7 Best Dog Walking Apps in 2022 [Key Features Given]

Published On: January 10, 2022
Last Updated: November 3, 2022
Best Dog Walking Apps

Dogs are the best friends of human beings. The amount of love and affection a dog gives to its owner is unmatched. Therefore, having a dog as a pet is very popular as they provide both security and companionship.

It is the owner’s responsibility to keep their pet fit and fine. If you own a dog, you should give hygienic food and exercise to keep your dog fit. For the same, you must regularly walk your dog in the morning and the evening. However, this is an easy task, especially for millennials who don’t have enough time.

To help you in this regard, you can book dog walkers online. However, finding and contacting the right person who would walk your precious four-legged friend responsibly is quite challenging.

The modern dog walking apps have become a savior. But due to many dog walking apps, it is challenging to choose the best one.

To make your task easy, we have curated best dog walking apps. Go through them individually and find out which one of these fulfills your needs the most.

So, let’s get started:

1. Wag


Wag is one of the best dog walking apps released in 2015. It has provided exemplary service to dog lovers. Through this app, you can hire dog walkers for either 30 minutes or one-hour dog walking.

If you have multiple pups, you should pay a very nominal amount for each that the walker needs to take out for a stroll. Every single walker on Wag is listed after vetting and is fully insured.

Furthermore, this app provides you with your dog’s location in real-time. You can even get a report card after the visit. In addition to walking the dogs, this app also provides services for drop-ins, day-care, overnight sitting, and boarding.

Key Features of Wag App

  • GPS tracking of dog walks provides real-time updates to the user.
  • In-app messaging service.
  • Users can book & pay for any service instantly.
  • Get live pee/poop notifications.
  • Live chat with licensed veterinary experts.

Available for Android & iOS

2. Rover


It was one of the first dog walking apps on the market, released in 2011. This app has a database of more than 85,000 registered dog walkers. It offers its services in more than 10,000 cities.

The user interface of this app is easy. You can quickly create your profile and post your requirements to get a list of dog walkers near you. The dog walkers registered with this app are completely covered by liability insurance.

Key Features of Rover App

  • It has a chat option to message the dog walker or sitter.
  • Multiple payment options.
  • A detailed map showing the route of your dog’s walk.
  • It offers 24 x 7 support.
  • Check the live location of your dog, pee/poo, water status, and receive a personalized note from the dog walker.

Available for Android & iOS

3. PetBacker


A Singapore-based start-up created this app. It is one of the best dog walking apps available in the market. The app provides its services in a wide range of nations around the globe. This app is ideal for those who like to travel too much. And always take their dog on their tour.

This app is user-friendly, and you can very quickly find out any dog walker who is nearby and book their services through this app.

Before you book a dog walker from this app, you can read verified reviews of that individual to find out whether they are the right person to walk your dog.

Additionally, Petbacker also performs spot checks to ensure that their caregivers provide the highest quality of service. You can book a pet sitter for additional services like grooming, sitting, and taxi services for your dog through this app.

Key Features of Petbacker App

  • All registered dog walkers are properly vetted.
  • Get feedback from other dog owners about a specific dog walker.
  • Using the smart search feature, you can place a special request for dog walking. The app forwards this request to dog walkers, pet sitters, and pet care providers. Anyone who agrees with your request sends you a message directly.

Available for Android & iOS

4. DogHero


It is yet another well-known dog walking app among dog owners. This app offers both pet hosting and pet walking services for dog owners.

All the pet caregivers registered with this app are rigorously vetted (less than 20% of the pet care worker applicants are registered). Besides this, more than 98% of users have given a 5-star rating, which makes it one of the best dog walking apps.

The pet care worker you have hired takes care of your dog by providing you with live videos and photos of your pet all day.

Key Features of DogHero App

  • The app offers excellent onboarding for your dog.
  • Get real-time videos of your pet all day long.
  • Keep track of your dog during the walk.
  • If your dog feels sick, the app will pay for the treatment.

Available for Android & iOS

5. Fetch!


It is the most trusted and respected dog walking & pet sitting service in the United States. It allows you to book a sitter or a dog walker based on their location.

It also has a consultation service in which you make an appointment with the dog sitter or walker so that they come and get acquainted with your furry four-legged friend. After your dog gets familiarised with the dog walker, they can take your dog out for a daily walk.

This app will provide you with live updates through text messages or calls about your dog. In addition to dog walking, this app also offers services like overnight care and anxiety training for your dog. All the dog walkers of this app are fully insured and properly vetted.

Key Features of Fetch! App

  • Customized care for your pet, whether a newborn pup or a senior dog.
  • Pet care providers are vetted and well-trained.
  • Free in-home consultation.

Available for Android & iOS

6. Pawshake


Pawshake is one of the well-known dog walking apps. The app makes it simple to discover a dependable dog sitter in your area.

Pawshake connects pet owners with reputable and experienced dog walkers and pet sitters in 15+ countries like Australia, UK, Canada, Germany, Italy, etc.

The dog walking app allows you to book trusted pet sitters in three easy steps. Find a pet sitter nearby, schedule a meeting, and book your pet sitter using the safe online payment system.

On Pawshake, there are no subscription fees for pet care. Owners only have to pay for the services they get from preferred sitters. You can find various services like home dog boarding, dog sitting, doggy daycare, dog walking, small animal sitting, and house sitting.

Lastly, the app increases the well-being of pets, their lovers, and their owners by creating online communities.

Key Features of Pawshake App

  • People can check detailed pet sitters’ profiles, such as experience and qualifications.
  • People may read reviews and leave them to help other pet parents find great sitters.
  • Any booking on the app is covered under The Pawshake Guarantee. It also offers free veterinary coverage.
  • The pet sitter you have hired will provide you with constant updates.

Available for Android & iOS

7. Barkly Pets

Barkly Pets

Barkly Pets is the smart way to discover a trustworthy, background-checked, and well-trained dog walker in your neighborhood. It has the fastest-growing community of independent, verified, and professional dog walkers in the country.

The dog walking app has been featured in Cheddar, The Washington Post, NBC News, etc.

To determine the local walker in the region, you have to enter some essential details like duration, time, etc. Further, you can schedule a meeting with the dog walker to know them well. You can book a dog walker as per the need.

Key Features of Barkly Pets! App

  • It provides customer services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Hence, users receive quality support from Barkly representatives in the specific city.
  • It’s simple to rebook with your favorite walker. About 90% of app users like to take dog walks from their favorite walker.
  • All the things related to booking and payment are transparent to the users in the app. Moreover, users get a real-time view of their dogs with photos from the dog walkers.
  • Dog walkers have the complete freedom to conduct scheduling, billing, and management in the app.


These were the best dog walking apps in the market. You should carefully evaluate the features of each of these apps to find out which one of these is best for you.

The dog walking apps we have listed regularly adopt market trends and are liked by users worldwide. Moreover, they are generating good revenue.

If you want to develop a dog walking app, you should take inspiration from the best dog walking apps in the market. To know the process required to build a dog walking app, refer to our blog on how to create a dog walking app.

If you have a unique idea for a dog walking app, you can reach out to us.

Guru TechnoLabs is an award-winning mobile app development company. We have developed mobile apps for clients across the globe. Therefore, we can understand your idea and provide you with a suitable solution.

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