policy promises that whenever an injury or damage occurs during caretaking, Rover will cover it up.


Source: App Store

To provide the best service to users, Rover only accepts 20% of potential sitters. Anytime a user takes service from Rover, it comes with The Rover Guarantee plus 24/7 support.

It consists of more than 100k pet sitters and dog walkers from the US and Canada. Apart from these countries, Rover offers its services in 8 other countries. The company is expanding its services every year.

Key Features of Rover App

  • Users can contact and message dog walkers or sitters instantly from the app. On the other side, Dog walkers can send photos, videos, and messages to dog owners.
  • Dog owners can make quick and secure payments through the app.
  • Users also receive a map of the dog’s walk along with a personalized note from the dog walker.
  • Dog walkers can manage their bookings on the go.

Download Rover for Android & iOS


Wag is yet another famous dog walking application in the pet industry. The primary mission of the company is to provide the best pet care services to busy partners. The company offers dog walking, pet sitting, vet care, and training services in 4,600 cities and all 50 states in the US.


Source: App Store

Users who are planning a trip or stuck at work, or want to provide their pet a new friend can hire a dog walker from the app.

Key Features of the Wag App

  • Users can book on-demand and scheduled dog walkers as needed.
  • GPS-tracking is available in real-time so that users can track dogs anywhere.
  • In-app messaging ensures that users can message dog walkers anytime.
  • Users can instantly book & pay for the services.
  • Chat with the veterinary experts to get pet health advice.

Download Wag for Android & iOS


PetBacker is referred to uber for dog walking. The primary purpose of PetBacker is to connect pet owners with dog walkers, sitters, boarding & groomers.


Source: Play Store

Dog owners can hire a pet sitter for boarding, minding, walking, grooming, spa, and daycare. The app allows dog owners to provide complete responsibility for the pet when they are not available. On the other hand, people who love taking care of pets can earn extra money.

Petbacker makes it secure for the pet owners and pet sitters to interact without disclosing phone details until hired. It also ensures people using the app are verified.

Key Features of PetBacker

  • It instantly connects you with the nearby pet sitters & home pet hotels.
  • The app accepts requests from pet owners and offers opportunities to all the pet sitters, dog walkers, groomers, etc.
  • Pet owners will get the best quotes by chatting with the trusted pet sitters.
  • Live tracking of dog walkers and pets.

Download PetBacker for Android & iOS


DogHero is yet another dog walker app that offers its services in Brazil, Mexico, and Argentina. The company hires only 20% of the potential sitters, and over 98% of the reviews are 5-stars.


Source: Play Store

There are more than 30,000 heroes who are providing their services on the DogHero app.

Key Features of the DogHero App

  • Dog walkers can hire experts for pet sitting or dog walking.
  • Users can get real-time updates of their dog through photos and videos.
  • DogHero refunds health expenses in case of any injury or pet getting sick.

Download DogHero for Android & iOS

Wrapping Up

We hope that you have understood the process of creating an app for dog walkers. People are becoming busier day by day, and hence, we would observe the demand for dog-walking apps to increase in the foreseeable future.

If you have decided to develop an on-demand dog walkers app, then don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

GuruTechnolabs is offering on-demand solutions to all businesses & startups. Therefore, you can share your project idea with us. We will look into it further and provide you with a suitable solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the frequently asked questions about on-demand dog walking app:

Q 1. Is a dog walking business profitable?

The demand for dog walking businesses is increasing day by day. As of now, more than 85 million families own a pet. The number will reach new heights in the coming years. By doing proper marketing, you can earn as much profit as you want from this industry.

Q 2. How does a dog walking app work?

The dog owner enters all the details into the app to look for a walker. On finding a reliable walker, the owner sends a request. The dog walker has the option to accept or reject a request. Then the walker accepts the request and reaches the desired location on time. He takes care of the dog for a specific interval. The dog owner has the option to make payments online or through cash. The admin takes a share of the commission and the rest amount is paid to a walker for providing services.

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