How Much Does It Cost To Build a Web Application?

Day-by-Day businesses are moving towards automation for various reasons like improving business operations, increasing sales, building a better relationship with customers, and more.

For the same, web application is the preferred choice of the majority of businesses.

Now, you have one of the best web app ideas, and you are planning to convert it into reality. However, before moving ahead, you are curious to know How much does it cost to build a web application.

Who doesn’t want to know?

Now, if someone provides you the exact figure straightway, then move away because no-one can provide you with the precise cost just by knowing the idea. Web app development doesn’t work like this.

One needs to have a detailed piece of information to estimate the cost of a web application. It includes various aspects like web app complexity, functionality, developer skill, location, technology used, etc.

In general, the cost of a web application can be determined with the following formula:

“Hourly Rate of the Resources * Estimated Hours = Total Cost of Web Application”

To help you understand better, we will walk you through the process we follow to calculate web application development costs.

4-Step Process to Determine Web Application Development Cost

Here is the streamlined process to estimate the cost of any web application:

1. Clarifying Scope of Work Helps to Determine Complexity

First and foremost, we try to know every specific detail about a future web application. It includes various questions like:

  • For which industry are you building a web application?
  • Which is the kind of web application you want to develop? Is it a CRM dashboard? Or Is it an online clothing store?
  • What are the goals and visions of your web app?
  • What is your budget?
  • Do you want to integrate any advanced technologies?
  • What is the web app deadline? and many more

All of these things help us to determine the complexity of the web application. It further helps us to estimate the web app development cost.

Here, a web app can be divided into three types based on its complexity:

Simple Web Apps Medium Web Apps Complex Web Apps
  • Minimal set of features
  • Few landing pages
  • Minimum content
  • Less interactive content
  • Highly Interactive
  • More content
  • Medium set of features
  • More Pages
  • Many features & functionalities
  • Highly interactive content
  • Example: Calculator, Small Online Catalog
  • Example: eCommerce web apps, internal portals, marketplace web apps, etc.
  • Example: CRM web app for an enterprise, an automated billing system, etc.
  • Less time to develop due to fewer features
  • More time to develop these apps as compared to simple web apps
  • Consume a lot of time to develop a complex app
  • Low cost
  • Medium cost
  • High cost

Further, if you want to know in detail about the general categories of web apps available in the industry, you can check out these types of web apps.

After deciding the web application’s complexity, we discuss with the client the technology on which they want to develop a web application.

According to the client and the project’s requirements, we decide on the most suitable technology stack for web application.

2. Define Human Resources Needed to Develop a Web Application

Based on the scope of the work, we determine the total number of human resources needed for the web application. Here we allocate different professionals such as web designers, web developers, QA tester, project manager, etc., as per the requirement.

Here, one thing you should note that the cost of human resources varies based on the location. Besides this, the cost also varies based on the experience of developers, designers, business analysts, etc.

According to Clutch, the average cost of web development firms in the USA, Canada, and Australia is from $50-200 per hour.

However, in the UK, the average cost of firms for web app development starts from $50-99 per hour. The average cost of web development firms in India is less than $49/ hour.

Hence, we recommend you choose India for web application development. Moreover, the professionals in India are extremely talented, and they can deliver high-quality web applications.

3. Additional Costs Involved in Web Application Launch

Besides human resources, one other essential thing you need to ensure that your web app is active & live on the internet is hosting.

As of now, there are various types of hosting available in the market. Hence, the cost of hosting a web application varies based on the hosting you purchase.

Besides hosting, the cost of a web application increases if there is a need to integrate third-party resources.

We also include these things in the custom web application development cost as per the needs.

4. Post-release Charges

After a web application launch, the next important thing you need to ensure is that it runs efficiently on various devices and screen sizes. To achieve this, you need to maintain your web app from time-to-time.

In general, the cost of maintaining a web application is around 5-10% of the overall cost of development.

Further, the cost of maintaining a web application various upon the model you choose. Basically, there are three models, weekly, monthly, and yearly. Here, we charge maintenance costs as per the requirements of the client.

Web Application Development Cost Breakdown

Here, we are assuming that you are outsourcing your web application to India, then the cost of developing a simple, medium, and complex web application will be as follows:

App Complexity Estimated Hours Cost
Simple 200-300 hours $3000 – $6000
Medium 300-700 hours $6000 – $10,000
Complex 700-800 hours $10,000 – $20,000

Now, you must have got a gist about the estimated cost of your web application. If you think your web app development cost is high and you don’t want to spend heavily on your web application in the initial stage, then you should consider the tip given below.

Guru TechnoLabs Pro Tip for Web App Development

Guru TechnoLabs Pro Tip for Web App Development

One of the best ways to develop a web application is to go with MVP app development.

The reason being it allows you to test your web application early in the market and obtain user feedback.

Based on the user feedback and your budget, you can integrate features and functionalities in your web application.

In short, you can invest in your web application gradually.


Now you must have got a brief idea about web application development cost estimation. By thoroughly following the process we have shared with you, you can easily calculate the cost of your web application.

However, if you are still confused and want to know a rough estimate about your web application, you can ping us anytime.

As a professional web app development company, we can provide you with a rough estimate for your web application. Also, we have an incredibly talented team of professionals who can understand your project and deliver you the best web application.

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