16 Innovative Artificial Intelligence App Ideas to Try Out in 2024

Published On: January 26, 2023
Last Updated: March 29, 2024
16 Innovative Artificial Intelligence App Ideas to Try Out in 2024

Artificial intelligence has become integral to our daily lives, rendering immense benefits and modernizing our lifestyles. From asking Alexa to order groceries for you to receive personalized shopping recommendations, we cannot imagine our lives without it. AR-based filters in Snapchat to VR-based games are ruling all over the world.

Similarly, AI-based applications and software help businesses improve their growth by ensuring improvement in the existing process. They are in high demand in manufacturing, IT, e-commerce, retail, automobile, and other industries.

According to Statista, current revenue from the AI software market is $71 billion and expected to reach $126 billion by 2025. It is just one impressive statistic to think about investing in an AI-enabled enterprise. In a few years, AI will be the pillar on which businesses need to be built.


Guru TechnoLabs-being a leading AI mobile app development company, we have observed that enterprises are always seeking AI-driven solutions to remain competitive and relevant in the industry. Want some excellent AI app ideas or machine learning app ideas? This article is for you.

Here we have provided a list of AI/ML app ideas that you can consider to develop an AI/ML-based app for your business growth.

16 Impressive Artificial Intelligence App Ideas

1. AI-Based eCommerce App

Are you running an online eCommerce store? Developing an AI-based app for your store would be your best decision.

People usually get exhausted searching related product images through Google and social media. Artificial intelligence in eCommerce stores will help today’s online retailers by delivering a streamlined UX and collecting business and user data for better business decisions.

Online device recognition AI and ML development tools like Caffe2 and OpenCV can easily automate the entire process. This technology allows e-shoppers to associate items with the appropriate color, size, pattern, and brand.

One of the best examples of AI usage is Amazon’s eCommerce mobile app. The e-commerce giant uses machine learning to upgrade product selection, UX, and logistics. Ultimately it helps increase customer retention and more targeted marketing & advertising.

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2. AI-Based News App

Integrating AI into a news app can provide amazing results as users can control the information they are surrounded by. You can consider developing an AI-based news app that displays information based on the user’s interest. It helps users personalize their interesting topics and show the news relevant to the user.

For example, if a user is interested in a business topic, they can set the preferences, and the app will show every business-related news on top. Such type of AI app idea can be a valuable help for entrepreneurs.

They need to be upgraded from all global business news to make decisions that might affect their corporations and impact thousands of people’s lives. Also, integrate the user’s geolocation feature in this app to provide news of the locality.

3. AI-Based Language Translator App

People who travel frequently face the language barrier while communicating with locals. But nowadays, with technological progress, developing language translation apps becomes easier with AI and ML technologies.

Many people rely on Google Translators, but since AI and ML-based apps use highly trained models, “Neural Machine Translation (NMT),” the translations are accurate. Developing an AI-based language translator app that enables recording, detecting, and translating the language of the person speaking into the desired language and vice versa.

With easy-to-access features, this app makes it possible to understand your question and respond with an answer to make it easy for you to communicate. It eliminates the need to hire a translator. It’s a great AI app development idea for your startup.

4. AI-Driven Chatbots

In AI mobile app development, chatbots are the most popular application today, with several uses for businesses to grow. It is a helpful application as it can teach, guide, and provide exceptional customer service. Gone are the days of people calling customer care to get a solution. With Chatbots, people instantly get better service and answers to their queries without waiting for a second.

Such types of AI-based Chatbots are highly demanded among businesses, and incorporating them into your application will improve your customer interactions significantly.

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5. AI-Based Voice Assistant App

People often use voice-operated devices, whether it’s their convenience or disability. Do you know every 3rd search made on Google is through voice?

Whether it is a music app, OTT platform, or any other type of app, voice searching is in high demand. Users can perform the task without touch through the voice assistant app. For example, let’s say “Play the Eminem songs” on the Spotify app, and it will start playing.

Being an excellent AI mobile app development company, we can help you make this idea a reality by quickly building an intelligent conversion voice assistant app.

6. AI-Based Geo Tracking App

It is difficult to search for a precise location when traveling to unknown places. Instead of wasting time on Google Maps, an AI-based geo-tracking app helps users find accurate locations and let them know the precise travel time.

These apps are in high demand as they help businesses search for potential points of interest, such as stores, supermarkets, party venues, etc. These Geo Interest apps work on smartphones and will guide users through locating & detecting different places of interest determined by them. It helps businesses analyze traffic and build the most efficient routes. The end result is enhanced operational efficiency.

The ideal example is the Life360 app, which runs on cross-platforms and provides a completely customized location tracking option on battery saver mode. Also, maintaining the accuracy of the location.

7. AI-Based Fitness App

AI has gained momentum in the fitness industry as well. The common use of AI is in fitness equipment such as Smartwatches by Apple, Fitbit, and other companies, which makes workouts smarter.

The development of an AI-based fitness app is a great idea to get personal training and stay healthy and fit without stepping out of their homes. AI-based trainers operate like human trainers and guide you on a pose, exerting force, etc.

The app will ask about your body measurements, fitness routines, and goals to provide user-specific exercise. AI technology can also be used to determine whether a user is following the right posture during exercise and receive feedback on it one-on-one.

8. AI-Driven Weather Forecast App

After the pandemic, people are so much into traveling and always chasing to know the accurate weather of different areas. AI and ML-enabled weather forecasting apps will help you determine the precise climate in your preferred area.

Forecasting applications like NowCast use machine learning to predict forecasts and efficiently provide climate reports. AI also helps to collect information regarding any change in weather conditions.

9. AI-Based Healthcare App

AI is boldly paving its way in the healthcare industry, as we can’t deny that robots will replace human doctors one day. Popular apps like WebMD, SkinVision, and Sense.IY and more help you manage everything right, from examining the symptoms to finding a trusted physician.

We can help you develop AI-based healthcare apps that are highly beneficial to both patients and healthcare providers. It can be used for chronic disease management, early risk identification, and workflow automation.

Several apps are available for healthcare practices, such as Robot-assisted surgery, virtual nursing assistants, dosage error reduction, clinical trials, preliminary diagnosis, image analysis, data security, and more.

Also, check out more healthcare app ideas to get the inspiration to develop a healthcare app.

10. AI-Based Travel Planning App

The tourism industry has no signs of slowing down. The travel industry appreciates new technologies, and implementing AI can help travelers in several things. So leverage this opportunity by developing a travel app with essential features.

The utilization of automated technology like AI is transforming the travel industry. By integrating it into a travel app assists users in planning their trip like a pro, offering a better travel experience, keeping budget and interested areas in mind, resolving travel queries automatically, and helping you choose accommodation.

11. AI-Based Food Delivery Apps

AI-based food delivery apps streamline the process of ordering food, making it convenient. This AI technology reduces roadblocks and can be easily managed by restaurant owners, such as assigning delivery partners, providing an estimated delivery time for food orders, resolving customer queries, and much more.

If you own a business in the food sector, developing an AI-based food delivery app will help you uplift the customer retention rate easily.

12. AI-Based Interior Designing App

Designing every room corner with the perfect colors and wallpapers is a time-consuming and stressful task as anyone wants everything perfectly placed. However, there is no need to stress out, as with AR and VR-based interior designing apps, users can style their space without even buying a piece of furniture.

This AI app idea is excellent as it helps users visualize the area in a finished state, and it is all possible with a smartphone with a high-quality camera. Get a 3D view and save time and money from regularly visiting a shop to decide what suits your place best.

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13. HR Apps Based on AI

Human Resource specialists have to do a lot of boring tasks daily in their work. Sorting through surveys and analyzing CVs and job applications are monotonous and time-consuming tasks.

But many companies use intelligent software for a seamless hiring process. When Artificial intelligence applies to the HR field, it reduces all human errors and boosts the productivity of recruiting departments on each level.

Machine learning software helps HR as it scans the candidate’s job profiles, and resumes can be filtered on required skills and specific parameters. In fact, with an AI-driven system, you can also consider conducting the initial rounds of the candidate’s screening process.

14. AI-Based Photo Editing App

Several photo editing apps are available in the market but developing an AI-based photo editing app is a great idea. This app boosts up the speed of the editing process, and enhancing the photo becomes easier. Artificial intelligence can do these things in seconds, whereas it takes hours if done manually using Photoshop.

By developing this app, you can provide users additional features to try different hairstyles and makeup without actually experiencing it. It helps them decide which hairstyle would suit their face type and various other factors.

15. AI-Based Calories Counter App

An AI-based calorie counter app allows people to get information about the calories in their dishes. Mobile app developers help you build an app using AI so users can count their calorie intake. Users only need to upload a dish photograph, and AI will automatically detect the total calories consumed.

The users don’t have to manually enter the dish name or ingredients as this app categorizes food items like vegetables, grains, meats, fruits, and beverages. With our years of experience in development, we can also help you develop an AI app with an advanced feature where it can differentiate dishes like western, American, Asian, etc.

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16. AI-Based Dating Apps

Artificial intelligence has found its way into the world of dating apps. AI-based dating apps use advanced algorithms and offer more accurate matches than traditional dating apps. It analyzes the user’s behavior, interests, and preferences to identify potential matches. With AI-based dating apps, users are more likely to find compatible partners, leading to successful relationships.

If you want to learn more about the benefits of AI in dating apps, check out our detailed guide on AI in Dating Apps. Through this guide, you can explore the potential of AI in revolutionizing the online dating experience.

Moreover, users can avoid the dreaded “ghosting” phenomenon. Ghosting occurs when a person suddenly stops responding to messages or calls from their potential match. With AI-based dating apps, users can analyze their behavior patterns, such as response times and frequency of messages, to get an idea of the other person’s interest level.

In addition, AI-based dating apps can help users feel more secure and confident in their online dating experience by identifying fake profiles and scammers. This can help users feel more comfortable interacting with potential matches online.

Wrapping Up

AI apps are the future of the mobile app industry. It performs various tasks just like humans, but in less time with perfection, so the demand for AI solutions has increased. After thorough market research and examining customer expectations, these AI app ideas are listed to help you get an amazing business start.

At Guru TechnoLabs, we have a team of professionals offering you the best AI & ML development services and helping you develop mobile apps by incorporating AI. Our experts have experience working for different industries and promise to deliver a fully customized app.

If you have liked any of the above ideas or have your own unique idea, contact us. Our team will brainstorm the idea and provide you free consultation along with a feasibility check and free quote.

Frequently Asked Questions

A few examples of AI apps that are currently used in our daily lives are given below.

  • Voice assistants.
  • Face recognition for unlocking cell phones.
  • ML-based financial fraud detection.

Artificial intelligence is popular for solving problems and offering data-driven answers. Humans take days and months to find the solution, whereas machines can do it in less time.

The cost to develop an AI app would be between $20,000 to $35,000 However, we know that it varies depending on the development and additional features we want to add.

It’s great! You got the idea. Now search for an AI mobile app development company or consult our experts. They will understand your requirements, brainstorm the idea and provide you with a free quote. Contact us Now!

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