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How Artificial Intelligence Will Detonate in 2018?

Among the many digital tools that are being used with increasing frequency, the one that has the greatest potential to transform our lives in a very significant way is the Artificial Intelligence (AI). While this futuristic technology took its first baby steps in the later part of the 21st century thanks to the development of big data analysis it has come to age to provide a custom-made solution for different needs of the industry so that they can raise their productivity.

The increasing use of machine language has given a great fillip to AI which was hitherto handicapped by the non-availability of computer hardware can keep pace with the rapid progress of Artificial Intelligence. Future of artificial intelligence is really bright!

Major Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

Experts in Artificial Intelligence predict that in the coming days, this powerful tool will dominate nearly every aspect of our lives and will help to transform it in a way which was unthinkable only a few decades ago. AI also has a huge use in developing the mobile apps.

This gives the apps in the online store a new lease of life by predicting what else the user wants from that app. Recent studies have shown that nearly 70 percent of people uninstall their app after using it for not more than 7 days. AI will help the mobile app developers to keep track of any change in the user pattern of the users of their apps.

This will give them the time to update their apps to include those features. Here, we will give you some examples of how this futuristic AI technology is increasingly being used to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of different services and the global business significantly.

Big data analysis will improve the services in aviation sector

Smart Education with Amazon Alexa integration

The gigantic leap in the big data analysis and its subsequent use in fine-tuning the AI will have a significant impact on the aviation sector. As this sector runs on cutting edge technology where there is zero margin for error, AI is being increasingly used in the automated processes like a simulation of combat and training schedules, a quick and thorough understanding of mission management, improving tactical decision-making processes and many more.

Effective online education with recent breakthroughs in chatbot development:

As more and more developers are focusing on providing real-life experience to the students, the need to create big glitzy buildings to create a center of excellence will wane. People will get a quality education in their home through their computer with several interactive apps answering each of their queries comprehensively.

In this, AI-powered mobile apps will play a significant part as more and more people will use them to get a better education through their smartphones.

language learning with voice command app

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Businesses will benefit hugely with the great strides in the development of the artificial intelligence mobile app

music learning with amazon alexa

As more and more people will transact business through the digital platform, the impact of AI will be felt very powerfully in this sector. People around the world are using their smartphones as an extension of their office to transact business and this will only increase in the future.

To make this process smoother and more secure, AI-powered mobile apps will play a key role. Market analysis and data analysis will give a sharp fillip to the effort to automate the financial services so that it can work with as little human intervention as possible. The highly interactive mobile apps will also improve the user experience tremendously, paving way for greater buying and selling on the digital platform.

AI will enhance the efficiency of the logistical centers significantly

education game development with amazon alexa

With the immense development in AI, it is possible to run huge logistical centers efficiently with a small skeleton crew. The AI can not only keep stock of all the items, but can also take over the purchase order, transportation schedules, and stock taking to ensure that people get the right product at the right time without any fail.

Achieve Success by Developing Artificial Intelligence Mobile App for The Business

As the use of AI increases across the board, there will be a significant demand for mobile app developers who can provide proper backup for this revolution to succeed. If you want to start a company that develops artificial intelligence mobile apps for the business, then we suggest that you follow the following steps for a greater chance of success in this field.

education game development with amazon alexa
  • Voice guide will play an important role in improving the user experience in accessing different websites on their small smartphone screens. You have to focus more on this field to make it more lifelike and intuitive.
  • People will love to speak to their phones then write long sentences on it for a response. Therefore, developing better speech recognition software is a sure way to succeed in this highly competitive market.
  • Try to develop apps that will efficiently filter your emails or calls for any spam so that you do not get disturbed.
  • You can focus on creating artificial intelligence mobile apps that will be able to predict the purchase pattern of a customer, help the business in case of information overload, learning behavioral patterns and so on.
  • Optical character recognition or facial recognition to improve the security of the business transaction.
  • Developing AI mobile apps that have automated reasoning to help the business allot resources in a more intelligent way.

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